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It doesn't take long to read the rules



I'm an administrator here.

Stuff I've Done

—George Orwell, 1984

  • Establishment of regular Featured Article votes
  • Reformation of the rules
  • Creation of the first policy pages
  • Creation of multiple ownership templates
  • Implementing the first purge of poor quality articles (2012)
  • Promoting the first permanent Chat Moderator
  • Implementing the first chat hacks and custom emoticons
  • Implementing the second purge of poor quality articles (2013)
  • Expanding upon the policy pages to be more comprehensive.
  • Implementing the third purge of poor quality articles (2014)
  • Establishment of a Community Discussion Board
  • Establishemnt of a Admin Discussion Board
  • Reformation of the admins.
  • Implementing the fourth purge of poor quality articles (2015)
  • Ensuring that the wiki is fully sustainable to the point it can continue to run without issue in my absence
  • Overhauling the Featured Article System

  • Preventing double redirects and unused redirects from existing
  • Preventing the admins from tedious infighting and succumbing to newfriendism
  • Expand the user base
  • Rebuild the article numbers

  • Ensure that the Wikia Instrumentality Project reaches the summation phase

Useful Lists

"I'd rather not have a humor article in my body of works, seeing as how I'm a serious author."


"The worst thing you can do as a DM is over plan and try to make an NPC lovable only for them to be dismissed. Just make an NPC, give them a funny accent and if they like this guy, then you add to it."
—Chris Trott

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Random Stuff


"I honestly would like to make this an outstanding and all-inclusive fanon wiki where the admins are actually helpful and easy-going as opposed to acting like tyrants and a bunch of narcissistic a-holes"
—Algrim Whitefang, of the Warhammer 40k Wiki, infamous for having extremely uptight tyrannical admins who used to indiscriminately ban people without reason

"Originality is dead. Originality remains dead. And we have killed it."
—Welcome to the wiki.
"That's like constantly saying 'the cat is blue' because you have decided all cats can only be blue."
—Trying to explain something with a metaphor

"Cal is as pure as the driven snow."
"You clearly have a gift for written expression"
"For he titled himself but a noble man of the cloth, named simply Khalael;
Aye but a king he was indeed, a king indeed divine;
And in that warmme sunlight of his angelic humility he doth shine;
Foresight laced upon his hedde and brow like the twine of a bowe silvering;"
—NecrusIV, The Ballad of Total (Verses 16-19)

"I sometimes try my hand at art. It's rather like getting a tortoise to perform sign language, but I still do it."
"People seem to think that we're so jaded that we need to inject heroin into our balls in order to experience life."
"I've likened this wiki to Orwell's darkest nightmares where creative freedom only flourishes because it is ruthless and cunning."
"I'm considering choosing to be homeless just to spite by rich bourgeois parents."
"I need sleep now. And possible therapy."
—Dog of War
"It's not plagiarism, it's cross wiki cooperation."
"You reckon I can give myself a facial with all this money?"
"The less I have to create, the better it is for keeping things cohesive; I mean, that's true from developing under an already-existing IP in any setting."

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