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"In This Hour Of Need, We Will March Towards War! Towards Retribution! Towards REVENGE! For the Emperor, we shall bring death and destruction upon our foes!"
—Chapter Master Silverius Vermillian, departure towards the call of help in The Night of a Thousand Rebellions

The Silver Knights is a descendant of the Imperial Fists in an unknown founding date. It was once a fleet based chapter until it was given its own homeworld in an unknown date by the Administratum.

The Silver Knights are one of the best-known examples of Deep Strike Warfare as well as being recognized as one of the best Siege warfare chapters the Imperium has to offer. The chapter is also renowned to be only fielding at most times only a company of space marines to any warzone the chapter is called to unless it is deemed necessary to send more than what the chapter does.

The chapter is also infamous on the fact that their armoury holds countless examples of weapons rarely seen in the late 41st Millennium. This lies in the number of ancient war relics the Silver Knights is known to possess, such as the Fellblade super-heavy tank and at least two other super-heavy tanks. The Chapter also uses a sizable fleet of Fire Raptor gunships, a specialized variant of the Storm Eagle.


The Founding

The Silver Knights chapter is a descendant of the Imperial Fist. The actual date of their founding is unknown due to their records seemingly to have mysteriously disappeared or wiped out and some are even held in secret, which Inquisitors of the highest level of the Ordo Malleus can only access it. Some records state and notes that the chapter had an action record that it has been around since mid-M34 while others state of earlier records that concerned the chapter and their history of service.

Originally a Fleet Based Chapter, it was given a fiefdom by the Imperial authorities on an unknown date. The chapter was given the unstable feudal world of Stanium, a world wreaked in more than 500 years of war, and is of little use to the Imperium save for the manpower and minerals it provides. Stanium then began a bloody reformation, perhaps most famously known as The Execution. According to the native populace lore and history and some accounts from the chapters librarium, it is said that upon the arrival of the Silver Knights Space Marine Chapter, all of the Kings of the world was then immediately called and summoned to be met by the Chapter Master in the meeting, on the worlds well known plain lands known to the natives as Sacrifice Plain, there seventeen Kings present themselves all disturbed and some even angry, for the world was engulfed in a bitter long war between these men, a war both tolled billions already and is still adding the body count until the chapter ships arrived to stop the battle. Millions of citizens were also present, from peasants to nobles, all were welcomed to the meeting for the chapter master deemed that all must know and see what will happen there.

Upon the chapter master's arrival almost all men, women and children present were awed and immediately knelt and bowed, others collapsed where they stood and some even wept tears but this was not permitted by the chapter master and asked them to rise for he is not the Lord of the world, the Lord of the people and so shall they would not bow in respect to him, all those who had, reluctantly and with extreme effort in doing so, stood and watched as the great warrior, a legend came to life to their eyes, strode towards their respective kings, who were both a mixture of calmness and uneasiness, The chapter master then gestured all to listen, as servo-skulls with laud hailers and holographic projectors spread among those who are present and beyond and asked for the kings to sit and to commence the talks and meetings. For nine long hours the talks began, from voices of kings that rang as loud as thunder in the sky to voices of others who spoke as mild as the wind, all expressed their grief’s, concerns and feelings. After all the Kings expressed themselves and deemed that they were done, the Chapter Master, who was in deep thought, who listened and weighed the options he had, stood and said in a voice toned to which all would hear and feel his conviction, that he had come into a decision, he had the intention, at first, to just let the worlds men for themselves and just have the best warriors present the world has to offer to be recruited with every time the chapter calls it, but with almost all of the Kings showed little care to life on the planet and edging to Chaos touched minds who know only to bring death and destruction.

The Chapter Master then decided and declared himself the Lord of the planet and all shall heed or die. With such announcement almost all the Kings and their retinues drew their swords and attacked the Chapter Master which was then met with their bloody ends as synchronized bolter fire rang to the air. The Kings who had died then and there were announced as heretics and all their males in the families, blood ties, allies and servants are then subject to service to the chapter and Adeptus Mechanicus and women to Ecclesiarchy to know their places. The three kings who just sat on their tables and accepted the chapter was then appointed by the Chapter Master to be the world’s only acknowledged nobles, their kingdoms protected and so shall be themselves to govern and lead to prosper and should they wage war again to each other without proper reason they shall met with the same end of the fourteen who are foolish to defy the Astartes. Immediately after that, the Planetary Governor at that time was then "visited" by the Chapter Master at his own space station and without a moments hesitation as he met the man, the Chapter master raised his weapon and with a single shot from his bolt pistol in the head, he executed him for his sheer incompetence on handling and governing the world and then killed anyone who dared and would raise their arms against the Astartes and ordered the station to be refitted into a battle worthy vessel post haste and the worlds Imperial Guards returned to the world relieved of their duties. The Inquisition and High Lords of Terra knew of such actions that had taken place but still remained or turned blind and deaf on the reactions and ordered sanctions by actions taken by the Astartes raising many to question of the origin of such special treatment this particular chapter had.

Today, the chapter had built their fortress monastery, Spero, in the center of the great lake of the world known as the White Water Lake. The chapter also utilized the planets moon Platinum as a space port and has a chapter keep positioned there. Stanium is now renowned to be one of the heaviest defended planets in Segmentum Pacificus as well as having the most highly trained and battle hardened human warriors present due to and not less than the feral Ork contribution, extremely dangerous wildlife and training on the standard of an Astartes Chapter Master accepts.

M41, The Dawn of a New Era and the New War.

At the dawn of the end of the 41st millenium, after the destruction of Cadia and the great rift formed, cutting the galaxy into half as well as damning the Imperiums vast hold of the galaxy in the event known as Noctis Aeterna. All hope was thought lost as the astronomican fell dark and silent, the Silver Knights however still fought on and were the few that are lucky enough to exit the warp at the time, sparing the chapters almost complete eradication and left to face the battle alone and cut off, when communications took place yet again, where they are the few that reported back, and heard of the Resurrection of the Primarch of the Ultramarines, The Second Battle of Terra and the announcement of the Indomitus Crusade.

The Silver Knights chapter had been on a grueling, slow and deadly battle to wrest over control of the Segmentum Pacificus back to the Imperiums control over the time where Terra was cut-off and is ably getting one world at a time back towards the fold of the Imperium and their seemingly unstoppable victory towards the Pacificus segmentum command was now halted as the bulk of the chapter are now on a fight for their lives on two fronts, a void battle against a Two Ramilles-Class Star fortress "Resurgence" and "Enmity" controlled by an unknown chaos warband and the battle inside it. On an unknown planet far on the edge of the Segmentum Pacificus, where the two crusading companies of the chapter, who answered the call of the chapter master and is now also on the path towards Pacificus Segmentum command, reconquering and cleansing fallen worlds that they encounter in their wake is now involved in yet another bitter and deadly conflict with the Alpha Legion.

More than half of the Fortress "Resurgence" is now under loyalist control, but was paid at a high price as pockets of marines are separated by an incident as the fortress shook under the heavy fire of the Silver Knights remaining ships and the daemons now begin to lurk the hall of the fort itself, hunting the pockets of marines too few to mount a formidable defense to the wave of bodies and warp energies thrown at them, while the intense and deadly void battle continues outside with more than half of the Silver Knights ships now hiding on the relative safety out and away of the range of the fortress guns, damaged beyond the point it could effectively fight as they bought down low and destroyed "Enmity" and most the guns of "Resurgence" that is under enemy control and seemingly trapped as the warp proved to be too dangerous still for them to go to and return towards the safety of Stanium. While good winds turned the battle on the loyalist side on the unknown planet they now named "Solice" as they cut swathes of traitor forces, with the timely help from the Legion of the Damned, forcing them to retreat and be surrounded on their final stronghold, besieged on both space and land it is nothing but time till the Battle of Solice to end.

In Stanium, a herculean task was done fast, well and meticulous. Casualties are high and are still rising on the front but the creation of the newest warriors of the Silver Knights that are left behind on the planet, their neophytes, are more than ready for a fight and are just waiting for the Chapter Masters command to send these young warriors to the flames of battle to finally forge and perfect these new warriors of the Imperium. Even with the events that took place which bothered the chapter most, they remained vigilant and the planet ever more made secure, PDF and SDF forces of Stanium building up the defenses and their force and with hearing a Primarchs return, a revered legend of a lost millenia, of a far distant memory only the dead remembers, Stanium and its populace now stand strong and ready to fight for the darkest hours that might and will come on their way.

42nd Millenium

The 3rd Battle of Stanium

In the waning years of the Indomitus crusade led by the reborn Primarch Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines, dreams shake free librarians of the Silver Knights Chapter on their sleep, visions of a bloodied war world, nowhere seemed recognizable but there a chapter fights, their chapter, against legions upon legions of war host, blurred but undoubtedly the great enemy, there it stands, their banner aloft on the filled full with the bodies of the dead and dying, of the valiant, the brave, the martyr and the traitor, the selfish and coward alike as such when these men came to, orders and movement grew anew the Fortress Monastery, training becomes more rigid, as they all try to reinforce the ranks that would be emptied if the self-imposed crusade the chapter master announced returns home in search for the men tasked to be raised, but blinded by the vagueness and the unknown future, darkness descended upon the planet Stanium unchecked.

It was heralded first by numerous murders of priests amongst the largest temple of the planet, next is the seemingly simultaneous attacks of great roaming animals of Stanium to settlements, fortresses and castles which normally they keep away from and leaving in their deaths hundreds of thousands of citizens dead, wounded, homeless or worst. Feral Orks suddenly if not outright attacking well-fortified positions they normally don’t in numbers so low, though these were repelled with the almost seemingly unassailable sea or fire and steel it still caused hundreds of dead on the defenders. With their lords busy preparing for war, it was now mostly tasked for the planets own people to solve such problems, PDF and the Arbiters alike move in droves and patrols roam the streets day and night, to investigate the now worsening crimes and unnatural things that is taking upon the planet.

Only did the Silver Knights on the planet noticed something was awfully wrong is when their psykers and astropaths inside the fortress monastery the supposedly one of the holiest place the planet dead. On the first day some psykers, low level astropaths, were suddenly found dead, some that survived the firsts deaths on that day turned into feats and bouts of writhing body and their body parts exploding into bloody gore on the hallways and rooms without warning nor prior signs of corruption on the second day, while finally the last straw was on the third day when a whole room of older and more experienced astropaths handling and sending messages and a lexicanium who was there to send a message simultaneously and in synchronized mutter of innumerable number of words ancient and vile that ripped apart reality on the room, heralding daemons which it took at least fifteen marines, five of which are chaplains and the other five were librarians that were left on the planet itself, to finally put the words and the twisted bloody bodies to silence and the portal to be closed sucking daemon kin back to the foul place they came. With the last incursion, it was too late to realize that chaos is descending upon Stanium and the remaining Silver Knights on it.

