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"Do they think us idiots? Do we really believe that these-well, reptiles- can defeat our men?"
—Anonymous Imperial Guard lieutenant, commenting on fighting Zoragons

The Zoragons were the collective term for a now extinct reptilian Xenos species located in the Segementum Obscurus .They also had a small installer empire consisting of 48 planets overall. The Zoragons were commonly seen as warlike and xenophobic, especially towards Humans. They rarely made alliances, and were regarded as the kind of race to be easily angered.

The Zoragons faced extinction in the Great Crusade when the Dark Angels chapter almost wiped them out due to the Zoragons exploiting the Imperial trade routes. Although the Zoragons fought off the Dark angels, Zoragon rulers declared that all Humans and sub species should be terminated.

Although the Zoragons liked to concentrate on the extermination on humans, they have been distracted by other forces attacking their boarders, and had opted to defend their planets before launching a full scale "crusade" on the galaxy. As the 41st Millenium dragged on, such a crusade appeared more and more unlikely as the Zoragon find themselves assailed by more and more threats.

WIth the advent of the Great Rift, the Zoragon had found themselves attacked by the Forces of Chaos including several Chaos Warbands in revenge for humiliations inflected on them via the Zoragon. Such an attack has also brought in the forces of Fleet Secundus (including a refounded Bronze Vipers chapter) from the Indomitus Crusade. As the war escalated the Zoragon have found themselves on the brink of extinction and as a right now, Yextixal itself has become a battleground. Thought T'eyucion the Older remains defiant and hopeful, it is now blatantly clear that unless some overwhelming miracle occurs, the Zoragon's days were numbered. Sadly such a miracle never occured and the last of the Zoragon met their end when Yextixal was destroyed, another forgotton casualtiy of the Era Indomitus.

Anatomy and Physiology

The Zoragon race is an umbrella term for several sub-species. Usually the term refers to the most widespread, common race the Xietecs, but also includes the Itza, and the Zulari.


The Xietecs appearance is that of a humanoid creature of around 1.2 metre tall that stand upright. They have long necks and large heads that end in a elongated snout. They also posses a mouth of about 50 short, sharp teeth and a large flickering tongue. They werecovered in scales, and their backbone extends into a tail a further meter long. Xietecs often have crests or frills. Male Zoragons weremore muscular than females, but females weremore dexterous. Xietecs werenaturally strong, but have an extremely low reproduction rate. A Xietec mother will on average lay about 5 eggs. This means Xietecs, though boasting capable troops for their armies, have few of them. Xietecs although having supreme strength, have naturally weak bones and have the average toughness of a normal human.


The Itza sub-species werelarge, muscular creatures that wereincredibly attuned to the warp. They werethe largest, with a snake-like tail and short legs. They wererenowned for their intelligence compared with the other sub-species of Zoragons. Itza breeding mothers normally lay large amounts of eggs covered in a jelly like substance. Most Itza spawnlings die before they wereborn however, meaning for every 150 eggs laid, only a couple of Itza will mature into adulthood.


Zulari stood at merely a metre tall, and possessed neither the strength nor the psychic prowess as the Xietecs or Itza respectively. They had small limbs, large snake like eyes and rows of small, sharp teeth. Unlike the Xietecs and Itza's relatively slow reproduction rate, the Zulari lay multiple eggs frequently, and mature within five years. This means Zulari wereeasily the most common of all Zoragon sub species.

Life span

Each Zoragon species had a different life span. Xietec males have an average age of 52 years whilst females live slightly longer at 57 years. Zulari males also have shorter lifespans than their female counterparts, living to 34 with females living to 37. Itza however have much longer lifespans at around 150 years for both sexes.



The Eldar have recorded that the race who would become Zoragons were originally nomadic, barbarians, who waged war amongst themselves. This was changed when a philosopher and religious leader named C'taxx the Grand took over the warring tribes and united them under a banner of peace. He named the marauding tribes the "Zoragons" which roughly translates to "Enlightened", after his beliefs. When the Eldar came to study the Zoragons ,they lived under the teachings of C'taxx. The Eldar did not stay on the jungle planet for long, as the Zoragons drove them out, scared of the aliens. Eldar then commented that the Zoragons were not used to visitors, and mistrusted them.

