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Dark Seer

Warhammer 40,000 Fanon Founder

I am the creator of this Warhammer 40k Fanon, If you need anything feel free to ask me i'll help as much as i can. help by adding high quality articles, providing positive feedback (This does not mean keeping it to compliments, this includes telling a person their stuff is bad, but also why it is bad).

Oh lord, was I 12 last time I edited this page, for the love of all that is good and holy I hope so. At least that might be a reasonable excuse for all the abysmal content I've written here. I've been pretty damn inactive of late and I think it's time I returned to purge all the crap this wiki has accumulated over the years.

So, who am I? the name is Dark Seer because I thought that was original and clever when I made this wiki. Oh how wrong I was. I'm an avid writer, gamer and roleplayer. Not chain you to the bed roleplayer, pen and paper, roll some die roleplayer. Yes that was meant to be funny.

Also, never get me to write or fix coding. How that all works has long left my memory.

Some stuff about my likes in 40k:

Armies: Ultramarines, orks, Black legion, Space wolves.
40K Book(s): Space wolf, Horus Heresy.
Primarch: Rogal Dorn, that manly facial hair.
Articles on the wiki: Tango Squadron
Favorite Imperial Guard regiment: Armageddon Steel Legion and the Death Korps
Favorite Space Marines: Astral Claws

My Fanon


I am soon to revisit some of these articles and clean them up as well as remove crappy writing, after reading some things that appears to be most of it.

Andrew Saivn: Cadian. Thats all the info there is on him really.

Fredric Aslk: Ex-Techpriest, Member of tango squadron and annoying bastard, although not on par with Frost. computer and machine expert.

Robert Von Andranas: Savark's Brave and hate filled brother, NCF and soon to be chucked into a dreadnaught

Society of the Scythe: Faction of dainte, the worlds PDF and ship makers.


Savark Von Andranas: The wiki's bravest soul. Dick and cunning asshole.

Plesus Lemat: Handsome spawn of chaos.


Da SnikGit Kommandos: A radtag, idiotic group of ork kommandos

SnikGit: Idiotic Kommando


The Dark Seer: Whatever you read about him, it's just good business

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