Bloodied Dawn

In space, reality opened apart as warships bearing marks of the word bearers legion came to and moved in towards the planet, its defenders, though taken initially by surprise, the Staniumian SDF dubbed as Staniums Blade led by Commodore Lehnaired Lanfictios now moved his ships in position near the planets defenses and began engaging a bitter warfare in space, sending waves of almost seemingly unnumbered starfighters and bombers supported by massive mixture of solid and lance shots by the ships and defensive stations as well as intense torpedo fire against a superior and massive foe, seemingly unaffected by the punishment it is being put through and just moved forwards, charging headlong the planet. PDF and Arbites alike in the surface scramble and move everything and anyone into position, almost all of the citizens who is wiling to grab a weapon against the invaders was granted and formed into groups of warriors trained as fast and as good as time could give them, rising riots were quelled with a simple order of execution, and for the first time in a very long while, the most if not all of the planets population plunged into fear ridden with grief individuals but these feelings are made sure, by the almost everywhere presence of the Silver Knights Chaplains and Apothecaries, that it will not devolve much further than that while the remaining leaders and citizens strong enough to resist such grim outlook took the initiative of making everything that could be defended, from the great city walls, buildings and bridges all were armored, covered, and is now blistering with seemingly unnumbered men and women, armor, guns and blades at the ready all deathly calm and some looking at the sky at night others trying and some seemingly able to see the deadly battle in the stars while the rest focused on the horizon beyond the walls, guns loaded and at the ready and the chosen few slept, recharging their energies as best as they could for the grueling exercise they would again endure tomorrow.

Dawn came on the fifteenth day of the planet's siege the SDF stubborn defense of the planet was finally broken, it's ships and crew scattered in the void, the guns in space finally silent and Platinum and it's contingent of Space Marines is under siege the only remaining bastion of defiance outside the planets atmosphere, it's defenses still unbroken and dealing massive damage but the orbiting moon could only do so much when the enemy decided to land on the other side of the planet. The remaining warships of the Word Bearers sent in a massive assault on the planet, talons and other aircraft's sent roaring towards the surface, drop-pods of Ancient days rushed inside the planets atmosphere intending to land on the cities vicinity itself and as the cannons and anti-air guns, lasers and missiles shook the earth in defiance and wake those who were sleeping or trying to sleep. Space marine aircraft and remaining bombers and fighters of the SDF on the planet's surface rushed towards to engage the chaos aircraft's and drop pods, doing their best shoot down and maintain air dominance as well as starve in a way the massive planet-wide assault by killing the inhabitants of the drop pods before they could deliver their own brew of chaos.

Burning Kingdoms

As the whole world buckled under intense flames and insanity the Chaos Space Marines are spreading and pockets of Imperial resistance, fortresses, bases, hidden outposts and key positions has disappeared one by one, week by week and day after day, Bodies and war machines are destroyed and is piling up faster than it could be produced or replaced. The fortresses, towering figures of defiance against the maddened horde, left and right are besieged by towering machines of chaos seeing their destruction, some lasted for weeks while others were mostly just hours after they were surrounded, but not without a great price against the attackers themselves but still the Chaos Space Marines leading the charges upon the breaches, slaughtering everyone and destroying everything in sight led on with thousands upon thousands of followers and daemons behind their backs who are all seemed to be unrelenting in their assaults.

Blood Dawn

Unstable Alliance

Final Stand

The Primaris Marines

"They are not my brothers until they have proven themselves to me! Don't you dare lecture me of something other than that Chaplain. I know what they are, but still, I don't see them as that way. By Dorn and Terra, forgive me my brother, even if you are the Chapter Master and even if you order me and even if you kill me now for Heresy or whatsoever. These, Primaris Marines, I cannot see them as my Battle Brothers as what is asked of me by Lord Guilliman and the Custodes, they had done us such great service, they save us from destruction, I concur and acknowledge those facts. But, my Brothers are those who lie quietly beneath the Halls of the Silver Lords and is Guarded by the Custodio Ruina, those bodies that fallen in the battlefield that can never be recovered, their legacy lost, as well as those who are standing bloodied and battered outside this chamber. Those men who stood with us, the humans of this world that fought with us and spilled blood like us... They, are my Brothers and not THEM. I'd rather accept every initiate in the tenth company into my company, the first, than having one of them in it!"
—1st Company Captain Aguiluz Guilahad to Chapter Master Silverius Vermillian and Chaplain Barrio, Master of Sanctity, after the battle of Stanium and the subsequent meeting and decision on how to integrate the Primaris Space Marines in the Chapter

The arrival of the Primaris Space Marines in the chapter and their subsequent integration sparked much divide among the Captains of the Chapter. The 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th Captains were very wary and distrustful if not ready to deny and reject acceptance of these marines into the Chapter while the 2nd, 4th, 8th and 10th Companies support such gifts to be accepted, welcoming the new addition of forces to what they see as the much needed reinforcement the chapter needed at the moment. After boldly asking and making the Custodians to wait for the chapter to discuss their thoughts on the new breed of marines being presented to them and whom combat prowess they witnessed first hand, it was still a heated debate where at the final moment the notions of dismissing such "gifts" from the returned Primarch Roboute Guilliman himself, was finally silenced when a thinly veiled threat of what will happen if there would be refusal of such "gift" was given by the bearers of such marines themselves, The Emissaries Imperatus.

The Chapter Master then without more delay accepted the Primaris Marines into his ranks and in order to not destroy his chapter from within when it is still weak decided also that only will integrate such marines after finishing a task, of which the chapter cannot complete with the condition as it is now, with their own homeworld battered and almost completely destroyed with almost all of their numbers wounded, bloodied and if not dead, their machines of war not fit for battle as all suffered damages that repairs were badly needed. Only the Primaris Marines are fit to hunt down the ones that dare tried and almost succeeded in their venture to destroy the Silver Knights legacy and their future and such vengeance can't wait. With the order to paint their own armor of the colors Raven Black and Midnight Blue Trim, as a sign that they are the death that comes as well as mourning of the fallen Silver Knights and their Chest Eagle remaining as Gold until further instructions, they are now to be known as the Noctis Militares, The Army of Night, under the close watch of the chosen Silver Knight Captain, Chaplain and Librarian to assess them still, this task will be treated as their final rite to prove themselves worthy to be called as a member of the chapter, they, all the Primaris Marines, gift from the Primarch of the Ultramarines, The Avenging Son of the Emperor himself, Roboute Guilliman, are now tasked with hunting down the last of the traitor ships that managed to escape and evade destruction of the vengeance filled retaliation force of the the now reawaken Primach of the Imperium of Man to the ground and all of their heads, armor and weapons returned to the chapter as proof of their success and only then would they repaint their colors to match the Chapters own, only then will they become Silver Knights.

This action, though appeased both sides of the chapter, did not impress the Custodians and they then demanded that such thing must not happen and pressed on towards questioning to the reason behind such action of the Silver Knights Chapter Master, questioning his leadership and his side as well as his decision that amounts to dismissing a gift from the Emperors own hand himself and after hours and hours of discussion with every captain, chaplain and librarian present on the hall where the Captain of the Primaris Marines and his Sergeants simply stood and waited and with their turn to speak and when it did come, only said the resounding acknowledgement of their orders, kneeled and bowed down in front of everyone present and swore the oath of their death before dishonoring their names and their mission and at that moment only did the Custodians relent to such orders and left the halls their job done but with such action and words of the chapter recorded and be remembered.

Imperial Retaliation

Combat Doctrine

"Only the Total Annihilation and Destruction of Our Foes Does the Chapter Accepts as a Victory! Dorn is watching, The Emperor is waiting, Don't Fail Them Now!"
—Chaplain Virtius Corrintus

The marines of the chapter in its weakest and strongest are men of both precision and discipline, which stems from the start of the chapters baptism of fire up to this day. They are well known to leave not a single trace of any enemy force after any engagements aside from the bodies of their dead, they strongly believe that in ensuing the complete annihilation and destruction of any traces of the enemy they encounter is the only way that true peace and victory becomes the inevitable outcome.

As an initiate they are taught time and again until in their ascension as a true Space Marine, that in war, the complete eradication of the enemy is the only one true answer of ending the threat to all of humanity, it is the only victory that the chapter accepts, and to ensure that it would happen, the chapter always would extensively plan any engagement and assault, weighing the odds, scouring millions upon million of data, numbers, statistics and orbital scans, they discuss how to minimize casualties of any Imperial force that would be within the engagement zone and maximize their adversaries lost as much as possible and solving any problems on the battlefield inside the war room before actually doing and executing it on the field, a practice honed and perfected through the shedding of much of their own blood and their enemies. Thus, the chapter in warfare is also as calculating and as dedicated of an opponent, striking where it cost the most to the enemy than of the chapter itself, ensuring total destruction, seldom caught unawares and seemingly always ready to retaliate the enemy commanders movements in mere moments of it's execution, as a result of this strategy, the chapter suffered very little casualties to any engagement they are called upon and providing them the means of having extremely battle hardened warriors, veterans of many battles in their arsenal.

Though many still criticize the chapter’s almost too careful and systematic, if not slow approach on a war situation as well as their regard on human lives and casualty counts that are verging on conflict to other doctrines of the Codex Astartes and other Space Marine chapters on many, if not most of these situations. These critics were silenced simply by what achievements and impossibilities had the chapter earned and gained by walking down its path.


