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Being an ageing wiki with couple thousand articles that has suffered (due to fluctuating administrative quality and integrity across the years) information decay, cluttered navigation, and messy information architecture, ease of access for important documents and items of information is something that is yearned for.

One example of something that keeps the wiki organised is talk page content. They, outside of keeping track of stuff ups and humorous events, are a good point of reference in attempts to find dates and exact circumstances of certain things, i.e. responses to and from trolling attacks, user activity, records of which admin said/asked/helped what, and so fourth.

Therefore, talk pages will be bound by these simple rules:

  • They must follow the rules like everything else.
  • Signature (~~~~) has to be placed after all comments and/or edits made on talk pages.
  • Content must not be deleted by users, unless it is in dire circumstances (such as breaking the rules). This deletion should be carried out by Administrators, unless they give permission to other users/the owner of the talk page's article to do so.
  • If content on a talk page is not wished to be looked at all the time (especially if a user has been around for years and has a giant talk page), then the page may be archived. Archiving is acheived through creating a new talk page with an appropriate archive directory. A link to the archive page(s) must be clearly seen at the top of the original talk page.


User talk:BillyBob/Archive1

Wikia will automatically create a link back to the original talk page underneath the article title. Please note that naming is case sensitive.