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"You must learn the Ways of the Wikitext if you're to come with me to 40k Fanon."
Administrative goals

Make How-to portal rfc
Reorder Wiki-navbar rfc
Introduce policies with navbox rfc
Integrate maps with new Wikia maps rfc
Create "Gods" policy rfc
Great Pictorial Purge (I) rfc
Create Image Policy rfc
Remake infoboxes into portable form. rfc
Hone our canon policy yet again. rfc
Implement Guide-namespace rfc
Great Pictorial Purge (III) rfc
Hone our Image Policy rfc

Work in progress

Enforce Image Policy (v2.0)


Document all templates
Rewrite "How-to" pages

As you can see, I am an admin here on Warhammer 40k fanon wiki. If you ever want to ask anything about this site, its rules or such, feel free to do so on my talk page. I "expertise" on general canon friendliness, article quality issues and images.

You can also find me on our Discord channel by the name Remos.

My Articles

Bassenheim Triangle and Dimlight Stars are my multi-sector sandboxes. Iox sector is older and written with a different tone, but Gregora is (still) my ongoing project. If you are interested about writing wars, events, characters, worlds or such in them, feel free to message me. I'm open to cooperation ideas.

Articles with "Free" after them are free use articles. Feel free to refer to them without permission! Articles with "ES" are part of the Eressa sector, with "VS" are part of the Vigilius sector and with "BGO" of the Battlegroup Orpheon - community project but are mainly written by me. Articles with "FA" after them are featured articles.

Bassenheim Triangle

Dimlight Stars




Dark Eldar

Imperial Forces


My Arts

Being such a vain bag of cheesy olives, I fancy myself as a good artist as well. Here are the drawings I've yet made for my articles, mainly humanoid figures.

I am happy to provide some mediocre artwork for articles. If you think some of my arts could fit in your article, please message me.