"Those of you who are here, Honor and Glory had been with you all along, you all are now my brother but to join us fully you will either kill or be killed. In this place where nobility is nothing and the only one you can trust is the man beside you. Trust them and help each other. ONLY THE ANNIHILATION OF YOUR FOE DOES THE VICTORY THE CHAPTER ACCEPTS. Emperor be with you."
—Captain Xylian Viestox

Silver Knights Scout Marine

The recruitment to the chapter consist of an actual combat engagement with the combatants from the planet's nobles and peasants alike (whom are chosen by respective chapter chaplains who keenly watches over the distance of the potential recruits), which will be then given all the best equipment the chapters chosen smiths can forge inside the Chapter Monastery itself, under the close guard of the Master of Sanctity and of the Forge, ranging from battle axes to swords, daggers and shields and armors, these men will be then carried away via Thunderhawk and are formed into groups and then simply instructed fight and hunt to the death 5 gargantuan predators of Stanium known as Silverius Rexius on an isolated and deserted island far from the planets' mainland and those who will survive and successfully annihilate the Rex's will be then initiated to the initiation process of the chapter of being a space marine. Those who died will be granted full honors in their wake and their families will be given full knowledge into the accounts of their son showing and telling his bravery and death in combat, those who are injured or severely wounded but didn't pass will be taken care of by the chapter, replacing lost limbs with mechanical implants and such, before given the choice to be with the chapter as serfs and or sent back to their homes which will most of them be granted training to the PDF (named as Stanium's Ghosts (Stanium PDF)), which is trained to the levels accepted by the Chapter Master himself. Resulting to the worlds PDF to be more competent than the norm with some rising to be aspiring military leaders and legends and others who will not be with the call to the PDF's arms will either prosper into men who will lead the planet politically or spiritually.


"The Only Thing You Need Here is A Mind Without Doubt and a Bolter full of ammunition. Let them come! Let them Taste Our Fury! For The Crows Had Sung Their Names! They Had called for their Deaths!"
— Sergeant Merridus Aquilus, Defense on Outpost 212 in Planet Secundus Invitus.

The Silver Knights chapter is also noted to have large numbers of vehicles and dreadnoughts along with its variants and the chapter also houses rare variants of some vehicles considered to be holy relics to many other chapters such as the Fellblade super heavy tank, Mastodon Heavy Transport Vehicle, Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts and even the favored Sicaran Battle Tank. They also has a large quantity of Thunderhawk Transporter, Fire Raptor gunships and Space Marine Landing Crafts is also known to be with the chapter as well are the Sokar Pattern Stormbird. Many conservative sectors of the Inquisition question as to where and when did these relics and powerful war machines came into the chapters possession and view the chapter as an outright catastrophe just waiting to happen.

After the 3rd battle of Argentum though. When these mighty relics tasted battle once again in a desperate bid for the chapters survival, many of these revered relics were destroyed or incapacitated after the battle and are now being repaired and recovered with the best efforts the chapter. Many who actually questioned the chapters credibility and its right of owning such weapons was now simply silenced by the sheer blood they paid for the Imperium of Man.


"The people of this world seems to be lacking in both ferociousness, instinctual level of survival ability and adaptability and most of all undaunted and untainted souls... They are on the surface alone however, only in appearance, they are actually, and had always been... wolves."
—- Chaplain Toreiona to Apothecary Ereiasde on what he thought of first time when they had came to Stanium and had a look on the populace's potential as recruits.

Stanium is a Feudal World with vast forests and is quite bigger than Holy Terra itself, located in Segmentum Pacificus near the Veiled Region along with its moon Platinum and is once a subject of an Ork invasion that was repelled.

Stanium's geography is much like to Holy Terra in the old days but for some aspects are different, as a Jungle world also, Stanium houses many known trees that are ancient and especially gigantic both in height and width. Though vast plain lands are present as well vast water bodies and great mountain ranges. and it is noted that Stanium has a twice a year phenomena that is called as the gravitic storm, where the planets' moon, Platinum, comes close to Stanium itself, so close that it shifts the planets gravity and pulling almost all mass in land floating above at a considerable height. This phenomenon does not affect however the three legendary as well as historical sites of Stanium, The Great White Water Lake where the Silver Knights Chapter Monastery lies, The Sacrifice Plain where "The Beheading" occurred and the Separated island, Copper, where recruitment process of the Silver Knights occurs.

Staniumian culture follows a very close relation to its religion, having men, women and children revere only one true object of divinity and is very fervent about it, with the arrival of the Imperial authorities on the planet they found the people hard to convince to bow into Imperial rule at first. But the Ecclesiarchy easily converted the planet into the Imperium's religion for the almost seemingly closeness of both beliefs.

Chapter Monastery


Spero sits at the center of the great lake of the world Stanium known to the locals as White Water Lake. An immense and surreal structure of silver and gold, it is said that when the sun shines at the structure, the structure itself emits the light reflected to it giving it somewhat of an awe aspiring image to its viewers. it is considered to many as one of the most magnificent structures ever built by the hands of men and the hands of the Adepts of Mars. Though the image of the structure is seen as one with magnificent view and it is nothing more than that, the fortress had then proved many times to rare and selected visitors the chapter takes that looks can be deceiving, as many who thought the fortress undefended is shocked to see and know that up close, the fortress is actually brimming with what the most advanced weapons the mechanicus of mars can give it, how the arrangement of the structure could bring its weapons and defenders to bear in just mere seconds of an attack, from Macro Cannons to Force fields, the fortress have it all. It is also said that the fortress can take a whole damage and intensity of an exterminatus, only to be half destroyed, and can attack of a level of a moving battle fleet in land, a feat no other can imagine of doing. A massive scaled army could only take the fortress as what the mechanicus engineers had said but it is still yet to be proven which all the defenders are eager to have. A baptism of fire to the fortress is yet to come, if there's someone or some group brave or even foolish enough to do it.

The aside from it, the Fortress also holds large training grounds outside and inside and a Duel arena. Hundreds of chambers with its specific purposes are also built in the fortress and is said to have also one of the largest main hall in the Segmentum which is said to be filled with lines upon lines and stacks upon stacks of battle honors and heroic deeds and trophies acquired from the battles the chapter had.

Chapter Culture and Beliefs

"100 men is more than generous enough to warrant the enemies of man's total annihilation"
—1st Chapter Master of the Silver Knights

The marines of the chapter is noted to be very disciplined and precise, and is extremely careful with any resources available and present with them, a trait that had remained since after the Space-faring days of the chapter, which valuable resources are very scarce and almost nonexistent to their dismay, this led to an abrupt evolution on tactics and handling of the chapter, whilst many improve their chapter in battle prowess and number of recruits and marines, the chapter carried out its days as beings of quality over quantity. They became very precise and disciplined as well as dedicated, tolerant and patient. They focus on killing more and dying less, hitting more and missing less, practiced and honed through centuries upon centuries of combat on different fields and different enemies, learning in disastrous defeats and winning impossible feats of victory, they mastered such arts that it was with their system, up until now that they had acquired a planet of their own and has a reach and access to vast amounts of supplies they were so scarce with for so many battles in the pasts. The marines of the chapter usually only talk whenever it is necessary and is usually in clear but short abrupt sentences, and are taught to not waste anything, from food through time, and as disciplined as they are, all marines of the chapter is always ready to fight with only but a moment’s notice. Precision and discipline flowed right also into combat doctrine and practices, every single shot must count, no bolter round shall be wasted, not even a single fallen marine or the failure to recover it's geneseed, weapons, armor and body is tolerated or treated well by the chapter, for wasted resources means death and defeat in war. This made every marine of the chapter an excellent marksman and a warrior of its own class who aims both in victory and survival, as well as a skilled and competent commander in the field.

The Chapter beliefs are centered not to the Primarchs nor The Emperor, they all both are considered as great men to be followed, great warriors to be recognized of and be praised and great people whose feats should be sang throughout the known galaxy but not being revered as Gods as others tend to, but rather the chapter holds in high esteem those who had passed, the ancestors, and the chapter hold special celebrations on their long dead and recently deceased members. They respect their ancestors and their deeds are sung every third night of the world’s winter which stories of all the warriors who died would last for at least 25 days and is increasing in length in the adding centuries.

Eternal Duty

"You are Astartes, yes, but once upon a time you are Human. A normal, simple, weak and frail Human. Remember brothers, weakness is not a sin, it is a gift, for weakness can breed the strong amongst men, You are those who are chosen to stand above everyone else! to fight what they cannot, kill what they cannot and exterminate what they, your former brothers and sisters cannot! As the Emperor and the Primarch decreed once. That your duty is Protect the weak, Save the innocent and Teach the ignorant. We, then shall follow those orders! Treat all of them well and equal, even your serfs. for without them you are nothing. For the Imperium is made of them, The Imperium of Man, Is THEM."
—Calisto Grandio, 1st Master of Sanctity of the Silver Knights Chapter. A recorded sermon from an unknown date.

The chapter believes strongly upon the reason they are created in the first place and that is to serve humanity and the Imperium by protecting it from any form of threat, human or otherwise. Thus they are very diligent in denying their worship of any sort from any human society, no matter how small or insignificant, specially those which are unreasonably founded with. They do not share the particular proud hubris most chapter evolves into as they believe it’s a path to chaos infection, they do not think of themselves as Gods, Saints or Angels but rather all a mere and simple albeit special servant of men, they are not mere humans now, yes, but they still remember or is being reminded constantly by the chapters Apothecary, Librarian or Chaplain of what they were once as well as they are taught how such weaknesses are no more and thus they shall step in to the field for the people of the Imperium, for their safety and continued living and not only for Glory and Honor.

Death Before Dishonor

"The Council had decreed and now you are judged, here you stand, the place where you started

You served well but lost, righteous was your judgement but your mind was astray, your eyes were blind and your ears were deaf and your soul was beginning to be corrupted. May the Emperor save your lost soul."

—Rite of Execution, spoken every time before an execution to a lost battle brother of the Silver Knights

The Chapter had a strong tied on belief which is share throughout the whole planets population, the common trait that the sinner shall have to suffer death first than dishonor his name and his family. In practice though, the marine who is deemed guilty of a sin is to be captured by all means necessary possible and is then tried by the captains of the company and the chapter master along with the Chief Librarian, Apothecarion and Chaplain. This "court" shall then held the brother in question if found guilty beyond all doubt that his action is not supported by the dictates of the codex astartes or the chapters beliefs, he will be executed right into the eyes of his fellow astartes, his sin/s be re-read to all before having a single bolter round to the head or decapitation via force sword by the chaplain or the chapter master himself. But there are exemptions to the rule, as the Death Oath is also practiced by the chapter, specially if the defendant had been a true servant to the Imperium and had his name written and spoken in glory before then, the "court" might decide to let him go on a quest of Death to the Eye to redeem himself and his name.


The chapter also practices duels for setting disputes though it is rare, is much like of the Imperial Fist but the loser is, in accordance to Stanium culture, must leave to live with the masses for three years, stripped of his gear and name, to find his errors and himself or commit death in the process if he should not find it. And in his return a two day celebration will be held and with the high chaplains and librarians and apothecaries examination of taint, the marine, if found still pure and more determined than ever, is then given permission to the ranks and upon his return will be gifted a master crafted weapon, to be both his reminder of his pilgrimage and his will to find himself to hold in the future. The rare brothers who had experienced this and returned to the chapter are all noted to have done great feats in the battles that had come most notable is the second company captain Xylian Viestox.

