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This is the page for events having occurred in the Vigilius sector. If you do not know how to edit the tables, you can ask other Users or Admins for help. Colored events are canon events and serve here as points of reference.


Vigilius sector was conquered and established during the Great Crusade. These are notionworthy events that occured before the Age of the Imperium.

Date Event Notes
Age of Strife Colonising Creid Lambda
Age of Strife Colonising Lova system Both worlds of Lova system were colonised before the Age of the Imperium.
Age of Strife Colonising Magna Cupal
Age of Strife Colonising Mahapadma
Age of Strife Colonising Nereides
Age of Strife Colonising Tantalonia
c. M28 Colonising Hos Elwor

Time of the Emperor

Events that occured during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.

Date Event Notes
late-M30 Colonising Truman's World.
early-M31 Establishing Vigilius Vigilius sector is established in early M31.

M31 - M35

Starting from the end of the Horus Heresy and beginning of the Great Scouring, Age of Rebirth saw Imperium to rise from its lowest low and to start its new ascension after the events of the Beheading.

Date Event Notes
015.M31 Great Scouring The Great Scouring begins after the end of the Horus Heresy circa 015.M31.
mid-M31 Colonising Cerbera
3.502.131.M32 Colonising Josux Josux system is transformed into a self-sufficient navy depot.
421.M32 Colonising Zaltor's Sanctum Originally known as "Vinbet"
mid-M32 Annexing Tantalonia Frontier world Tantalonia is annexed and turned into an agri-world.
546.M32 The Beheading Coup orchestrated by the Grand Master of Assassins Drakan Vangorich sees him to ascend as the tyrant of the Imperium. However, he is finally deposed and Senatorum Imperialis re-established.
mid-M33 Colonising Novoss III
401.M34 The Howling

Nova Terra Interregnum

Time of the Twin Empires.

Date Event Notes
075.M35 Beginning of the Nova Terra Interregnum
900.M35 Annexing Hos Elwor World of Hos Elwor was found by surveys and put under Imperial rule. World served mostly as a deposit of raw minerals.
975.M35 End of the Nova Terra Interregnum NTI ends in the Cataclysm of Souls in 975.M35.
991.M35 21st Founding Also known as the Cursed Founding.

M36 - M41

From the Age of Apostasy to the beginning of the End Times. This long period sees the Imperium to rise from chaos and anarchy into the Age of Redemption and to descend back into despair during the Waning.

Date Event Notes
200.M36 Reign of Blood Goge Vandire becomes the 361st High Lord of the Administratum. Reign of Blood begins.
270.M36 End of the Reign of Blood c.270.M36 Sebastian Thor leaves Terra after the end of High Lord Goge's Reign of Blood. Adepta Sororitas are found.
280.M36 Changes in Senatorum Vigilius Senatorum Vigilius accepts High Cardinal Astra in the Upper Chamber of the senate as a permanent member.
319.M36 Martyrdom of Saint Antias Missionary Antias is martyred on the world Hos Elwor. He is beautified by sector synod instantly and declared saint by the Holy Synod in 322.M36 becoming the patron of choirs and singers.
610.M36 Surveys of Iota-Omicron region Rogue Trader Erika Stormruler travels into the Iota-Omicron region north-east of Vigilius and maps a number of worlds within the region before she returns to Turbela.
640.M36 Colonising Erika's Retreat Before her disappearance, Erika Stormruler heavily invested in colonising a remote frontier world.
791.M36 Ethereals within the Tau society Ethereals unite the Tau.
989.M36 The Golden Throne Hungers Warp storms visibly expand.
020.M37 The Great Cull High Lords of Terra systematically cull governors and officials.
289.M37 Colonising Volhar Attempt to colonise Volhar system begins. Expedition is led by Arch-Magos Valdis Closen of Ivaldi Primus.
304.M37 Birth of Volhar Rift Volhar Rift is born by the efforts of Arch-Heretek Valdis Closen. It destroys the Nereides sub-sector and engulfs the world of Nereides and Zaltor's Sanctum.
305.M37 Establishment of the "Volhar Perimeter" The fortification of the star systems bordering the Volhar Rift begins, officially completed in 310.M37
502.M37 First Sphere of Expansion begins First Sphere of Expansion of Tau begins in 503.M37 and lasts until 956.M38.
638.M37 First Appearance of Dredgeworld Noknika The first of the warp-infused Dredgeworlds emerge from the Volhar Rift
792.M38 Dal'yth Sept Found Dal'yth Sept is found.
c.884.M38 War in the Place of Union Tau assist Kroots to overcome Orks and to liberate the homeworld of the Kroot.
956.M38 First Sphere of Expansion ends
018.M39 Second Sphere of Expansion begins Second Sphere of Expansion of Tau begins in 018.M38 and lasts until the beginning of the Damocles Crusade in 743.M41.
053.M39 Vespid join the Tau Empire
681.M39 Nereides is reintroduced into Imperium Nereides world is reclaimed by the Imperium after it is rediscovered by the deep-space scans of Battlefleet Vigilius.
700.M39 Nereides is lost Volhar Rift swallows the icy ocean world again. World has not been recorded since.
498.M40 Zaltor's Sanctum is recolonised Commodore Uba van Lovw discovers the long lost world and with the Naval Arms reintroduces it into the Imperial rule again.
970.-982.M40 Waaagh! Morkdred An Ork Warboss Morkdred triumphs over the tribes in the spore worlds north of Vigilius and masses a Waaagh! which finally leads to the devastation of the northern parts of the sector. Ork invasion is countered on Magna Cupal by joint forces of Magna Cupal and Ivaldi Primus.
320.M41 Imperial Intervention on Novoss Rumors and news about separatistic government on Novoss III made Imperium to seize initiative and 322nd Intervention Corps of Astra Militarum invaded the world and put it in junta government. These events were followed in 321.41 by Senate Square Massacre and repressive government actions for seven years including planet-wide curfew, banning of media services and forced labor.
461.M41 Re-colonising Truman's World After its destruction in Waaagh! Morkdred, Truman's World is re-colonised in mid M41.
692.M41 Au'rah Sept is found Found by the efforts of Commander O'Ghoro, Tau establish strong presence in the Vigilius sector.
731.M41 Death of Commander Puretide
742.M41 Second Sphere of Expansion ends
743.-745.M41 Damocles Crusade Also known as the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

Time of Ending

Period of 750.M41 to 999.M41 is known as the Time of Ending. Vigilius sector's current "now" is considered to take place in 910.M41 which is shortly after the hive fleet Gorgon's destruction yet before the Third Sphere Expansion.

Date Event Notes
745.M41 Battle for Macragge Time of Ending begins as the Tyranids invade the Galaxy.
760.M41 Farsight Enclaves Commander Farsight secedes from the Tau Empire and establishes the Farsight Enclaves.
812.M41 Hive Fleet Naga Hive fleet is destroyed after devouring a span of worlds just north from the Tau Empire.
813.M41 Destruction of Cano'var Necrons of Sautekh dynasty destroy the Tau colony of Cano'var.
899.-903.M41 Hive Fleet Gorgon Gorgon strikes the Tau Empire and is only destroyed by the joint efforts of the Imperium and the Tau Empire.
900.M41 Morix Prime Tau listening post on Morix Prime is destroyed by the Ultramarines' 4th company.
901.-912.M41 Badab War


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