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Verfallen Taras is a devious and unquestionably cruel, chaos fleet, Warmaster, operating mainly in the Ultima Segmentum of Imperium space.

Formely the 6th company captain of the Imperial Fists; in M33 he, his fleet (the 480th expeditionary), and the two companies of Astartes under his command, were corrupted by chaos (in particular, Nurgle) when transversing the warp to reach the Istvaan system, at the request of 1st captain Sigismund.

Having succum to the dark powers, Taras declared the fleet and men aboard it, seperated from the Imperium, saying that they now knew the truth about faiths and beliefs. He was next named warmaster by the voices of chaos inside the warp and during this innitiation, he was raised into the air, surrounded by a cloud of buzzing, green, matter. He morphed and changed within his armour, and as he did, others realised that the ships and themselves were also morphing and changing. Soon, all the ships, men and astartes ressembled decaying, decrepit versions of themselves; yet somehow they felt, stronger and tougher.

Taras declared that all the Imperium iconography that the warp hadnt removed through the changing, had to be scratched and carved out; and also that all their ships names had to be replaced with names more suitable to the gods. Especially Nurgle. After this, the voices of chaos declared that they were to throw them out of the warp; to a time and location that needed enlightening. Eager to prove his and his mens worth to the gods, Taras, made his ships and his men, at full readiness for whatever they would discover their exit.

Having left the warp, the fleet appeared above what seemed to be a forested planet with a large hive planet on the side facing them. Taras barely had time to order the arming of weapons before one of his ships was struck by planetary fire and immediatley destroyed.