Death Oath

The chapter also had their version of Death Oath. Where brothers who had done things that are or are considered a grave crime to his chapter brother’s eyes and to the chapter master and the chapter itself. He or these brothers will be sent to the Eye of Terror to bring back five hundred thousand trophies of their slain enemies or die trying to redeem themselves or himself. Before their or his departure they or he is/are given their/his own armor which is thrice blessed and warded with potent runes against the warps foulness, same with the brothers bolter and power or chain weapon. He is given five days in the chapter chapel which he will be accompanied by five chaplains who will bless him and pray for his soul. He is then sent with his equipment on into the Eye. To die or to return victorious. So far there is only one brother which was given with this task that had returned, though he had returned and had his five hundred thousand trophies, ranging from astartes and guardsman helmets to weapons and armor with some even still have fresh blood stains in it, along with eighteen other armor which the artificers and armorers of the chapter recognizes as their work and owned by the chapter itself, but these armors were handed down to the brothers who had taken the Death oath to the Eye themselves, the lone brother who bought this relics back, mysteriously died on the return trip telling no tale of the events that had passed on the journey he embarked as the craft was intact and not severely damaged with no signs of a fight inside it as well as a fully functioning, undamaged and working gellar field generator and leaving only a great mystery upon his discovery.

Scars of Learning and Penitence

An extinct ritual of the Silver Knights that is revived and is now practiced solely by the 10th company. According to the tenets, every scout who misses his shot, on the battlefield shall be then scarred with a specially prepared ritual knife. either in his face, arms, chest or legs, these wounds however, before it would become a scar, shall incite the brothers feeling of pain at its highest peak, those who experienced it describes the pain as "Being hit with a bolter round without power armor on the scarred area" others would say "Being pierced by a dreadnoughts power claw over and over again". The wound would not close and be healed only after the span of 30 days. This is to remind the brother that his "weakness, hesitation and distracted mind" is fatal in the battlefield, which can cause another of their own life to perish and the precious ammunition wasted.

Feast Of Blades

The Chapter has no record of winning to such event held by its parent chapter as well as they had never acquired the honor to held such festivities, Their champions, who fought with all their might and glory and did the best that they only could but still fell short to other chapters efforts but still many known members are eager to prove their mettle with their fellow brethren and are all waiting patiently for their time of victory to come.

Chapter Organization

As prescribed by the Codex Astartes the Silver Knights are known to have 10 Standard Companies with the needed number of marines for each company.


Chapter Command
  • Siverius Vermillian, Lord of Stanium and Master of the Silver Knights
  • Honour Guard
  • Equerries and Servitors
Armory Apothercarion Fleet Command Librarius Chaplaincy


Tech Servitors


Centurion Warsuits



Land Raiders


Super Heavy Tanks

Light Vehicles

Master Apothecarion


Master Of The Fleet

Battle Barges

Strike Cruiser

Rapid Strike vessels

Thunderhawk Gunships

Chief Librarian





Master Of Sanctity



Present Companies of the Silver Knights Chapter

Veteran Company Battle Companies
1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company

"Feared Ghosts"

Captain Guilahad, Knight-Lord of Stanium



Standard Bearer

Space Marine Veterans


"Bane of Chaos"

Captain Xylian Viestox, Master Of The Watch


Apothecary Juvo Cresthammer

Standard Bearer

Tactical Squads

Assault Squads

Devastator Squads


"Silvered Gauntlets"

Captain Verius, Master Of The Arsenal

Company Champion

Chaplain Virtius Corrintus


Standard Bearer

Tactical Squads

Assault Squads




"Executioner of Xenos"

Captain Lugo,

Master Of The Fleet



Standard Bearer

Tactical Squads

Assault Squads

Devastator Squads


"Wardens of Hope"

Captain Armihum, Master Of The Marches



Standard Bearer

Tactical Squads

Assault Squads

Devastator Squads


Reserve Companies Scout Company
6th Company 7th Company 8th Company 9th Company 10th Company

"Deliverer of Destruction"

Captain Ilmiha, Master Of The Rites

Chaplain Freidium Marriued


Standard Bearer

Tactical Squads

Predator Tanks

Whirlwind Patterns

"Wrath of Fire"

Captain Corvous, Chief Virtualler



Standard Bearer

Tactical Squads

Centurion Warsuits


"Ascension Of Death"

Captain Xiephias, Lord Executioner

Chaplain Tiberius Vessarius


Standard Bearer

Assault Squads

Land Speeders and other light vehicles

"Fury Of Men"

Captain Xytiane, Master Of Relics



Standard Bearer

Devastator Squads

Rhino Troop Transport

Centurion Warsuits

"Void Silence"

Captain Arradigri, Master Of The Recruits


Apothecary Ulricke Beastclaw

Scout Squads

Land Speeder Storm

Space Marine Bikes

NOTE: The Number of men present in the Chapter is currently unknown and many hold to sayings that the chapter houses more than the thousand marines that are tolerated by the Codex Astartes.

Silver Knights Librarians

Like their most of their fellow Astartes Chapters, the Silver Knights also maintain a Librarium of potent psykers who are highly talented and trained to master the power of the Warp at the highest levels. The chapter train and test their chosen psykers, either from the few but potent sightings in Stanium or chosen from the ranks of gifted psykers brought to the Scholastica Psykana, following the ancient ways laid out in the Codex Astartes. Librarians of the Silver Knights are trained in this way with few minor traditional variances, and have been taught to live by the word of the Codex more strictly than other than fellow members in the chapter. With this, Silver Knights Librarians have a number of unique psychic abilities only used by the psykers of their Chapter:

  • Hell Raiser - Used commonly against foes such as the Tyranids and the Orks, the librarian manifest a large flame on the battlefield which seals any wounds of his fellow chapter members or instantly burn to the bone any enemy, daemon or alien or even humans deemed as enemy alike that strays too near the burning flames.
  • Iron Breaker - No son of Dorn has failed to conquer worlds and no son was not able to break fortresses and enemy defenses, in such belief, the librarian manifest a large ethereal fist or hammer, which could break anything he desires most at the moment.
  • Son Of Vengeance - The chapter strongly believes in selflessness but believes more in victory and survival, thus with this implanted belief, the Librarian channels this spirit into himself and towards the enemy, causing fate to deliver blows meant for his fellows to strike the enemy he deemed so instead.
  • The Legion - Calling upon the souls of the fallen, the librarian manifest ethereal figures of 30 to 50 space marines, impervious to everything thrown at them which then charges towards the enemy and wreak unimaginable fury seen only in the days of the heresy for fifteen long minutes before he himself collapses in fatigue.
  • Order Of The Emperor - The Librarian, speaking the holy words of the Emperor himself, unleashes a power that would burn the minds of the unfaithful and cast out the spirits of the Warp and calms the minds of nearby allies and completely dispels their deepest fear and doubt, bolstering their resolve and greatly enhancing their physical and combat abilities.
  • Heroes Of The Chapter - Before any assault on an enemy defense, The Librarian would summon the might of the Imperiums mightiest heroes through the ages, He then channels all this powers and fuses them to the melee weapons of his brothers present with him on the field coating them with blinding gold light and cracking blue lightning, demoralizing any enemy that is aware or has an awareness to the powers of the warp blinding them and forcing them to cower in fear before their might as well as easily slicing up anyone who dares stay on the path of the Knights charge.

Specialists and Unique Groups

"Those who are foolish enough to stand against me shall fall today!"
—Chapter Master Silverius Vermillian, Barradites Maine Campaign

Silver Dragons (Tyrannic War Veterans Formation)

Trained directly under the tutelage of the battle brothers of the Ultramarines chapter as well as first hand Tyranid Incursion Encounters. It is currently unknown which Company does these Marines belong to or they even belong to the standard 10 Companies at all but they are notable by the fact that those which is in this group usually attach a tooth of a tyranid on their bolters or adorns the left pauldron of armor with either layers of chitin, or a gaunt or genestealers head.

Silvered Ghosts

The Honor Guard of the Chapter. Only the most courageous as well as battle hardened men are chosen to be in this group and fewer will be inducted, they are well known to be proficient dual wielders and is commonly distinguishable by that trait. All of these Marines wear an Artificer Armor with a built in Iron Halo's, as well as an ornately crafted power sword named as Silvers Blade as well as ornate Boltguns. These Marines are spread to each company as men of guidance and inspiration in and out of the battlefield.

Shadow Riders

Exclusive only to the marines of the 3rd company, these marines rides into the heart of the battle with their heavily modified with armor, weapons and silenced but stronger and powerful engines and cameloline cloaked Legion Mark IV Outrider Assault Bikes seeking armored targets and other opportunities almost completely unnoticed that it offers significant if not high amount of damage to not only manpower of the enemy as well as morale as these "Specters" seemingly appears out of nowhere to destroy enemy armor and formations in bright flashes of melta, bolter and plasma fires only to be gone in an explosive explosion after. This lightning like harassing maneuvers continues on until deemed ineffective by the commander or until the enemy turns its back against the Silver Knights forces.

Custodes Milites

Composed of 12 marines that is chosen by the chapter master himself to guard one of the most guarded secret of the Silver Knights chapter. It compromises of 2 Techmarines, 2 Librarians, 2 Chaplains and 6 Honor Guards. They would each be trained to the task and all would wear the most potent and blessed armor and weapon the chapter can offer which is actually the first guardians weapons and armors which is modified and upgraded after every use of the previous user. The chosen would serve for a standard of 500 years before another change of guard is made. Usually though, in the span of only 10 years or less, those who had finished their guard duty is always killed in glorious action or is gravely wounded doing such feats that they are needed to be interned to a dreadnought to further survive but would still not make it or die during such process. The only ones known to still live after their duty to such place after 10 years is Veteran Sergeant Xyvander Accipetrius and Veteran Sergeant Velihilum Gravesong. Thus the duty, to those who are bought and chosen to it, treated it as a great burden and honor to be chosen as well as most likely one of the final one's they would ever do.

Custudio Ruina


A highly respected appointment amongst the second company is to be among the four chosen to watch over the Gate of Spero as well as the Hall of Silver Lords, the place where the bodies of the fallen have been interned. The two guards watching the Halls will have the honor to wear Mark III "Iron Armor" as well as having the ornately decorated Boarding shields and Ornate Boltguns known as Silver Blasts. While the other two on the Gate will still wear Mark III Armours but will have Combat shields instead of Boarding shields and Power Spear or Halberds or even Relic Blades instead of the Bolters. Only the Second Company has the privilege to be in the Custudio Ruina where the chosen will serve for a standard 50 Years before another change of guard.


