Orkiod Inqusitor

aka -Classified-

  • I live in Australia, the land of Kangaroos and Vegemite
  • I was born on May 3
  • My occupation is Destroying enemies of Emperor (not your Emperor but one more........ Active)
  • I am That is a question for another day.


I'm Orkiod Inquisitor and I love Warhammer 40k's Lore.

My To Do List

Things I need to get around to Finishing

Emperor's True Sons - My SPESS MAREIN Chapter

Tarnished Souls- Ghost Marine Renagedes

Dark Scions - Sorta Black Legion wanabes

Phobions - Fear Daemons

St Eros - A womanising Living Saint

Charaters for above groups

Things I Plan to do at some point (Maybe)

The Cult of the 4 Claws - Chaos Genestealers!

Hive Fleet Colossus - Their nids are Bigga and Arda

Shiftscale - Langostrion Assasin for Hire

Aquiltine and her Mercs - 'Nuff said

Helping out With the Planned Rogue founding event by DragonofEldar

Adding Quotes to EVERY PAGE! (Maybe)

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