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I'm Solomus-BlackWing, an Administrator here at the Warhammer 40,000 Fanon Wiki. I've been around here since 2012, but only received my position in August of 2013. You could consider me to be the resident Night Lord, since my knowledge of that particular Traitor Legion far outweighs my grasp on other elements of the 40k Canon. That isn't to say I'm completely ignorant in other aspects of Canon, so don't hesitate to ask me about something you don't understand. Be warned however, as my understanding of the Tau and Necrons is extremely half-assed, so you should probably ask someone else for help for problems concerning those two races.

The only other wiki that I am relatively active on is this one, so if you ever need to contact me, yet for whatever reason I am unavailable on this Wiki, you are free to message me over there.

I've recently come to take a less active role in the community here unfortunately, but rest assured I still visit the site regularly and basically try to manage stuff from behind the scenes more often nowadays. So if you're unsure if I'm active or not, feel free to leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able; usually within a couple of hours to a day.

Regardless, in the end all I can tell you is: Enjoy yourself, obey the Rules, and write some superb articles.


Favorite Factions


  • Space Marine Chapter Minotaurs
  • Chaos Legion Night Lords
  • Inquisitor Ordos Chronos
  • Favorite Primarch Konrad Curze
  • Favorite Chaos Space Marine Character Jago Sevatarion
  • Favorite Space Marine Character Asterion Moloc
Sol's Pantheon

Taking inspiration from Supah's idea, I decided to make a Pantheon of my own. From 40k to Elder Scrolls, to Final Fantasy and beyond, I've come to open my arms up to a number of Gods and Goddesses, be they self-proclaimed or otherwise. Understand that this list may grow over time:

  • Slaanesh - The Dark Prince serves as the Chief of my Pantheon and personal Patron within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Chaos God of pleasure, passion, pride, greed, and pain, Slaanesh is the youngest God of Chaos, having only gained full sentience within the Immaterium during the 30th Millennium after the Dark Prince fed upon the ambitions and lusts of the Eldar race, before going on to devour all but three of the Eldar Deities.
  • Vaermina - The Daedric Prince of nightmares, psychological terror and torment, dreams, evil omens, and memories. Perhaps the fact that I am such a big fan of the Night Lords is why I am all for having the Daedric Prince of terror and nightmares as my patron for the Elder Scrolls.
  • Hense - I recently came to remember that I always invoked the Veiled Widow's Shrine during my time in playing Bastion, and no other. Hense is the Goddess of Pain and Pleasure in the Bastion universe; and is thus my Patron.
Favorite Article
The Sephadollion Sector is an Imperial sector located within the Segmentum Ultima. Currently, the entire Sephadollion Sector is under investigation by the Inquisition, the Tenebarite Cabal having been established to root out and destroy the vicious Vitores Tenebras once and for all. This has caused somewhat of panic within the upper echelons, as many would rather not have the Inquisition poking around their more "private" matters, but as a result the Cabal has only pressed harder for evidence.

Their is also turmoil within the Sephadollion underworld, as the Vitores Tenebras prepares to wage a clandestine war against the agents of the Imperium. Rumors of shady dealings, hidden weapons shipments, and even secret armies abound, as the Tenebras tightens the noose around the unsuspecting Sector and it's unfortunate inhabitants... More

Other Users
  • Cal - Introduced me to a shitty wiki that practically nobody uses anymore and lets me get away with some pretty asinine team-killing shit in tabletop role-playing games.
  • Supah - Resident Tzeentchian and Bureaucrat of the wiki. Very helpful, and easy to bounce ideas off of. Haven't actually chatted with him for quite some time.
  • Lither - Fuck knows, I haven't spoken with him in years. Probably went ahead and fulfilled his pipe dream of ascending to becoming a god for goats and glass tubes everywhere.
  • Necrus - A no longer-apathetic artist who used to be into cutesy wish-fulfilling anime; something about art and swords being online or some junk.
  • Remos - Responsible admin who I've come to regard as the savior of this fanon.
  • Imposter - Resident killer of shitty dreams and proprietor of shitty memes. Is essentially the beloved Krampus of this fine establishment.
  • Doge - A dead meme. Also a not-half bad writer of genuinely good stories; last I checked anyway. Hope that's still the case.
  • OP - Has probably spoken to aliens.
  • Tom - Buddy ol' pal ol' kestrel sacrificing freak.
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