Only the Fourth and Fifth battle company could only be with this group, composed to a total of 60 Marines at a time, as it was ordered to be. This specialized and recently bought up group was tasked to fight the rapidly rising threat of the Necrons awakening in the galaxy. Armed with the lasts of the ancient Volkite weaponry found in the armory of the chapter and the most potent power weapon available, as well as the newest Mark 8 power armor, modified with teleporters and extra layer of armor as well as a rosarius. They would strike mercilessly on the battlefield and walk like a defiant wall of steel and flesh against the rising robotic undead that dares mock the strength and will of the living to survive in the ever growing merciless galaxy.

Primaris Space Marine Formation: Noctis Militares

Ordered by the Chapter Master himself to paint their colors Raven Black and Midnight Blue Trim and their Chest Eagle as Gold until further instructions, these marines along with some contingent of the legendary warriors of the Custodes, Sisters of Silence and other Imperial forces who came to aid the battered chapter in finally securing their world by dropping off and eradicating the tainted bastions of defense the word bearers and their allies managed to build and occupy in the course of the battle for Stanium.

These new breed of marines were welcomed by the chapter with a mix of caution and thanks and then, during the time the Primaris Marines and their allies again dropped from the sky and attacked and burned to the ground the traitor forces and the last of their holds in the world. The chapter master along with the 10 company captains, all are bloodied and battered, with some missing parts of their body and already were replaced with cybernetics and robotic prosthetic, who also managed to survive the costly battle for their chapter and homeworld met with each other. And only after a heated debate, it was finally decided that to as a final rite to prove themselves worthy to be called as a member of the chapter, they, all the Primaris Marines, gift from the Primarch of the Ultramarines, The Avenging Son of the Emperor himself, Roboute Guilliman, that was added to the battered Knights was then was tasked with hunting down the last of the traitor ships that managed to evade destruction of the vengeance filled retaliation force of the the now reawaken Primach of the Imperium of Man to the ground and all of their heads, armor and weapons returned to the chapter as proof of their success and only then would they repaint their colors to match the Chapters own.

Deathwatch Service

The chapter is known to second 14 men every time the chapter is called to the Service of the Long Watch, 1 man for every company with a Librarian, a Techmarine, a Chaplain and a chosen Honor Guard will be presented to be chosen before their secondment. These men shall embody the chapter itself in their service and is ordered to return with honor and knowledge of their service to add for the chapters use. The chapter master chooses himself among the candidates those who are worthy for the long watch, who show exemplary dedication and skill at combating Xenos threats that arises or by direct and bold request to the chapter master to be chosen as one and it is treated as one of the highest honor one could get within the chapter, second only to be with the Honor Guard itself. Thus whenever the time came of men to be chosen and seconded to the Long Watch. The Chapter artificers would always give their best Digi-weapons to the brothers that would represent the chapter and no marine from the Silver Knights arrived at their respective watch without a ring in their person and this has proved to had saved countless Silver Knights marines in their service for more than once.

Notable Figures

Chapter Master Siverius Vermillian - Still a Captain at that time, he led the third company against an Ork Waaagh! in the forge world Barradites Maine in M38. He never let the company banner hit the ground after the bearer got hit and still managed to lead and slew many greenskin single handedly including the Warboss G'eaming Choppa, effectively ending the Ork threat.

Captain Xylian Viestox - A Second Company Battle Brother at that time who had slain a daemon prince of Khorne in the battle of the Shrine World Maidens Lost in M37 along side the Adepta Sororitas. He is now the Captain of the Second Company and still wielding the force sword Fury of the Righteous which he used in the battle with the daemon prince.

Chaplain Virtius Corrintus - Led a counter charge assault against the Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines in the battle of Hive Secundus Primus in the Planet 443 M39. Though the resulting charge took the needed time for the chapter reinforcements to arrive and defeat back the vile horde, the battle saw many casualties to the chapter and from that day both the Chaplain and the chapter sworn an oath of vengeance and retribution against the elusive alpha legion making the third and fourth company (who suffered the loss most terribly) dedicated into hunting down any Alpha legion cells in the known region and galaxy.

Sergeant Merridus Aquilus - a fourth company sergeant, now entombed in a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought, who led a defense for ten days in the wake of a chaos infested planet cleansing of Secundus Invictus in M40. He helped a beleaguered Freeblade Knight get free from the clutches of death when the sergeant chose to target the chaos titan instead of the oncoming wave of infantry which is coming for his vulnerable position. though tactical and is strategically more important target than of the mob that is charging down the line, this gesture was taken with great debt of the members of the band of the freeblades side and with a vow of absolute and unending friendship and loyalty. The band of freeblades asked to be with the chapter on any battle to come, forging an alliance with the Sergeant and the Chapter Master. The freeblades was then granted land on the planet Argentum and is now battling with the chapter in honor.

Veteran Sergeant Velihilum Gravesong - Known as the best the chapter could ever offer, he is known to be the Elite amongst the Elite of the Honor Guard, earning the respect even of his fellow Honor Guards and of Veteran Sergeant Xyvander. He rides into battle with his tamed and heavily armored and augmented Staniumian Stormwolf he named Frost, as well as having the honor to wear the artifact known as Fury of Silver.

Veteran Sergeant Xyvander Accipetrius - One of the most well known personalities of the Chapter's Honor Guard, he is well known for his combat prowess that rivals the chapter master himself as well as being known to be good friends of the Librarian Stormvale and Chaplain Corrintus, he is one of the oldest Honor Guard in service as well as one of the oldest marine the chapter has. He was once chosen to be the Silver Knights Chapter Master but declined the position and instead remained as an Honor Guard to bring and inspire his brothers to glory and honor of both the chapter and mankind. He is the current pilot of the Fortress Of Will.

Librarian Caerris Stormvale - Banished a Greater Daemon of Tzeench in the Battle of the world Innocence (dubbed as The Benediction of Innocence) in M40. Though nearly all the imperial forces deployed into the planet was decimated. He received a gift later in the form of a power fist named Hand Of Exterminatus as well as a Psyber-Raven familiar which he later named Haze.

Techmarine Khryshan Elenziare - One of the most gifted if not a genius to any technology presented to him that the chapter has. From a young age, he is seen to have quite the affinity towards technology and after his indoctrination to the chapter and his subsequent rise to the ranks this gift has not gone unnoticed and after being sent by the Chapter for training in the hands of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Elenziare returned as a Techmarine that rivaled the Master of the Forge's knowledge in the span of only 70 years. He is once been told to be born on the wrong planet by a fellow Salamander Astartes upon seeing his skills first hand.

Apothecary Juvo Cresthammer - Infamous for his actions against different alien species, he had the innate and genius ability to create different toxins and poisons that was and is instantly effective as well as viciously deadly towards their intended targets. However, with the arrival of the Tyranids, his "genius" was tested and for his eternal shame failed to win the fight as the battle intensified, though still able to win the day with the help of different chapters and of the Ultramarines Tyrannic War Veterans. Apothecary Cresthammer dedicated all his life and time in developing potential toxins and viruses that can fight the Tyranids no matter how quickly they change, that he did not hesitate to be indoctrinated to the Long Watch where he served honorably and after sometime and his return to the chapter, he bought his immense knowledge with his work with Master Apothecary Kregor Thann to the task at hand and helped develop continued and friendly communications to the Ultramarines that bought the creation of the Chapters own version of their Tyrannic War Veterans formation.

Veteran Sergeant Cerrium Mercurias - Led a boarding party against an Alpha Legion vessel The Hydra. 15 men went with him and for the duration of the boarding action it was reported last that they had neared the ships helm and still had not loss any brother in the ensuing close quartered firefights when the craft suddenly banked and activated its warp drives. The last known communication with the team was recorded as the action was taking place.

"You will and cannot escape!!" Static ... Bolter fires ... "Brother Sergeant we if cannot control the ship in time, we will be with it into the warp" ... more bolter fire, explosions and shouting ... Static "This is Sergeant Cerrium Mercurias along with my brothers, Black Avenger can you hear us?" ... Static ... "We can't control the ship, and we cant get out, we are surrounded by the Alpha Legion. Repeat, we can't reach the control of the ship, we are trapped" Static ... Bolter fire "May the Emperor have mercy upon the souls who will face us. For We Shall Give None."

And with it the ship jumped into the warp with the 16 space marines on board and it is now believed and still is by the chapter that one day, the lost platoon will make its way back to the materium, victorious and pure.

Veteran Scout Sergeant Xylis Recoras - Once taught under the wing of the legendary Torias Telion, He quickly rose to the ranks and became exceptionally good even close enough to rival his former mentor, and like his former mentor, he, along with five other marines that went under the tutelage of Torias Telion remained to the 10th company to teach the neophytes what they had learned. Renowned as the best marksman, saboteur and can even stand his own against the Honor Guard of the chapter in melee combat, Xylis achievements that threw him apart his peers is that he was able to successfully infiltrate single-handedly on more than two occasions an enemy encampment or fortress, in the battle known as the Invasion of Castellium Serpindus, he successfully infiltrated the enemy camp and assassinated their commanders as well as an Alpha Legion Sorcerer without rising any alarm of sorts and is able to destroy an Ork ship by blowing up is supposed to be warp drive in the battle of Barradites Maine. He wields a sniper rifle relic Silent Watcher given to him from his deathwatch services years after. His greatest student yet was realized in the name of the second company Captain Xylian Viestox, the first and only one who defeated him in a sword fight.

Ancient-Primo Tyranus - The darkest secret of the chapter. The first chapter master, he is said to be with his brothers from 25th chapter, 1st battalion, 3rd company, 5th support squad, as a newly deployed initiate defending Terra until the bitter end. Survived the Iron Cage Incident and carried on to be an Imperial Fist on the first founding and on until the unknown date of the Silver Knights founding. He is said to had died in combat on an unknown world and date, but to those who knew the story, the chapter master, true to the bone as a warrior of the Primarch Rogal Dorn, survived. One moment on the campaign against an entire hive mind insect like xenos race, the chapter master was cut off from his honor guards and is dragged away from the main battle by the sheer number and ferocity of the enemy counter actions and fought until he fell cutting down thousands upon thousands of foes alone, his surviving marines pushed forward to help him but help came too late and he is bleeding away with wounds too many to count. As the apothecaries arrived they immediately worked the severely wounded chapter master, and teleported him back to the barge, he was given intense care to ensure his survival but as the master apothecarion decided that with all the efforts, it would be already too late as he is slipping by only slowly and decided that he shall be given the emperors peace.