Zoragons had started to make their pieces of technology. They started by making weapons that fired projectiles at a high speed, similar to Imperial shotguns. This developed from using a mix of chemicals and metals to create the first Zoragons computers. Records about the history of Zoragon technology wererwereand almost non-existent, but it took roughly 3000 years before Dexloki technology was mass produced. Soon however, the Zoragon scientists found out the creation of the Szylt-the first Zoragon space ships. The Zoragons then reverted to their ancestral instincts, and tried to take over nearby worlds.

Pre-Horus Heresy

"Tecnaka ket Xeasol! Yicha dxekl Zoragons! (Death to humanity! Long live the Zoragons!)"
—T'eyucion the Older

During the Great Crusade, many Zoragon breeding worlds were lost to the Dark Angels legion. The Zoragon fleet was obliterated, their land armies annihilated and their trade routes wiped out. Most of their cities and culture were destroyed and their planets taken by Human colonists. Yectixal was only saved due to it being on the edge of the galaxy. The Dark Angels planned to attack the planets located in deeper space, but before they could launch another attack, Lion El'Jonosn was called to Terra to defend the Golden Palace. The Lion vowed that the Zoragons would face the full force of the Impirium of Man one day before leaving Zoragon space.

The onslaught of the Dark Angels had left much of the Zoragons empire completely destroyed, with the various Zoragons scattered. Only those in Yectixal and the nearest surrounding planets had a strong foot hold. Due to the dire situation they now faced the heads of the major Zoragon tribes began a new regime. They claimed that the extermination of Humans must be carried out before they came to Yectixal , and that they must be killed. So began the ancient Zoragon doctrine of the hatred of Humans.

Post Heresy

After the Horus Heresy, Zoragons begun building their armies to begin the extermination of Humanity. In the 41st millennium, military commander X'pelous made an agreement with some rogue Eldar pirates. X'pelous and the Eldar decided to attack a few small Imperial worlds before aiming to launch the main force. X'pelous recruited and bred thousands of Zoragons to build up a huge force of Zoragons.

After successfully conquering ten Imperial planets, the army attacked the planet Drakon, an Imperial Forge World. X'pelous let the Eldar attack the guardsmen legions first. The Mil-Argo, greedy for glory and power, agreed. However, when they attacked the guardsmen, they realized their terrible mistake when they spotted several Reaver titans that matched their own. T'eyucion the older, who knew that eventually, the Eldar would betray the Zoragons, had told X'pelous to let the Eldar perform the first attack. Meanwhile, as both Eldar and humans fought to the death, X'pelous lead his Zoragons into the manufactorums. With X'pelouses forces vastly outnumbering the guardsmen, the planets forces surrendered. However, due to his hatred of humans, X'pelous had the remaining people on the planet killed.

The remaining Eldar were soon executed in mass killings ordered and overseen by X'plelous, an act meant to show Zoragon dominance. The Zoragons then declared all Humans and their abhuman cousins should be eliminated, continuing their long quest to "liberate" the galaxy. 

The Zoragons named Aixa'gi, a young female warrior, as the supreme commander (Orixich) of all the Zoragon armies, after the battle of Havenport and X'pelous's demotion where he consistently ignored orders from the Council of Five, resulting in a victory but at the loss of many Zoragon lives.

Great Victory

The greatest victory seen by the Zoragon was in the late 41st Millenium when X'pelous made a temporary alliance with Drukhari of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue and the Haemonculi Coven known as the Prophets of Flesh, in order to overrun the Hive World of Hope's End, a world that had repelled multiple attacks before. Having remembered the ease of turning against the Eldar before, X'pelous turned against his Drukhair allies, even killing Urien Rakarth himself, taking trophies from his body. Such a humliation however would not go unpunished though.


The rise of the Zoragon has not gone unnoticed throughout the galaxy and the Zoragon have born witness to attacks ranging from Ork WAAGHs to Drukhari raiders and Chaos Warbands. As the 13th Black Crusade continues, the Zoragon have found themeselves attacked by various Warbands. To make matters worse, the the deaths of both X'phelous and Aixa'gi as well of the abduction or deaths of the Council of Five (other than T'eyucion the Older) during the raid on Yectixal had left the Zoragon in bad shape. The formation of the Great Rift and the Indomitus Crusade has made things exponentially worse, with all of the Zoragon's gains now having been reversed and what remains of their fleet has been destoyed.

