aka Willy Humongous

  • I live in the United Central American Republic
  • My occupation is The Supreme Shitposter, Lord of Lies, Baron of Bullshit, Sultan of Surrealism, Rex Rustlion
  • I am a satirist.
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I'm an artist.


A quick introduction to how I view my fellow users

  • Fuck off.

My Libr Red Book

  • "Never lie. Instead, perform creative retellings of the truth."
  • "The most important part is ensuring that people believe you. Everything else is just details."
  • "If you murder someone, but they were a dick, you did the world a favour."

  • "Violence, threats, or any combination of the two solves every problem."
  • "The most minor challenge can spiral into usurpation."
  • "History rewards the brave leaders and keeps the stupid ones in power for far too long."
  • "Never tell people what to believe. Instead, paint the story so that they come to believe on their own the version you wanted them to. Then they will defend your message like their own dreams."
  • "Supporting democracy does not inherently imply supporting freedom."
  • "People should vote on important issues within a limited selection of choice, all of which benefits you. It makes them believe they impacted your decision in a meaningful way."
  • "If you perform vote fraud, but nobody finds out, it's a legitimate election."
  • "Enable dissent within a limited, tolerated framework that poses no real or possible threat to yourself. Make your greatest dissenters dependent on your continued leadership."

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