But Captain Rigthias Deceptius of the first company, who inevitably became the second chapter master, decided that the great warrior be given a chance of battle again. With the blessing of the Chapter Master and with the severe disagreement of many tech-marines and apothecaries, he was then interned to the metal body of a Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought, the only one the chapter had, and is then bought to bear to the enemies that wrecked the planet they are on. Piles upon piles of flesh was mowed down as the newly awakened ancient landed down the field of battle teared, smashed, crushed, burned and shot everything that moved and looked inhuman, two days the rampage went and two days the campaign was over. But now the chapter knows fear, fearing the tyrant that had grown out of the waves of enemies, reliving the long gone age of Horus's treachery, screaming for those who are no longer with him, brothers lost by the flames of a bygone age. He was successfully calmed down by the second chapter master's efforts and bought to the chapter after 13 terrifying attempts which severely injured no less than 75 marines including the newly appointed chapter master himself whom lost both his arms and his right leg. He is now interned deepest depths behind the locked doors of the chapters chambers. In stasis, probably dreaming and fighting the war he fought that was long gone, waiting for another chance for death to be decided and delivered by his hands. He was listed as dying a noble warriors death, but for all the Chapter Masters and Masters of the Apothecarion, Forge and Sanctity, that had taken the mantle throughout the chapters history, they know that deep within their ranks, a demon, had been in their care for as long as they can recall it. A demon, celebrated as a hero and almost Godlike being, waiting to be unleashed upon the foes of the Emperor and mankind. And sometime after, the Bastion Of Hope was crafted then, not for the protection of its wearer at first but for the use of the Chapter Master who would be in the presence of this Ancient in the chapters darkest of time, and to have a chance to win against him if the need should arise.

Scout Verian Heran - A brilliant scout marine sent by the chapter master himself on a secret quest to a distant planet on behalf of the Inquisitor ally they are linked to. Scout Marine Verian Heran returned to the chapter with more than one primitive replacement from the limbs he had missed during the said mission bringing alongside him were 3 finely crafted power swords, 4 finely crafted bolters and 2 pieces of rare-power armour engraved with words from high gothic and adorned with imperial livery. Returning a mix of broken armor, his original bolt pistol, a Dark Angel plasma pistol, bolter pistol and bolter along with a battered Melta-gun as well as acknowledging his own destruction of his sniper rifle as he deemed himself not worthy to wield one again. Fifteen days was he held on confinement under the watchful eye of the Librarians, Apothecaries and Chaplains of the chapter before he was then presented to the Chapter Master and the Captains for questioning and trials. He was then sent off from the fortress as he was found that he is in doubt of humanity and himself and is then instructed that to return once he had found himself and his trust to humanity, Emperors servants and the people he sacrificed and gave so much with or commit to a warriors death. His exile was short lived however as Stanium was then seen to be under siege in the midst of his exile and all were called to arms. He then risked death confronting the Custudio Ruina upon Spero's gates but was granted access to enter and with the remaining Apothecaries, Librarians and Chaplains approval he was once then restored to being a Silver Knights Space marine and was tasked to lead a five man squad of practically new initiates as their Sergeant.

He would then fall on the hands of a Word Bearers Chaos Champion and subsequently killed that same Champion with a plasma grenade whom he managed to attached to his killers soft armor before being impaled with it's sword in a desperate attempt to hold the first line of Spero's defense in the 3rd battle of Stanium.

Known Chapter Relics and Artifacts


Misericordia Regum - A Crozius Arcanum given by the Imperial Fists to their successor. It is said to be made from the reforged weapons of traitor and loyalist champions that had fallen alike from the Iron Cage incident, inscribed form the hilt to the body of the weapons are the most potent of wards of hate, purity, fortitude and strength known and it is also said to contain a part of the velvet cloak Rogal Dorn used along with his armor in the Battle of Terra during the Horus Heresy as well as an Icon of the Iron Cage permanently attached to the center of the weapon. It said to have the capacity to multiply it's chose wielders strength by more than a thousand times, easily cracking open or simply destroying anything and anyone it hits with it precise blows.

Liber Exterminii - Liber Exterminii is a book found by the Silver Knights and the first chapter master Primo Tyranus in an unknown world and in an unknown date in an unknown campaign as records were sealed shut to the most extreme level it could be. It is hinted, however, that it is something that concerns with the Inquisition Forces of Ordo Malleus, as they are the one who ordered such censorship upon the details that transpired on that campaign. All was sent to the deepest most secluded vaults of terra, the files and data's regarding the operation that cannot be saved from prying eyes were drastically changed, manipulated, misplaced, or even destroyed, everything that can be changed was done so aside for one of the fact that after the battle, Liber Exterminii is then handed to the Silver Knights Chapter, entrusted to their care and according to the most ancient of the chapters Codex, which is now stored within the lowest and most secure place in the Chapter Monastery, Spero, guarded with a myriad of traps as well as troops which consist of the most elite 12 marines that the chapter could offer and the master himself chooses to guard such relic along with 4 Castellax Battle-Automata, 3 Vorax Battle-Automata, 2 Cataphract Battle-Automata and 3 Domitar Battle-Automata slaved through 2 specially trained techmarines of the Silver Knights chapter who is among the 12 the place is also guarded with shields found only on the most advanced Imperial Battleship and is secured further more with of the most potent runes of warding, purification and deception the Inquistion and the Ordo Malleus has to offer. The contents of the book is unknown save the 1st chapter master himself who is, according to the deepest chamber containing such event on the chapters history, said to had wept for days after he read the book but not before his strict order of sealing it, ordering that the book would never be ever opened by anyone and would be the Silver Knights most closely guarded secret until the time the Chapter would be called by the Primarch Rogal Dorn himself for the final war.


Bastion Of Hope - Terminator Armor, has an in built Rosarius and Iron Halo and extra layers of armor giving an intense added protection to the already formidable armor. Worn exclusively by the chapter masters of the chapter, this armor had endured countless battles and never once let its wearer die in battle, this armor is now currently owned by the present Chapter Master Silverius Vermillian.

Aelius Blade - Named after the old terran name for Sun, this relic blade was made with mixing micro folded adamantium into its core and the blades tip itself while its power field, uniquely after its completion, emits a strong bright fiery color unlike the usual blue hue of other power weapons, hence it was named Aelios Blade. This blade is used as a sign of office of the Chapter Master of the Silver Knights. This weapon is also, as per custom, can be wielded only by the chapter master in battle if he chooses to and has only been recorded to have gone into combat thrice with one record of it says that it managed to bisect two Ork Meganobs in one swing.

Fury Of Silver - An artificer armor with in built iron halo and teleportation device as well as a wrist-mounted storm bolter. It is exclusively worn only by the Honor Guards most elite amongst the elite of the group. current bearer of it is known to be Velihilum Gravesong.

Banner Of Argentum - Chapter Banner made from Holy Terra itself. It stands firm in the Hall of the Chapter Master shining with burning gold and silvered light. It contains the words "Bellum Internecinum" and is only and can be carried by the Chapter Master in battle.

Hand Of Exterminatus - Power Fist emitting white lightning rather than the common blue which is also incorporated with psychic runes that boosts the strength of the impacts the fists makes, currently used by Librarian Caerris Stormvale after it was crafted in the aftermath of his battle with the Lord of Change.

Victory In Annihilation - Master Crafted Heavy Bolter, Forged In Honor of the Destroyed Astral Knights Chapter after their valiant Sacrifice to destroy a Necron World Engine. It is said to have the last piece of the Power Armor of the last Astral Knights Chapter Master as well as the last piece of cloth of the banner of the chapter that was recovered from the battlefield itself. Ordered to be used only by all the ninth company captains, current owner is Captain Xytiane of the 9th company.

Judgement Of Heaven - a shield used by the first chapter master Tyrannus, it was recovered with thousands upon thousand of cuts, penetration and blunt damages before it was thrown out the grip of its wielder and failed to protect him one last time. It is now repaired and upgraded with more potent shield generators and is now, by tradition imposed after it, can only be used by the first company captain, its current user is Captain Guilahad of the 1st company.

Silent Watcher - Given to him in his service to the Long Watch and is used only by Veteran Scout Sergeant Xylis Recoras, this sniper rifle is maybe one of the most silent and potent sniper rifle ever made by the hands of man, the rifle boast a number of complex systems that allows superb balance and awesome firepower with its modified barrel and armor piercing silenced bullet that can pierce into Terminator armor like knife through butter while making no sound of it firing at all.

Fortress Of Will - A Heavily Modified Centurion Warsuit, Built with its very own conversion field, in built grav-gun and added layers of adamantium plates, shields and improved stability and mobility, this already formidable armor was compared to nothing less than of an Imperial Knight. Made exclusively with the 3rd chapter master's instruction, the artificers bought this already terrifying weapon into a monster that haunts the battlefield of the 41st millenium, first used in the battle of Maidens Lost, where it proved itself more powerful even against two Chaos Space Marine Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought and a Daemon Engine known as Decimator at the same time which it bought such machine down single-handedly and even survived further encounters after it, The suit now serves within the Chapter Honor Guards, protecting the chapter master, waiting patiently for it to be unleashed to the foes of Mankind again.

Spear of Tempests - A Master Crafted Power Spear with in built flamer that is able to pierce even through a Dreadnoughts armor, it is made specially for the 1st captain of the 7th company and after his death it was traditionally passed down to the succeeding captains of the 7th company. Current owner is The 7th company Captain Corvous.

Decimation - A Master Crafted Power Halberd with in built melta-gun which had been known to cut even through a Blood Slaughterer armor, it was crafted along with its sister Spear of Tempests for the use of the first 6th company captain and like its sister, it was passed down to captain to captain but within only the 6th company and its respective captains which treat the weapon as a sign of their office, its current owner is the 6th company Captain Ilmiha.

Grim - A Master Crafted Power Axe from the Space Wolves, which is notorious for its surprising cutting power, its blade has made and proved to its user, with minimal effort and extreme ease that it can cut even a chaos terminator and his shield in half with only one swing. It is commonly passed down from captain to captain of the 4th Company.

Purity of Will - A Daemon hammer commonly passed among the third company. Wielded by the 1st third company captain and obtained from an unknown Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus. The hammer glows bright whenever a warp entity is close and is quite well embedded with scripts of purity and righteous fury that is said to triple the bearers strength with each blow and death it deals to the enemies of Mankind.