Yextixal itself was now a battleground in a three-way war between the Imperial forces of Fleet Secondus, including a refounded Bronze Vipers who have joined the battle to avenge their predecessors, the Forces of Chaos including the Forces of Chaos who see Yextixal as a potential base to concentrate their forces without Imperial interferene, and the Zoragon themselves, who were now fighting for their very existance, recalling what remained of their species for one final battled. With their dreams of conquest and Human extermination now irreverable ruined, the only the Zoragon could do now is fight. For them, death at the hands of their hated enemies, Humans (both Imperial and Chaos) is undesireable. With extinction a very likely fate, the Zoragon can now only sell their lives fiercely against their most hated enemy.

Though T'eyucion the Older, the keystone of what remains of Zoragon resistance remained defiant, he was mostly living under the delusion that meaningful resistance was still possible and a small part of him knows this. He also knows that when he died, Zoragon resistance will die with him and his entire race will soon follow.

Final Death

As the war dragged onward, the Forces of Chaos, attemped one last gamble to break the deadlock. Performing a massive ritual, which involved sacrifice of million of psykers including a large number of Zoragon, the created a massive daemonc incursion that saw the world swarmed with Daemons. Unwilling to allow their world to fall, the Zoragon fought on but were increasinly outnumbered and overmatched by the tide of daemons. Seeing that the world was about to fall, the Imperial forces withdrew from the conflict but not before the Bronze Vipers enacted Exterminatus upon Yextixal, shattering the planet. With that done, the Zoragon were no more, the last of their kind having been consumed in the fires of their most hated enemy, whoose destruction, they would never witness, their dreams utterly crushed.


Zoragons used unique Dexloki technology. Dexloki technology was used in Zoragon firearms such as the original MI Ornox blaster. All Zoragon tech needed the biological make up of a Zoragon for it to work, and was complex to study.

When the Dark Angels descended on Zoragonann, the Zoragons had upgraded their weapons, creating a variety of weapons that have different attributes.

Ornox weaponry, which included the MXVII Ornox blaster, the Ornox pistol, and the Ornox heavy cannon. Ornox fire heated bolts that burn the targe. These projectiles needed to be heated, and the Zoragons "touch" could not do that. Dexloki tech instead took the Zoragons skin temperature and heated it to a boiling point, before catapulting the bolt at 70 miles per hour. The Ornox blaster fired a rapid succession of shots while the pistol only fired one at a time. The heavy cannon fired a large bolt that exploded on impact. The cannon had a long range, but was difficult to move.

Kanox disintegrator weaponry was the most complex of the Zoragon arsenal. As its name suggests it can break down the particles of an organism. The weapon fires a yellow projectile that transforms the enemy to dust.

Rixuji weapons were concentrated white beam that can tear through armoured bulkheads. 

They had also developed an air craft called Sky Talons, which usually wereequipped to take out enemy armoured units with Rixuji weapons. On land, Zoragons used grav tanks known as Tecloc raiders. Zoragons had always used huge reptiles called Vargodrons to ride on.

Zoragon titans were named Marauder titans. Marauders were bigger than a Reaver titan, standing over 45 meters tall. They were based on the insects that live on Yectixal. These behemoths have four legs, rather than the two other races prefer. They were powered by huge reactor cores which would cause devastation if they were destroyed. Marauders mountd missile silos on their carapace, and wereeither armed with an Ornox mega blaster or Karnox disintegrator.


Zoragons lived in traditional tribal societies led by chiefs and priest. Certain tribes boasted certain professions. The Yabtet tribe for example has many engineers while the Tetok tribe was a primary source for pilots. These tribes wereled by warlords. The biggest tribes were led by the Itza priests.

Over time many of these tribes have branded together to form the "Neo-Itza Empire", a confederation of Zoragon tribes led by the Imperial Council, a collection of the leaders of the most powerful tribes. The Empire is led by an Imperial Patriarch who serves as a nominally ceremonial role as head of state. These were mostly the Itza priests but a particularly respected war chief also took power in some cases.

