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About me

Hello, As you Know I am Supahbadmarine. I am 24 years old and hail from the great state of Ohio(Not really that great). I am addicted to Warhammer 40k background.

I do not play the game myself. I am just not a dice roller kind of guy. The thing that got me hooked was the amazing background.

I first became aware of Warhammer back when they started working on Warhammer Age of Reckoning. I had happened to stumble across it's site and it looked interesting. From there I decided to look into Warhammer Fantasy Battle and by extension I ran into 40k, which I instantly fell in love with.

Well one thing lead to another and here I am. Now about me. I am still relatively new to the site so I don't know all the tricks yet though I do my best. I am always looking for new and interesting background on 40k, and my knowledge is slowly becoming encyclopedic. I am also into any other fantasy of Sci-Fi series that is well done so don't be afraid to mention new stuff to me.

Another interesting thing about me is that I am an avid follower of Tzeentch, you have been warned. Don't worry, I will hide my megalomania and keep a polite facade while on the site. This will lull you all into a false sense of security so that you all don't see it coming when I take over this site and your minds. You may think that it is foolish of me to reveal my plan, but you knowing about it is part of said plan(wrap your head around that).

I am now also a member of TESfanon. It was only natural that this would occur as I have always loved Elder Scrolls. Over there I am a follower of Boethiah. (Please don't tell Tzeentch!)

I do however have some sympathy for new users and if anybody needs help getting started please ask. Also please ask if you need help with any original ideas. I always have 100 unused ideas bouncing around in my head like Daemons and if my input can help someone, I am more than glad to offer it. I will usually be among the first to offer constructive input on a new article. If it seems like I am attacking your article, please understand that however malicious it seems, I am honestly trying to help. Feel free to ask me to use some of my material in your work if you like it. Trust me I will be flattered as I consider other people using ones work as the highest compliment.

Along with my many works i also have a Sandbox that i like to mess around in, and throw sand into the yes of the other kids. It can be located here.

The Many Names of Supah

Thing people call me by:

  • McLovin
  • Keepah of da Hoes
  • Honkers
  • Melons
  • That guy
  • RAD
  • Who's Supah?
  • Tzeentch's whipping boy
  • Megadeathdestroyertron
  • Lord Poofycheeks Reginald McGruff
  • Master
  • Peevish McMuffin (my leprechaun name!)

Supah's Pantheon

As of now I have decided to collect the patronage of my own pantheon of gods. Essentially I intend to become the champion of a specific deity within each setting that I get involved in, creating my own pantheon. If people would like to offer any suggestions I would be happy with that. I prefer evil, or at the least frowned upon patrons that favor the ambitious and clever.

Current members of the Pantheon include:

  • Tzeentch - The Chaos God of change, sorcery, mutation and ambition. He serves as my personal patron within the Warhammer universes. He currently is the cheif of my pantheon.
  • Boethiah - The Daedric Prince of plots, deceit, conspiracy, assassination, treason and unlawful overthrow of government. He resides within the Elder Scrolls setting, and is my patron there. Boethiah favors those with ambition, and those that take what they desire.
  • Vecna - A former Lich turned god from the Greyhawk universe. His portfolio includes hestructive secrets, magic, hidden knowledge and intrigue. He seeks to become the one and only god in his setting by destroying all the others. This guy is ambitious, devious, powerful and evil. Not to mention he is a Lich. What's not to like about that?
  • Mephistopheles - While not a god in the traditional sense, Mephistopheles is a Devil of such power that he is worthy of worship. He is my patron in the Forgotten Realms setting. The Lord of Baator's 8th layer, Cania, Mephisto is a patron of magic and Hellfire. His followers are schemers and megalomaniacs. Those with ambition, and intelligence. I fit right in.
  • Sargeras - The Dark Titan and lord of the Burning Legion in the Warcraft universe. Sargeras was a powerful Titan, and a protector of the universe once, but his heart has been twisted by evil. Now he leads the demonic Burning Legion to conquer and destroy all. I am his servant.
  • Belial - One of the Great Evils from the Diablo setting. Belial is the Lord of Lies. One of the 4 Lesser Evils of the Burning Hells. For a time he ruled the Hells alongside Azmodan following their unsurpation of the three Prime Evils. Belial is a cunning manipulator, and seeks to control the universe by altering the perceptions of others, controlling them through lies that distorts their perception of reality to his whim.