Abyssal Wings - Black winged artificer jump-pack, gifted by the Raven Guard along with other items after the Battle of Grave Core, it is incorporated by advanced thrusting and lifting capabilities as well as noticeable easy controls and notable low fuel consumption that it practically makes its wearer fly in and out of the battlefield even for extended periods of time, after its introduction and usage it was then traditionally used by the Captains of the eighth company, current owner is Captain Xiephas of the 8th company.

Savior - A combat knife used by the first chapter master, the blade is known to have saved the first chapter master many times before and is rightfully named by its user, It is now slightly modified to have a power field and handle guard for it to be a more potent weapon and is used as sign of office in the 10th company and commonly passed from Captain to Captain who would renew oaths of tutelage, patience and teaching upon receiving such weapon.

Vindication - Recovered as wreck in an unknown date and world along with Salvation and Damnation, this Javelin Attack Speeder was then modified into a single seated attack craft whose gunner position was removed in favor for more space that provides fully enclosed cockpit that not only protects the pilot but provides as well an advanced targeting system that is slaved to both the vehicle's Machine Spirit and the Pilot. while the controls and gunnery all lie to the hands of the Pilot alone unless the machine detects an anomaly where it would automatically fly the machine back to the nearest base. Armed with a mid turret storm bolter and with either a set of twin-linked Cyclone Missile Launchers or Lascannons as its main weapons, this single seated, heavily armed and armored vehicle combined unleashed its insurmountable and uncontrollable fury to the enemies of man and more than once survived horrendous damages that should have destroyed it outright and instantly. Used exclusively by the Captains of the 5th Company, current user and owner is 5th company Captain Armihum.

Salvation and Damnation - Two Cataphractii Pattern Armor with one having a built in lightning claws and Combi-grav while the other has a Plasma Blaster and Chainfist which was recovered beneath a ruined battlefield of old along with other more relics. The colors as well as icons and other identifying marks of the Armors were long gone either by age or by the fires of battle long forgotten. Both are named after the lasts colors within the armor's helm, Gold and White on one and Gold and Black on the other and both had the signs that the Brothers inside were fighting to the death either with each other or together but the only thing that was sure was it was where both also met their timely end. Both armors were restored and improved into functioning states with centuries worth of repairs but neither one marine were given the right to be wield such ancient relics into battle nor even in ceremonial tasks, as an ominous prediction was passed as the armors were presented to the chapter's chief librarian, a land of infinite fire and everlasting battle and the chapter was seen on the distance, besieged but still complete, standing and fighting and pushing against the tide of a seemingly unending number of enemies, and the two armor are there found alongside the chapter master, leading the chapter to the fires of battle with another chapter whose brothers are clad in unpainted gray but delicately inscribed power armor. There they stood defiant, against both the closed golden gate and the enemy, then a voice among the chaos then said that he armors are to be the keys, keys to what, no one knows, as the vision was ceased after, but all were immediately stored in stasis and is now floating harmlessly in the locked halls of Spero's armory waiting for their time to be wielded, that would either be the Chapter’s Salvation or its Damnation.

Known Engagements


Skirmish on Sector 465-798 - As the now slowly recovering Silver Knights Chapter secured the Mechanicus a deal they can't possibly deny, what force was able and remaining to be mustered by the chapter was then immediately sent to the task of assisting and escorting the Mechanicus ship back to the place of battle of the Silver Knights against the Ramilles-Class Star Fortresses "Emnity" and "Resurgence", the Silver Knights was then engaged in a massive but short three-way skirmish that happened between another Chaos Warband and their Dark Mechanicus allies looking to salvage of the destroyed Star Fortresses back into action and Ork pirates looking for such use of the destroyed ships to compliment their own. The combined Silver Knights and the Mechanicus fleet arrived just in time to witness as the first casualties were inflicted on the Chaos forces by a ramming action of an Ork Cruiser sized ships and joined in the void war as quickly as their Mechanicus allies did, plowing from the back of the Chaos fleet towards the Ork lines, inflicting heavy casualties as they go, destroying no less than five chaos ships on their pass and simply sending waves of torpedoes and shots towards the largest Ork ship on sight. The battle lasted for two hours where it sent atleast one Mechanicus escort ship disabled and floating in space with the Ark Mechanicus then almost single-handedly vanquished the rest of the enemy forces by destroying the largest Ork ship and another five more chaos ships with the Silver Knights tallying three kills and disabling two with boarding action against one ship of theirs disabled by enemy boarding action but eventually reclaimed with a boarding action of their own. With their victory, the Mechanicus is then free to salvage the remains of the strike and vanguard cruisers and battle barge as well as the other ships that the Silver Knights lost and if still possible, to then repair and return it to service to the chapter while as well as the reclamation of the Ramilles-Class Star Fortresses as the Mechanicus payment to such service.

Eradication on Everion IV - First official engagement of the Primaris Marines of the Silver Knights chapter as well as the first engagement of the Burning Hunt Crusade, under the watch and command of 2nd Company Captain Xylian Viestox. Two, of the Seven Word Bearer ships that escaped were finally hunted down near the world of Everion IV, the ships were captured and subsequently destroyed with the heads of not less than 100 chaos space marines. These dead marines and their wargear were then put into stasis deep below the vaults of the Chapter Barque Dawn of Pride under the close watch of Chaplain Virtius Corrintus himself. The battle ended swiftly with only suffering a wounded Primaris Intercessor Sergeant to be reported as the Silver Knights forces casualty.

The Burning Hunt Crusade - M42-Present. The name assigned for the mission of vengeance for the chapter by its newest forces, the Primaris Space Marines, led by its assigned watchers the 2nd Company Captain Xylian Viestox, Chaplain Virtius Corrintus whose own chapter led crusade was put on hold as the chapter is still recovering its staggering losses and with all but 11 of the chapters psykers alive, the one chosen to also lead the crusade was of the ten remaining pyskers of the Chapter, the first company librarian Rondis Sacrse.

3rd Battle of Argentum - M42, Phyrric Imperial Victory. Total Extermination of all Chaos forces, discovery of a hidden warp gate deep beneath the sea on the northern pole of the Planet and the official appearance of the Eldar forces associated to the now identified Craftworld Slavhreenur. The return of the crusading company to the chapter and the arrival of the new breed of Space marines, the Primaris Marines and the formation of the Black Armored Noctis Militares.

The Night Of A Thousand Rebellions - M41, last known communications indicate that the chapter mobilized almost all of its company along with the allied knights in assistance and reconquer of the worlds under siege by rebels in Segmentum Pacificus albeit their total knowledge of what was happening on the planets near the Eye of Terror as well as the Cadian Gate, The current chapter master simply said that if the Segmentum Pacificus would also fall, Terra is more vulnerable as such he took priority over the rising rebellions, returning them towards Imperial compliance with swift and precise force and stabilize the situation best as he can, along with other Imperial Forces and only then he would march towards the world of Cadia to meet his brothers and cousins against the common enemy. Only the half of the 1st, 5th, 6th and 10th company remained on Stanium with the order to rebuild the chapter and strengthen the planetary defenses at once, when the first communication of engagement reaches the planet. It is known that the Crusading third and fourth company heeded the call and is now engaged in a bitter conflict with the traitor marines of Alpha Legion. The remaining companies on the Planet Stanium began the herculean task of providing the needed man power the chapter needs in the upcoming battles.

Dzaraytoln Campaign - M40, Joint operation with the Laughing Skull Chapter to cleanse Dzaraytoln of a Necron Dynasty.

The Cleansing of Planet Secundus Invictus - M40, Imperial Retreat, Exterminatus. Chaos annihilation.

Benediction of Innocence - M40, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory

Crusade of Vengeance - M39 - Present

Showdown at Resurgence - M41 to Early M42, Phyrric Imperial Victory. Finished in the successful destruction of the Starforts Resurgence and Emnity along with the destruction of the chaos warband, identified as part of the Night Lords Legion, that managed to take the Starships. But with heavily and some badly and heavily damaged ships and atleast three cruiser class ships and a battle barge destroyed along with some other vessels, the chapter was forced to withdraw and return to their homeworld which in their arrival was now burning and under siege from the Word Bearer led invasion and would then eventually suffer more ship losses in taking a daring yet successful space dominance over the planet to tilt the balance of power to their favor.

Battle of Hive Secundus Primus - M39, Imperial Victory

Battle of Solice - M42, Imperial Victory.

Securing of Forge World Barradites Maine - M38, Imperial Victory

Saving of Shrine World Maidens Lost - M37, Imperial Victory

Conviction of Death - M35, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory. Exterminatus, due to large scale chaos influence.


Battle of Veries Sage - Undated, Imperial Retreat. Loss half of the 1st and 9th companies brothers against a Word Bearers Warband. Exterminatus.

Saving of Shield Gorges - Undated, Imperial Defeat, Loss of the half of 7th,8th and 2nd Companies Brothers to a Chaos uprising headed by a Chaos Lord of the Night Lords. Exterminatus.

Black Star Conflict - Undated, Imperial Defeat against an uprising headed by the Alpha Legion, Almost complete annihilation of the 8th and 5th companies, a total of only 20 battle brothers are the only known survivors.

Hunting of the Hydra - Undated, Unknown outcome

Cleansing of Coridium Triece - Undated, Imperial Retreat after the seemingly pure citizens of Coridium Triece suddenly fired upon the Silver Knights and their Inquisition allies.

Extermination of Coridium Triece - Undated, Imperial Victory, recovered artifacts, Exterminatus.

Invasion of Castellium Serpindus - Undated, Imperial Victory against an Ork Waagh!. First use of the new chapter doctrine of sending only a company of marines to any warzones which prove to be a success.

Castellans Pride - Undated, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory against a Chaos Uprising. Second recorded use of the 1 company doctrine.

Cleansing of Flames - Undated, Imperial Victory against the Iron Warriors Warband.

Disaster at Elysium IV - Undated, Phyrric Imperial Victory, 10th company sent to support the main space marine and Imperial guard force, suffered almost 100% casualty, only 2 scouts and not more than 5 scout sergeants and a lone apothecary survived the battle against the Tau, only the successful recovery of the wargears and geneseeds that are still usable bought relief to the chapter of the dire news. Since then the Silver Knights, notably the 10th company, now actively seeks knowledge about the Tau and how to counter their tactics and weapons, most notably against the Tau XV15 and XV25 battlesuits and it's similar series as it bought ruin to the chapter's 10th company and their pride at the war.

