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I'm a 22-year-old American-Israeli now living 8 kilometers from Gaza.
I've been a fan of Warhammer(and all related material) since I first visited a Games Workshop store when I was thirteen.
I'm an amateur writer, and my first story I ever finished was a Mordheim fanfic.

My contributions

Current Project

  • Kansaas Jayhawks
  • Kansaas
  • Martasvin
  • Munruvia
  • Nusterdam
  • Philadelphi


  • Carmil Sector War the defiant stand of Yuguen against Imperial might.
  • Vigo Sector War Vigo Sector stretches out like an isthmus into Wild Space, vulnerable and unsupported, it was left to face the onslaught of Chaos alone.
  • Kommanche Guerrilla War The victory of serf laborers and defeated Guardsmen over the Iron Warriors.
  • Second Battle of Kommanche Possibly the most one-sided victory in the history of the Imperial Navy.
  • Ameosis Enslaver Outbreak An infestation of Enslavers on the Agri-World Ameosis, and the subsequent cleansing of the world.
  • Battle of Torvoray Uprising of Humans against the Tau.


  • Karlees Navarre A highly sccessful(but semi-heretical) Imperial officer.
  • Jan Skrsztuszki A mutant who by chance and ability becomes a general in the Vigo Sector Imperial Guard.
  • Farness Skrsztuszki Twin brother of Jan, a pure human; charismatic and skilled general.
  • Ariel Ysggad A shamed Eldar exile who somehow finds himself with a Craftworld to protect.
  • Azhrag the Slaughterer a brutal Ork warlord who devastated much of Vigo sector.
  • Toran the Murderer An infamous Chaos warlord who laid waste to much of Vigo Sector.
  • John Thomas A Varraconi Guardsman who won renown fighting the forces of Chaos.
  • Lucrezia deBor Zha a brilliant and ambitious Dark Eldar, intent on taking Marathag Craftworld for herself.
  • Myrddin A Sensei wanted throughout the Imperium.
  • John Hawkins and William Wynter Two contentious engineers who rebuilt the ships of the Vigo Sector fleet.
  • Jeff Kurgaz an ancient renegade Space Marine, now descending into insanity.
  • Lurk a highly unusual Inquisitor.
  • Eve his mutant wife.
  • 'Lucky' a wandering human warrior.


  • Navarre's Reforms (Vigo Sector Imperial Forces)
  • Black Hornets A cursed Astartes Chapter.
  • The Iron Brigade An elite unit recruited only from veterans of the Guard; considered by some the equal of Stormtroopers.
  • Order of the Crimson Sash a shamed order of Battle Sisters, banished from Holy Terra to Vigo Sector.
  • The Mudkips an elite unit of the Imperial Guard, specializing in trench warfare.
  • Toranites]followers of Chaos in the Viger system
  • Eldar mercenaries of Vigo Sector
  • The Survivors A group of renegade Space Marines, smugglers, Imperial deserters, and other scofflaws who haven't the courage to turn to chaos.
  • Adeptus Curates Explorators and Archaeologists.
  • Dragon Brothers An Astartes Chapter of the 26th Founding.
  • Navarre's Renegade Fleet
  • Kael's Loyal 'Dozen Sons'
  • Ungarn Hussars
  • 67th Ungarn Hussars Regiment

Vigo Sector

A backwater sector in Segmentum Tempestus

Viger System

The capital of Quirkitai subsector, and all of Vigo sector.

  • Viger system and its constituent planets:
  • Cytherea
  • Kommanche
  • Josefikiwary
  • Ananke Group The peculiar satellites of Josefikiwary.

Harker System

  • Harker The home system of The Mudkips.


A world in Ultima Segmentum that suffered an infestation of Enslaver.

Samarkh Worlds

A fallen sector, now become an Ork empire.

  • Franklinsberg An ork-infested world, the site of Karlees Navarre's first, and so far last, defeat; since liberated and cleansed.


The homeworld of Karlees Navarre, a world famous for it's large trading fleets.

Monstrously Huge Spaceborne Objects(MHSO)

  • Hagface Hargud's Huge Home a monstrous space Hulk, used as a mobile base of operations by the ruler of the Samarkh Worlds.
  • Marathag Craftworld Lost in the Warp since the Fall, this Craftworld is defended only by an unruly collection of exiles and pirates.


  • The Ballad of John Thomas The ballad of a hero of the Imperium.


  • Loyalist Marines a short article on Space Marines from the fallen Legions who remained loyal in the Horus Heresy.
  • Three rules for how-tos three very common mistakes in writing I've seen.
  • A Personal Appeal to all Makers of Space Marine Chapters


  • Marathag: our new home. Ariel Ysggad and his people have taken possession of a Craftworld -but are thy equal to the task?
  • Something Amusing A turning point in the life of Karlees Navarre.


  • ROShips Recovered Ork Ships.
  • Vigo-Class Merchant Carriers Merchant vessels rebuilt as attack craft carriers by Hawkins and Wynter.
  • Yugueno Fleet the militarized merchant ships of the Yuguenoes.

Mutants and Abhumans

  • Scaleys A serpentine mutant sub-breed.

Technology and Machinery

  • Sherwood Tank


Lists I made: free for anyone to add to:


Lists of stories here on the fanon wiki; free for anyone to add to.

  • Adeptus Mechanicus Stories
  • Eldar Stories
  • Imperial Navy Stories
  • Space Marine Stories
  • Ork Stories


Lists of fanon quotes I created; these are free for anyone to add to:

  • Abhuman Quotes
  • Adeptus Mechanicus Quotes
  • Administratum Quotes
  • Alien Quotes
  • Battle Sisters Quotes
  • Chaos Quotes
  • Chaos Space Marine Quotes
  • Daemon Quotes
  • Dark Eldar Quotes
  • Demiurg Quotes
  • Eldar Quotes
  • Heretic Quotes
  • Hrud Quotes
  • Imperial Guard Quotes
  • Imperial Navy Quotes
  • Imperial Quotes
  • Inquisition Quotes
  • Kroot Quotes
  • Mutant Quotes
  • Necron Quotes
  • Ork Quotes
  • PDF Quotes
  • Psyker Quotes
  • Space Marine Quotes
  • Squat Quotes
  • Tau Quotes
  • Tyranid Quotes

Basically, I made the entire 'Quotes' category.

Mutants and Abhuman

  • Beastmen
  • Mutant sub-breeds


  • How to make a fanon Space Marine Chapter
  • How to make a fanon Chaos Space Marine Warband
  • How to make a fanon Tau Sept
  • How to make a fanon Eldar Craftworld
  • How to make a fanon Imperial Guard Regiment

Army Lists

  • Adeptus Curates Army List
  • Codex: Yuguenoes

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