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About myself and I.

Greetings, I am Anutk. I am a "follower" of multiple series. These series include, but aren't limited to, Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000/Fantasy Battle, Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, The Elder Scrolls by Bethesda Game Studios, Dave and Gary's Dungeons and Dragons, and finally Frank Herbert's Dune. Of all these settings I have played both the 40K and Fantasy Battle tabletop, all the Elder Scroll games and a few of the Lord of The Rings Video Games along with having played D&D in the past.

Ideas Spot

Kjarval Smidr/Betularum-Prime

Kjarval Smidr, or as he is officially known as on his dossier as Betularum-Prime, is a renegade Agent of the Officio Assassinorum from the Betularum Temple. A new breed of Assassins, Betularums were suppossed to be all around special operatives in a jack of all trades manner. Using similar techniques and recruiting methods the Betularum Temple gathered enough recruits for a single generation of Betularum Assassins. Among this generation was Kjarval Smidr, better known among his kin as KS-04, who was among the few of the Betularum Assassins to survive the enhancement process of the Assassins. Like all Offico Assassinorum Agents, Betularum Assassins go through bodily enhancements and deadly, but the final piece of the puzzle that truly makes a Betularum Assassin different from other Agents of the Assassinorum. Inserted with a meme-virus of a unique strand, Betularum Recruits had their memories manipulated to include the memories of countless other warriors and soldiers of various origin. Kjarval was one of three Betularum Assassins to survive the oncoming fever. An unforeseen consequence was a bleeding effect. Where the introduced memories would slowly take the place of already present memories. This process has caused the death of one of the recruits to survive, who killed herself after the mental strain became too much, and has caused the psycho-indoctrination of Kjarval to fail which has led to the Assassin turning rogue.

Claudius Lemane

Inquisitor Claudius Lemane, best known for his astounding work in the Officio Medicae, was an imperial doctor who unknowingly to his patients brought death and disease to all who sought his aid. A servant of the Plague Father, Claudius has long dreamt of saving others from their fates so he became a member of the Officio Medicae. A medical genius Claudius was able to do little when one of Nurgle's most potent plagues overtook the world he was assigned to. Spending years on the planet trying to find a working cure until one day Lemane did it. A simple little pill that when swallowed stopped the plague dead in its tracks. Little did Lemane and those who took the pill know that it would be a fate far worse than the plague. Hemorrhaging from the pores, dementia, and suffocating were some of the better side effects of the pill. Lemane's cure would eventually kill those that survived the plague, and the good doctor was forced to go underground to prevent his own execution. Ashamed and disgusted with himself Claudius' fragile psyche has shattered and now the doctor acts as an Angel of Mercy, killing those infected with Nurgle's plagues eventually attracting the attention of Inqusitor Larae Pagni of the Ordo Malleus. 

Story idea

I've come up with an idea that none of my articles will have history sections on them but I will instead write stories that explain a bit about their backstory, what they are doing, and will give insight on the article. So here are the ideas I have for them.

  1. Story about Old One Eyed Cruedhg, a White Blood Urairlax. He's on a planet and an Inquisitor is hunting him down.
  2. Story with T with the Wraiths of Maklegor.
  3. Sathzar's heresy.
  4. Ox'arcvor marketplace story. 
  5. Betularum-Prime running from Betularum-Minus.

Ox'arcvor Storyline Outline

  • Rubik, creepy Ox'arcvor with a human body, is causing trouble on an Imperial World. He's gathering weaponry to fuel a rebellion against the Imperium. 
  • Duli'arcvor is dispatched to invade the world and capture Rubik. 
  • The rebellion has already started by the time Duli arrives, and space marines are there to quell the rebellion as the world is a major capital of Imperial power in the Nebula.
  • Rubik is manipulating both sides of the rebellion to cause as much damage as possible to cover his escape from Duli and his elite automatons. 
  • Duli and his Automatons cut a brutal and merciless path through both the rebels and the marines, along the way killing a bunch of civilians and the rebel leader. 
  • Duli and his Automatons are targeted by the Rebels and the Space Marines due to xenos being far more worse than rebels.
  • Duli carves his way through the human resistance sustaining more losses to his automatons now that they are being focused by the humans. Duli eventually reaches Rubik and his followers. 
  • Rubik's followers suicidally charge Duli and his remaining forces taking out the automatons by explosives strapped to their chests.
  • Duli sneaks through Rubik's headquarters trying to find the rebel Ox'arcvor. Duli finally finds Rubik's inner chamber, where he hosts countless experiments trying to reach an unknown goal. Among these are synthetic Ox'arcvor, creepy skinless humans, and even halfbreeds of humans and various other species. 
  • Duli goes smashing through these trying to erase Rubik's work before the renegade opens up the containers and countless experiments come streaming out, killing both each other and attempting to kill Duli. Duli is able to escape and makes his way towards the hanger where Rubik is heading.
  • Duli catches up to Rubik but the second he gets close Rubik simply swats him away with a strength he shouldn't have before departing in a ship. 
  • Duli than has to escape the burning lab, get across the city, and than get off world via his own private craft. 

Cast and other information

  • Duli'arcvor. Human cyborg commander of the automatonic armies of the Fleets of Ivory.
  • Rubik. Ox'arcvor renegade with a human body, influences the majority of factions of the Nebula and is being hunted down.
  • Hunters of Roboute Company #3. Space Marine company deployed to Sawhao to crush rebellion. 
  • Captain Kybius. Space Marine Captain of the Hunters of Roboute Company #3. 
  • Shields of Sawhao. Rebel organization on Sawhao. 
  • Titus Menshen. Rebel leader of the Shields of Sawhao.
  • Commander Quintilus. Rebel commander. 
  • R3V. Rubik's personal bodyguard. 
  • Captain Vergilo. Rebel captain.
  • Mirefield. Hive City where the rebellion has based their operations, also where Rubik's lab is located. 
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