Please note that these guys do not get along. You put these guys in a room with one another and I imagine things will get ugly. So please don't tell any of these guys about this pantheon. If you meet one of them then I follow only them, got it. Otherwise it might be my head.

Supah's Evil Playlist

This is what you should listen to when thinking of me.


Amongst the many who work on this site there are many who call the Supahbadmarine their ally. As such they are given access to my prodigious mind in support of their projects, and vice versa. Here are but a few of these superior individuals.

  • Cal XD- My buddy Cal is one of my greatest allies on this site. He has worked with me on many of my works, including the Derkallen and the Purgatory Program. He is well known for his work on Syrath's associated articles, the Rixari and his Prophetic Forgiven, who you better believe will kick your ass! Plus his character, Lorenzo Drasus is buddies with my dear friend Ezekiel Cornatus. So if you mess with Lorenzo you will have Ezekiel to deal with. If any of you are unfamiliar with Cal, then let me say this. Cal is the kind of guy you want on your side. I speak from experience.
  • Primarch11- I have known Primarch since he came to the site. We have done plenty of work together in the past. He always has some pretty cool ideas that he likes to use. He is also buddies with Cal.
  • Tomj8937- Tom is crazy! Though he is crazy in a good way. He worked with Primarch11 to create their Brotherhood of the Faithful. I helped out a little. In fact I helped write some of the background for the first of it's Chapters, the Knights of Lupercal. I also made a renegade character for his Sons of Lucifer.
  • SniperGhost - What can I say? He is a Ghost who is also a sniper. In all seriousness though, SG is one of the sharpest guys on the site. If you need help with your work then I would highly suggest asking him. My friend Ezekiel is actually a part of the information network for the Heralds of Coming Doom.

There are probably more than the ones I have mentioned, but my memory can be faulty. This is primarily because Tzeentch won't stop whispering in the back of my head. SHUT UP!!!!


The names of my enemies are a secret. That is because all of my enemies think that I am their friend. The fools! Their guards are down, so they will never see it coming. Hehehehehe!

  • Other Supah - Other Supah is an alternate persona of me. Other Supah has one purpose in life. He does stuff like make evil plots, and try to become the dominant Supah, but his true motives are nothing so grand. He lives to Troll me. Whenever I Make an argument, he makes a coutner argument. When I am feeling at the top of my game he picks at my flaws, and cuts me down to size. Worst of all he tries to have a social life. There is little that I find more aggravating then waking up in a Night Club with some Hipster D-bag's arm around my shoulder. You can tell when the Other is on Chat because everything he says are in ".
  • Lither - My fellow Admin. I recently found out that Lither is a revolting Champion of Nurgle, and that he follows St. Cuthbert in Greyhawk. This puts him at odds with me, as I follow Tzeentch and Vecna in those respective settings. He and I are ideological foes. Mind you are functional, friendly adevesaries. Our mutual devotion to the site keeps us from our inevitable reckoning.
  • Trolls - I may be evil, but I am evil with standards! People that go around the internet making attacks on other people, and their work tick me off. It's rude, plain and simple. More specifically i hate people that troll on this site by editing without making an account. They Troll and Flame without shame because they think anonymity protects them, and I think that's lame! I block trolls on the first offense.

My favorite pages


Feel free to add quotes to the About section. Don't be afraid to be honest. I'm tough. In the worst case scenario I go cry in a closet for a few days.


"W- we're alright. We just haven't killed anything for three..... Whole.... Minutes...... Ugh! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!!"
—Supah temporarily serving Khorne in The Adventures of Ulgrugamazekz.
"You are all my puppets. You just don't know it. However I just told you, so now you are aware. However that is also a part of my clever manipulations. You will now try and deny me my supremacy, but that only serves to further my scheme. Do you understand fool? I have predicted every move you, or I will make before it has happened. I am unstoppable. Well, at least until Tzeentch screws me over like always."
"I have conquered this planet! My plans worked perfectly, even when they didn't make sense. Now all of you will bow to M-(BANG)... Ugh... TZEEEEEENTCH!"
—Supah being randomly struck by a meteor in the middle of a victory speech.


"He is, you know, like this Supah awesome guy!"
—Cal XD, using an awful pun
"He once manipulated me into snorting a milkshake without him knowing."
—Legionaire22, telling why he snorted a milkshake
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