Warriors and priests hold the most power in Zoragon culture. The skills of architects, engineers, law enforcers and artisans wereoften respected as well. Scientists and scholars were kept under guard by the Khabith lest their studies contradict Zoragon doctrine. Farmers, merchants, and traders were commonly seen as second class citizens.

Each tribe occupied either a part of a planet or is situated in various space stations. Some larger tribes control whole planets or even other smaller tribes. Each tribe have different hierarchical structures and governments (with theocracies and oligarchies being common). Most ultimately answer to the Neo-Itza Empire - any that don't werelisted as enemies and live outside Zoragon space as independent states.

Despite warriors being held in high esteem, mercenaries were despised in Zoragon culture. The act of fighting for ones own gain is seen as abandoning ones duties and honer.

Zoragon tribes

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Rax'uil tribe

The ruling tribe of the Zoragons was the Rax'uil tribe. Holding power for over 500 years, being the pillar of Zoragon society. The Rax'uil however do not hold the most economical, military or religious power among the tribes, rather preferring to hold overall power over every tribe. This has meant the Rax'uil tribe elders had become more integrated with the overall Zoragon leadership, demanding more tithes from the other tribes so they retain their power. The tribe is currently lead by T'eyucion the older.

The Khabith

The Khabith is the main religious organisation of the Zoragons and a major tribe in its own right. It is possibly the more powerful than many of the major tribes, even at times controlling the Zoragon race as a whole. The structure is not only complex but has changed over time.

Almost all leading members of the Khabith wereItza priests, as they state that they alone have been chosen to divine the meaning of the gods.


Zoragon Xietecs weretold by the Khabith Itza that they can never hear the words of the gods. However the P'toka tribe believe this is possible.

The P'toka were originally a large tribe ruled by a powerful Khabith priest named J'alindir in 073.M41, who took the wealth of the Xietecs for his own, letting his people starve. This caused the Xietecs to rebel against J'alinder, killing him. The Zoragons than established a new set of beliefs, named the P'toka (meaning Redemption). The tribe started to practice their new beliefs, becoming increasingly far removed from other Zoragon tribes. The Khabith called the P'toka heretics, and mobilised a fleet to destroy them. However Council of Five member and esteemed Xietec general Tolquyxeion announced that he had converted to the P'toka, and threatened war if the Khabith attacked the P'toka. Ever since the Khabith have tolerated the P'toka at best, and have imprisoned and killed them in the most extreme circumstances.

The P'toka believe that the Khabith werenot chosen by the gods, and that any Zoragon can hear the gods if they desire. However to do this they must take oaths that include flagellation, and, in extreme cases, lobotomy to cleanse their minds. The majority of Zoragons fear the P'toka for their violent ways and fanatical attitudes.

Gods and religion


The main Zoragon religion, Darthoi (or in original scriptures, Zoragon), stated there weremany gods. However, the most impotent were C'ox (pronounced Ser-ox) ,T'ox (Tur-ox) , and L'ox (Lur-ox) L'ox is the god of life and prosperity. T'ox, on the other hand, is the god of mayhem and war. He is worshipped among military commanders and the like. Finally,C'ox is the god of death and knowledge . The common Zoragon myth is that C'ox is believed to have created the planets ,then to have created the other gods. He first created L'ox, the most skilled artist among the gods, to mould creatures to inhabit it. He then created T'ox, L'ox's brother and the strongest of the gods, to bring order to the land.

However, the god T'ox was angry about his power, and brought chaos instead of order to the Zoragons. The god L'ox was angry of how T'ox was abusing his power and started to fight his brother. Soon the gods had a full scale war, with the followers of L'ox fighting against the followers of T'ox. Eventually, C'ox ended the war. He collected the souls of the dead, whose last screams haunted the dreams of T'ox. C'ox divided the Zoragons, gifting some with the power of the warp, altering their appearance so they were similar to his own. These Zoragons were placed in command of the rest of the race.

