aka DOE

  • I live in England
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Stressing
  • I am Male
  • Dragonofelder
    • Date: 4.573.989.M41
    • Location: Drop Pod, entering atmosphere of “Tenicious-3”
    • Battle-Brother Furgeon’s Audio Log (transcription)
    • (Alarms whine in the background. Short thruster bursts cause vibrations. Chanting from at least 3 different Marines. Furgeon’s breath is heavy but constant)
    • Furgeon: The… Emerald Dawn is under attack… I only saw a part of it but it looked like… a giant phantom tentacle, reaching up from the planet…. The ship is being crushed… and pulled down towards the planet…. We were ordered to launch…
    • Sergeant Walsh (In background): This is Sergeant Walsh, my squad is away… can anyone hear me? McDonnel? Quinn? Captain Tenicious, are you away? Captain?
    • Techmarine Daly (In background): Breaching upper atmosphere in three, two one.
    • (Fai…
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  • Dragonofelder
    • Date: 989.M41
    • Location: Strike Cruiser Emerald Dawn, mid warp-transition
    • Battle-Brother Furgeon’s Log

    Chaplain Hiero suggested I kept a log of my thoughts to keep track of them, amongst other reasons. I am quite interested in the idea. Writing of ancient heroes, Space Marine or not, are treated with great importance in the Imperium, both due to their age and the knowledge they contain. Would my writings be held in reverence as they are? Granted, I am writing this on a Data-Slate, not parchment, but perhaps it would be copied? But I digress.

    I am Battle-Brother Furgeon, Adeptus Astartes of the Green Shields Chapter. Nearing a hundred standard years of service, I am part of the Tactical Squad Shamrock, 5th company. Currently, we are traveling th…

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