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Much of what has happened in this part of space has been lost in the fires of the Macharian Crusade, much purged deliberately as it were the records of Xenos.

Date Event Notes
Late M23 First Human settlement At the very end of the Dark Age of Technology, the first human colonies are established in the Eressa Sector. The Rebellion of the Men of Iron and the Age of Strife quickly cut them off from the rest of Humanity. Few, such as Animos survive.
M24 Knights of Eressa Prima Cajalax Maxia is inhabited just before the warp storms separate humanity amongst the stars.


Defined by the Macharian Crusade and the subsequent Heresy, the first half of M41 was dominated by unparalleled glory and nearly equal despair when Warmaster Solar Macharius first covered over 1000 worlds, only for his 7 generals to fall into battle against each other upon his death.

Date Event Notes
392.M41 Begin of the Macharian Crusade Under command of Lord Solar Macharius, a force of nearly a dozen regiments and several Space Marine Chapters set out to conquer the western fringe of the galaxy, bordering the Halo Stars.
397.M41 Annexation of Beyonne The planet Beyonne is claimed by Macharius forces and becomes a first pivot for supply routes within the Eressa Sector. Later, as the fronts move further away, soldiers on leave gather there in uncounted numbers to indulge in worldly pleasures.
398.M41 Conquest of Chodounska Among the latest worlds conquered in Eressa, Chodounska was planned to support the advance into the Halo Zone, an operation that never happened. The fate of the planet's nearly limitless stock of supplies and weaponry is currently unknown.
399.M41 End of the Macharian Crusade Exhausted and faced with the horrors of the Halo Zone, Macharius' men refused to follow their commander into this dreaded part of space. His dreams of conquest shattered, Macharius ordered the return to imperial space.
400.M41 Death of Macharius Officially, Macharius succumbed to a jungle fever he had contracted on the planet Jucha earlier in the same year. The Warmwaster is entombed on the world Macharia, where the Crusade had initially begun.
400.M41 Begin of the Macharian Heresy Following the death of the Warmaster, his forces fell apart and his 7 generals renounced their loyalty to the Imperium, instead carving out their own territories among the stars.
Begin of the Eressa Schism Death of the Arch Cardinal Martin Thiet bursted the Eressa Schism into life.
401.M41 End of Eressa Schism Eressa Schism ends with Arch Deacon Dimar Wem imprisoned and Confessor Telmon Galene assuming the position of arch cardinal.
402.M41 Eldar reconquest of Mal-Therith Shortly after the beginning of the Macharian Heresy, Eldar forces from Craftworld Baharruin and multiple Eldar Corsair fleets retake maiden world Mal-Therith from the rebellious Human forces.
Alliance of Prima Cajalax Maxia Prima Cajalax Maxia is introduced into Eressa sector as an Imperial Knight world ruled by King Jeremias II of house Cajanus.
412.M41 Rise of Household Decebal Once a commander under Macharius, Hector Decebal is granted the Warrant of Trade under the condition of conquering the distant Eressa Sector and quelling the rebellions.
470.M41 End of the Macharian Heresy After a campaign of 70 years under Warmaster Solon, the majority of worlds brought into compliance by Macharius were brought back under control once more. Some still remain defiant
475.M41 Arrival of the Malepertus The Space Hulk Malepertus emerges in the northern systems, close to the fringes of the Halo Zones. After drifting through space for months, it is cleansed by a full Watch Company of the Deathwatch and subsequently reconstructed into Watch Fortress Malepertus, a process that would take over a full decade.
487.M41 Completion of Watch Fortress Malepertus Carved from the halls and corridors of the former Space Hulk, Watch Fortress Malepertus becomes the bastion of the Deathwatch within the sector and the most important bulwark against the countless Xeno threats in the sector.
546.M41 Founding of the Eressa Conclave Spearheaded by the elusive Balus von Hohenheim, the Conclave attracts Inquisitors from all over the galaxy, coming together to reign in the untamed Eressa Sector.
602.M41 Arrival of Genesis Prime Genesis Prime, a mysterious planet that Terraforms dead worlds arrives in the Eressa Sector to restore the Eldar Exodite world Tar Caldeen that had been devastated by a solar flare 6,000 years before.
660.M41 Death of Addam Pyne Inquisitor Militant Pyne, member of the Eressa Conclave, and nearly his whole retinue die under mysterious circumstances, leaving Shenhua Bao Zhu as the only survivor and heir. The details are never disclosed to the public and officially, Pyne died while fulfilling his duty to the Emperor.
664.M41 Campaign to retake the Yaelea System begins While Yaelea III is in Imperial Hands, the effort to retake the other three worlds is ongoing.
670.M41 Kill Team Ciaran Under the command of Watch Captain Ciaran, a Deathwatch Kill Team deploys to Chodounska to rid the planet of Boss Snazzgram.
675.M41 Disappearance of Shenhua Bao Zhu Descending into a hazardous part of Malepertus, the Inquisitor and her only Acolyte disappear. The Eressa Conclave seals all related documents and facilities away.


After the Fall of Cadia and the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Imperium may face its darkest hour since the fires of the Horus Heresy.

Date Event Notes

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