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Velixum II, also known as Velixum Secundus is the name of a populous hive world, situated in a system which, in late M41, came under invasion by the Necrons.. While the PDF there was constantly on full alert for such attacks, the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants are, of course, oblivious to such dangers, with all knowledge of the Necrons’ existence being controlled and regulated to a typically totalitarian degree. As with many other Imperial citizens throughout the galaxy, the average man and woman of Velixum are often unknowing of the horrifying threats that are, more often than not and quite literally, breathing down their necks.

Velixum II is a primary manufacturer of infantry-level armaments, particularly that used by Imperial Guard units, in the area of the galaxy it resides in. While the construction of heavier equipment and vehicles is not unheard of, a vast amount of its industrial output consists of hand-held weapons and personal protection. Those that use the equipment produced here often note that there is a distinctive level of quality to it - it is often far superior to that made on other hive worlds with similar industrial output, but is nowhere near the quality of that which is produced on a Forge World.

It is unknown why this is - some people attribute it to the construction of these items, although they are mechanically no different to the machinery produced elsewhere. Some have went so far as to say that the material the items are made of is of better quality, although it recieves its shipments from another planet which also ships to a Hive World that does not display these traits. There is some debate about exactly why they are as they are, but on many occasions, people who have voiced their opinions have been charged with sedition or heresy.

The planet also produces a small but still notably increased amount of low-level psykers for reasons unknown, along with the occasional psychic blank or pariah. These are, however, usually only found in the lower levels of the hive cities.

As with many hive worlds, there is a rather massive class divide due to the conditions and the compactness of the population. The upper and middle levels of the cities are fairly prosperous, whilst the lower levels are stuck in a perpetual state of poverty and are dominated by gangs, several of which are markedly militarised in comparison with the gangs on other hive worlds, having something akin to a hierarchy and chain of command. Many are tracked down by Inquisitors and forcefully conscripted into one of the Imperial Guard regiments on the planet. One such gang was the Reavers of Vel, who were actually legitimised as part of the PDF for a time due to their strength and cohesion before they were inducted into the Velixumite 5th Rifles.