Warhammer 40,000 Wiki

This wiki includes number of "How-to" articles that are there to help you on your way to write epic tales of heroes and villains of 41st millennium. They exist solely in order to help new (and older ones too) users, who struggle with canon friendliness and other similar problems.

All How-to articles are community projects[1] and anyone can edit and create such. They are all located in Guide-namespace. If you feel like editing or even writing completely new How-to article, please make sure that everything you write is absolutely correct. We don't want, as a community, to mislead new users with false help pages!


General How-to article take a view into wiki's dynamics. If you are completely new with wiki system, you can also check Help pages and look an answer for your problems. If you can't find any, please, ask some of our helpful admins.





Article templates

These articles have an article "base" for you to use. It helps to create strict and clear headings and tie your article with the other similar articles in this wiki.

Making a sandbox

This article covers how to create a 'Sandbox' for you to use. By creating a personal Sandbox, you can learn how to use the Wiki and work on articles you wish to create and contribute to the Wiki.

Post scriptum

If you're struggling with some problem concerning this wiki, the only way to get the answer is to ask. So help yourself and ask about it from our admins or come and join the chat.