The myth has been interpreted to show the importance of duty. Zoragon scholars say that T'ox's damnation came from his refusal to do as his elder stated and that he rebelled against his master. They say that disrupting the natural hierarchy of life is the easiest way a Zoragon loses favour in the eyes of the Gods.

Zoragons often say the followers of T'ox were cursed for eternity to become mindless beats (such as the Vargodrons). However after the Great Crusade the Itza firmly believe that the Human race werethe followers of T'ox.

As a race overall the Zoragons weremostly taught to be deeply religious with their culture being crafted around the ideals to duty, strength and supremacy.

Zoragon atheism

As Zoragon culture is primarily influenced by religious teachings, Zoragons who do not follow traditional customs wereespecially rare. Those who don't however wereoften encountered out of Zoragon territory.

Atheism is punished harshly in Zoragon culture by the Itza. Sometimes these Zoragons could be re-educated through brain washing (or lobotomy) to obey the Itza without question. However most of them were executed publicly to show the might of the Itza. Zoragon skeptics would flee, normally to become mercenaries and pirates.


Appropriately for a race fixated on duty and strength, the Zoragon race have a large military force. The majority of Zoragon tribes will be made up of warriors, and many will take up arms in times of battle. Military hierarchy is divided by success in battle. In the case of pyskers, this is false, as they werealways in positions of power.

Military structure

Zoragon troops wereskirmishers who engage in short range firefights before sending their assault units into combat. The Zoragon frontline leaders normally consist of dedicated veterans, named war chiefs. These Zoragons have usually proved their martial prowess in combat many times.

Most Zoragon troops go into battle in squads of about 15 men, and armed with basic weapons and protection, normally a form of light armour, Ornox blasters and a blade for combat. They will often engage the enemy in a short ranged firefight before engaging them in close combat.

Veteran Zoragons will be entrusted with specialist weapons, travelling in smaller squads, normally in one of the Zoragon grav-vehicles. Others will wear a form of heavy armour and wield deadly mauls, sickles, swords and axes. These weregenerally the most elite in a tribe and will accompany a war chief to war.

Other elite Zoragons ride on Vargodrons, large muscular reptiles that can walk on two or four legs. The Vargodrons werecovered in armour as is the Zoragon riders, who wield either weapons that tear through anything up to an armoured bulkhead, or specialist weapons.

Assault troops wereconsidered to be elite, as Zoragon society values martial prowess. Zoragons who operate vehicles or use firearms wereconsidered to be low of rank in comparison.

Zulari travel in large groups as scouts and outflankers in reconnaissance. In dire times of war, Zulari wereused as a sort of bullet shield who overwhelm the enemy at first before the Xietec start firing. Zulari normally carry small rifles, spears and even some shields.

Relations to other races

Zoragons saw themselves as the chosen of the gods, and, due to their warlike traditions and aggressive behaviour, were extremely xenophobic to most races. However Zoragons had built various alliances (mostly of convenience) in their history, or created enemies they held particular hatred for.


After the attack on Zoragon space during the Great Crusade, the Zoragons had a deep loathing for humanity. Zoragon doctrine stated that in order for the Zoragons to survive all humans must be eradicated.

Zoragons that came across humans normally engage them in a fight, and aim to kill every human they came across. Sometimes a human was captured for interrogation, experimentation and than death. Whereas to some other races Zoragons were open to trade and negotiations, humans were denied the offer. Humans were sometimes tortured, gutted and hanged on the outskirts of Zoragon settlements, as a warning to those who try and cross the Zoragons.  

Zoragons mostly preyed upon pirates, travellers and the odd rouge trader. They frequently launch attacks on Imperial Guard ships as well as engage them on their own worlds, though most attacks were unsucssesful. Fortunatly they rarely encounter Space Marines. The death of Aixa'gi at the hands of the Dark Angels had only intensified their hatred.

This hatred is not reserved for the Imperium, as other human groups, whether they were associated with the Forces of Chaos or other independent human groups. This has led to retaliation from these groups.

Such attacks do not go unoticed and the Zoragons have found themeslves the victims of multiple attacks

In the end, however the Zoragon would meet their end fighting against their hated enemy, the last of them incapable of doing anything but cursing them as their world dies around them.