Tyranid Extermination - Undated, Imperial Victory, almost complete eradication of the 3rd to 10th Company after being cut off from the rest of the Imperial force after an unprecedented Tyranid counter attack.

Battle of Grave Core - Undated, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory, the Raven Guard gifted the artificer wrought jump-pack Abyssal Wings along with some other vehicles as a sign of friendship to the Chapter for it's immense help and noted sacrifices in saving some of their trapped chapter brothers.

Battle of Cassimiur's Folly - Undated, Imperial victory, Alpha Legion cell decimated. Third recorded use of the new chapter doctrine of sending only a company to any warzone the chapter is called and the first recorded declaration of using such tactics for future use permanently unless deemed not enough.

Battle of Isalydia - Undated, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory against a newly awakened Necron Dynasty. Said to be the start of the formation of the Venatores within the Chapter after 2nd to 7th Company was almost destroyed. Only 60 Marines, 10 from each company survived such ordeal.

Battle of Coronia - Undated, Imperial Victory against a Dark Eldar raiders and destroyed the webway within the planet.

Battle of Crysisial - Undated, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory against a massive Ork Waagh!. 4th Company was almost devastated.

Burning of Hive Vreuu - Undated, Imperial Defeat, loss of the half of the 5th and 6th companies Brothers on the failed reoccupation campaign. Exterminatus inducted due to high Chaos influence.

Loss Brothers - Undated, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory. gained the respect of the Space Wolves in the Silver Knights way of war after managing to save their own in a campaign gone wrong involving their lost brothers and is given the Master Crafted Power Axe Grim both as a gift and a gesture of friendship.

Known Ships

Chapter Barque

Dawn of Pride - Former Chapter Monastery

Battle Barges

Silver Midnight

Dangerous Night - The ship that bought the Primaris Marines into the chapter as well as their wargear and other equipment's of war. Officially turned over the Chapter after the 3rd Battle of Stanium and is what the temporary home of the Primaris Marines, now formed as the Noctis Militarres, until their task done.

Strike and Vanguard Cruisers

Gleaming Endurance - Vanguard Cruiser

Black Avenger - Strike Cruiser

Adamantine Will - Strike Cruiser


Legendary Spirit - Nova Class Frigate

Swift Viper - Hunter Class Destroyer

Bright Dawnlight - Gladius Class Frigate

Methodical Shadow - Rapid Strike Vessel

Lost Ships

Seventh Son - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M36)

Invasion Of Ice - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M36)

Soul Thunder - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M36)

Zealous Guardian - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M39)

Shadow Soul - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M39)

Glorious Heavenly - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M39)

Hero Of Nightmare - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M39)

Heavenly Squadron - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M39)

Swift Silver - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M39)

Crusader Destroyer - Rapid Strike Vessel (Destroyed M39)

Armor of Silvers - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M42)

Enchanted Sword - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M41)

Avenger Of Void - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M42)

Eternal Inferno - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M42)

Underworld Of Fable - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M42)

Fire Of Avenger - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M41)

Striding Domination - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M41)

Wandering Sword - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M42)

Arm Of Fire - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M41)

Invader Guard - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M42)

Heavenly Night - Rapid Strike Vessel (Destroyed M42)

Silver Executive - Rapid Strike Vessel (Destroyed M41)

Dawn of Crusader - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M41)

Mysterious Mentor - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M42)

Silvered Blade - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M41)

Conquerors Will - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M41)

Dark Pursuit - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M42)

Watcher of Chaos - Battle Barge (Destroyed M41)



Imperial Fist

The regarded as the most loyal and trusted servants of the Emperor himself as well as the parent chapter of the Silver Knights, it is well known that despite the distance and obvious differences, the Silver Knights is in close communication with it's brethren and brothers that are from the gene-stock of the Imperial Fists and would mobilize at a moments notice should anyone from them called out for an assistance. However, due to unknown reasons they are still, despite their services rendered and honors gained, the chapter has not been called to hold the Feast of Blades and it is suspected as stemming from the fact that they have not won even once in such festivities. Thus prompting the chapter as a whole to actually exceed and do more courageous and honorable deeds especially if they are fighting with a brethren from the Sons Of Dorn in the hopes that one day, their cousins, brothers and parent chapter, would let them have the honor to hold trust with them such festivities and earn their keep in the eyes of not only their kinsmen but to their Primarch himself.

Honor Incarnate

A group of Six Freeblade Knights who swore allegiance to the chapter after the battle of Secundus Invictus and now residing in Stanium waiting for the calls of war where they chapter answers and they travel with whatever company the chapter sends to such call, providing their support in the field of battle. The group is formed around the Knight's Hardened Will a Questoris Knight Styrix Pattern as seemingly the de facto leader of the group, followed by, Blackened Heart a Questoris Knight Magaera Pattern, Vigilant Eyes a Knight Crusader Pattern, Infinite Vengeance Cerastus Knight-Atrapos Pattern, Reason of Penitence a Knight Castellan Pattern and Bloodied Will a Knight Armiger Warglaive Pattern. With the Third battle of Argentum however, three knights had fallen to the defense of the Chapters Homeworld and only Hardened Will, Infinite Vengeance and Reason of Penitence survived until the end of the battle for the planet.

The three fallen knights were then salvaged by the mechanicus and their machines now are statues which were erected and placed on each of the gates of the respected Kingdoms which in their defense did they fell to eternally serve as a reminder and the vigilant watcher of its entrances and each of such kingdoms rulers then made sure of adopting the mark of the freeblade that those knights shows into their kingdoms banner to both honor and remember the unnamed warriors that fell in their defense.

Adeptus Mechanicus

Had always been in touch and is in good terms with the chapter even before the battle of Forge World Barradites Maine, due to this, the chapter had been blessed with great amounts of wargear and new equipments in the chapters early space faring days, provided that the chapter will continue to help the Imperium and the Adepts of Mars to free any known mineral rich planet to alien and chaos threats. After acquiring a world of their own however, the deal was changed into providing support to the nearby Forge World in Stanium's Sector when the Forge World needs it in exchange for new equipment's and supplies straight from the forges itself as well as security of both planets to any invasion, incursion or the least probable but still possible rebellion.

Adepta Sororitas

The Sisterhood was indebted after the events of saving their fellow sisters in the daemonic invasion of the Shrine World Maidens Lost, in order to settle this, the Sisterhood offered an allegiance of both trust and friendship to the chapter, and will do their best in providing aid whenever it is needed and the chapter will do so too vice-versa.


Alpha Legion

After many disastrous battles against this legion, the chapter had been on a never ending crusade of vengeance, swearing to do whatever it takes to take what is rightfully theirs and purge the known Galaxy of this elusive traitor Space Marine Legion once and for all.

Word Bearers

After the costly and destructive attack on their homeworld and chapter, the surviving Silver Knights renewed another oath of vengeance, making the whole company of Primaris Marines along with the most senior Apothecary, Chaplain and Librarian that survived the attack and the chosen Chapter Champion and Captain of the Second Company, to simply hunt down the surviving Word Bearers that attacked their home and tried to steal their most precious relic Liber Exterminii and turned their backs on them in defeat as both a rite of passage and test for the new breed to enter the ranks of the Silver Knights. With their Armor now painted with the Raven Black color of death itself, a direct distinction from which of the chapters colors, as per the order of the chapter master, the Primaris Marines are now reborn, where they ventured towards the stars in their pursuit of the last of the traitorous ship for vengeance, honor, redemption and total acceptance.


Aside from creating massive discomfort to the local populace and other parts of the Galaxy at large, the Silver Knights hold a special place of hate towards the Orks. The Feral Orks of Stanium are treated with much resent and annoyance that every man could give. Thus in every standard week the PDF and the Silver Knights 9th and 10th Company would always scour the world for 5 days and 5 nights hunting within the planets jungles and mountains to extinguish the Ork infestation/population off of the planet, great fires left on their wake as a sign of the enemies total destruction. In some rare cases, Ork infested planet found by the Silver Knights sometimes is simply just be subjected to a Virus Bombing, Atmospheric Incinerator Torpedo Bombing or if lacking of such weapons by any other means of Exterminatus as it would just be considered as a waste of precious resources if they were to land and attempt to cleanse the planet inch by bloody inch.


Knowing the great threat a fully woken and working Necron Dynasty can do, the Silver Knights chapter is ever vigilant of whatever is happening beyond the Veil, they work hard to contain threats that seems to rise, stopping the massive wave before it can make a real disaster and problem to the Imperium. Tedious and the tasks are as merciless as thankless they may be, the Silver Knights still bring the war to any newly awoken or waking Tomb Worlds, ending the threat before it would grow in size, simply battling and containing the numberless foe into a stalemate that would seemingly go on for eternity. Reminding the Necrons that humanity is not as frail as they seem to be and they should have just slept for eternity as the Galaxy is a harsh place to be in and harsher still to be with.



"You are now both More Than Human and Less Than Human also, Remember that well when you fight. What they can't defeat, is the thing you can always terminate."
—Apothecary Ulricke Beastclaw
"One thing in the field for you initiates to remember is that we all trust in you. Don't think any less than of that. Skill and Faith brothers. Trust your brothers beside you and trust your rifles. Remember that the crows had sung their names today, and today they shall die."
—Chaplain Tiberius Vessarius
"The only thing you must put in your mind in the battle is survival, you are no use to the Imperium if you are dead."
—Veteran Sergeant Alrick Vireie
"The Only Thing The Enemy Shall Know When They Hear Our Names is ANNIHILATION. Nothing more nor less than that is acceptable!"
—1st Chapter Master
"I have trust in my skill and faith in the Emperor, with this hand I shall end thy enemies life and with this rifle shall I deliver justice and hope with every fire."
—Prayers of faith by initiates before every battle
"The Ancestors watch over us, and we will not fail to deliver, the Ancestors watch over us. AND WE WILL NOT FAIL TO KILL ALL THOSE WHO WISH TO OPPOSE US!"
—Chaplain Freidium Marriued


Feel Free To Add Your Own

"Oh sure, take your time preparing to bombard the enemy. We'll just be there, hacking them apart and dying in glory while you prepare. Don't look at me like that, I was trying to be funny.... Sheesh, you guys are too serious."
—One of the Khagarsan of the Laughing Skull talking with a random Silver Knight marine.
"They are slow, cumbersome and loud. And they hit like an Imperitor titan. If they have time to prepare their strike, no bastion in the galaxy will survive it, if they are caught unawares, they will crumble like a glass giant. Theres a reason we are playing cat and mouse right now brother, we are buying time."
—Veteran Brother Avra of the Obsidian Blades