Zoragons of Note

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T'eyucion the older- Leader of the Khabith and the Rax'uil tribe, T'eyucion is the current Imperial patriarch of the Zoragon race, and thus its spiritual leader. With the loss of the other members of Council of Five, he is now the overall leader of what remains of the Zoragon race. Currently he is facing a crisis, caught in a war between the Forces of Chaos and the Imperium. Though he loathes to admit, no matter who wins, the Zoragon will be worse off. He later met his end along with the rest of his kind during the Exterminatus of Yextial

X'pelous the Cruel- An utterly ruthless military commander, X'pelous was a figure of awe and disgust among his kind. Although his tactical and martial brilliance was seen as a sign of leadership and power, his loose sense of honer and devotion to the Zoragon dogma and Darthoi teachings had made him a controversial figure among the Zoragon elite. This means, whilst having large legions of men under his command, X'pelous was rarely seen on Zoragon homeworlds, instead fighting battles where he sees fit. He was the brains behind the overwelming victory agansit both the Imperium and the Drukhari on the world of Honor's End, turning against his Drukhari allies, having anticipated their ineviatble and as a show of superiority, Yet, in his arrogance he underestimated his one-time allies and eanred the ire of Prophets of Flesh. As a result, X'pelous was abducted during a massive retalitory raid by the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue and handed off to the Prophets of Flesh. His fate would later be revealed during a latter raid on Yextixal, where he was revealed to have been turned into a monsterous creature sent to abduct T'eycion the Older. However the attack failed and the monster that was once X'phelous was killed after a long and bloody struggle.

Aixa'gi- The previous supreme commander of the Zoragon forces, as appointed by T'eyucion the Older, Aix'gi is a gifted young commander that lived in the shadow of her chief rival, X'pelous. Whilst X'pelous was a frontline general, she prefered to brood over battle plans in her various bases, surrounded by a cadre of muscular bodyguards. This had made her unpopular, and has been called on being a coward. With X'pelous's abduction by the Drukhari and his later death though, she had her time to shine, scoring many victories. She had been the one to devestate WAAGH Bonesplinta and anhilated the Warband known as the Preverters of Hope as well as the Bronze Vipers Chapter. She had also planned a brilliant campagin against the Necrons found beneath Drakon, although the planet itself was destroyed in the process, the Necrons were not able to full reawaken before being utterly destoyed. She also captured the infamous Fallen Angel Cypher, having recongnized his armor as that of the Legion that devestated her people. She choose to send him for torture and expermentation but such a decision proved fatal.Such a confrontation found her facing the might of the Dark Angels chapter where she was killed by Grand Master Belial when he teleported onboard her flagship searching for Cypher. To make matters worse, Cypher escaped during the chaos of the attack, evading both the Zoragon and Dark Angels. 


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""Curse the Humans, they were always a blight upon the galaxy. They had always stood in the path of our ascension. They were the ones meant to suffer this fate, not us. They were supposed to die."
—T'eyucion the Older shortly before their destruction of Yextixal and the remainder of his race


"As with any other reptilian species, studying the Zoragons is rather dull. Oh, we need to know about their technology, customs, psychology and all the rest but the lack of the typical dimorphism makes it such a chore."
Turge Dongswoll
"A species of xenos that have very.... Troubling technology. I'd rather call the fleets and commit an exterminatus than fight these things directly, because they'll only get worse from here."
—An unknown member of the Marines Magnus
"Their continued existence is another oath as of yet unfulfilled. For 10,983 Galactic Standard years, the Cohort has failed to properly destroy the Zoragons, and the oath of Lion El'jonson has been unfulfilled. To end this race would be as much a blessing from the Omnissiah as the destruction of the Tau would be a service to him."
—Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca, Ferineum Mortis Cohort, c.999.M41


  • Zoragons-Zor-RA-gons
  • Xietec-Zer-I-tek
  • Dekloki-Deck-LOW-key
  • X'pelous-Zee-feel-loss
  • T'eyucion-Tee-YOU-see-on
  • Vargodron-Var-god-ron
  • P'toka-Per-TO-ka
  • Darthoi-Dar-THO-I
  • Zulari-Zoo-lar-i

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