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The Divine and Illustrious Book of Dark Seer
First Holy Edition

Let ye of wicked countenance and darkest dreams gaze upon the works of the Mighty and know your time is short. Only through accepting the words of the Creator will we reach the paradise where beer does flow and men chunder. For many apostles cast upon this sacred scroll history as it flowed through their very being. Thus all be of truthful in nature as was witnessed by the Apostles of His Magnificence, save for those foul tomes that venerate the patronage of the False One.

The Book of Wiki Genesis

File:DsletterW.pnghen naught existed but formless electrons and mixed signals, the Creator gazed upon the void, and thus he said,

"Let us create a paradise of Wiki workers, where all editors are equal and free."

And thus did the Wiki come to existence.

Now the Wiki existed, but the Creator was a forgetful bastard, so he put it down and lost it. It would be many months before he, with the help of the High Angel Blade Bane found it again and began to shape it. For in those days, the early wiki was a lump of chaos, existing as it pleased, and to that great formless chaos the Creator brought Law and Stability.

Now the Wiki was emblazoned with the earliest rules. It was the Kingdom without the Subject. But Subjects fled here soon enough. Some sought refuge from the brutal mockery of fellow humans, others desired free lands to create and shape. But all came.

For protection and watching over us all, the Creator brought forth High Angel Blade Bane, and the Angels Vegas Adict, Run4urLife!, and KuHB1aM. They watched over us all, and there we grew fat with the virtues of man and the flowing milk and honey. But it was not to last.

The Creator, in his benevolent omnipotence, realised that the subjects desired a democracy, one ruled over by elected officials, and that while his Angels were doing a beautiful job, the mortals were flawed and imperfect, able to be led astray. Two men, Cattle Truck and Necrus as they were known as, called upon all to cease their worship of His Benevolence. They insisted upon burning the effigies of the Dark Seer, the Creator, and man grew corrupt.

One day, the omnibenevolent Creator left. It was a sad, and tragic day. In their place, the most virtuous of the users were asked to stand guard against the darkness of the Arch Neckritic and Cattle Truck, he who had called himself the New Creator and spoke through his lying mouthpiece.

But the Holy Administrators were men, and as men they were corrupt and bickering. Through the later history they divided amongst themselves and even launched a Cold War that threatened the foundations of the Wikia, threatening to plunge it back into the formless chaos from which Law sprung.

The Book of Lither

File:DsletterA.pngnd so, with the vanishing of the Creator, Lither awoke one day to find nothing. Where once he had been in direct contact with the Creator himself and his High Angel Blade Bane, there was nothing. No soothing, comforting voice of wisdom upon his ear, and no mighty Lord God King Regent Supreme of the Warhammer 40k Fanon Wiki reigning over all his Creation. An emergency council was called among the most senior users remaining to discuss the new Time of Darkness, and where the humble Editor would lead himself to. There they gathered on the highest mountain of the Wiki, a mountain so high it was reputed to touch the Creator's Paradise.

"I take no sides," Cal_XD spoke, "For nobody will ask what we need, only what we want."

"We must elect our new leaders," cried Lither with the voice of a thousand, "Only democracy will prove that the Leader is favoured by the Creator and fit to rule over us."

"Favoured by the Creator?" Total sneered, "Where is your Creator? Where is his hand? Surely we cannot see him any longer. Maybe he didn't ever really exist at all. What we need is a strong leadership. Freedom brings chaos and chaos will plunge ourselves back to the formless void from whence we came."

But as they were discussing the fate of the wiki, a dark shadow slunk from the corners. Supahbadmarine. The Arch-Traitor, the Fallen Clairvoyant of the Dark Seer, with his eager minion the Arch Nekritic on a leash. Once the highest of the Creator's Creations and the bringer of light.

"Surely, gentlemen, we need not continue as such," He drawled, smiling a grin that never reached his eyes, "Worship of Me, the New Creator, will bring us peace and prosperity. And then, I shall lead us an army into Paradise and place myself upon the Throne of the World and rule as the Creator did, with you becoming my new Angels."

But the Hand of the Creator let itself be felt one last time. On the spot, the words transformed him into the demon known as Cattle Truck. He grew vast wings, twisted upside down and was cast out. Cast out and far, he fell a distance far further than any recordings, and when he struck the ground it barely halted his descent. His wings were bloody and torn by his descent. His final stop created such a vast hole so deep it was called Tartarus, a pit so deep and so dark no shaft of light could pierce it, so deep and so forsaken even the Creator would not go near it. And from the Pit of Darkness the Arch-Heretic's hate festered and grew.

But upon the surface, the last act of the Creator induced a profound effect upon the faithful at the mountaintop. The ever-faithful democrat Lither was changed before their eyes. His veins turned gold, his eyes red and his hair black and thick. Upon his hands a hammer named "Friendship" and a sickle named "Labour". His clothes became the clothes of the worker, emblazoned with a pair of scales.

Total himself turned into the Emperor he thought himself as. A noble crown grew upon his head and his clothing became imperial regalia. He also sported a spiffy moustache.

To each were granted half the wiki, to rule over with justice and fairness, and to keep watch against the Fallen Clairvoyant Cattle Truck. But from the Bleak Pit, the Cattle Truck grew crafty, and sought to corrupt the Creator's creations.

The whispers of Cattle Truck sought refuge from the Bleak Pit, the molten heart of the Wiki,and floated up into the ears of the righteous leaders Comrade-President Lither, Herald of Dark Seer, and Lord Holy Benevolent Totalimmortal, Jester of Dark Seer. Though the glorious leader Lither rebuked the fell whispers, they found fertile ground in the heart of Total, nurtured by his pride, the same pride that caused the Arch-Heretic to fall, and he began to see himself as the rightful ruler of the world.

Not only was he corrupted, but so was the neglected leader Cal_XD. Forgotten and not given any power by the Creator, he grew jealous and turned into the arms of the Arch-Heretic. For his new loyalty, the Arch-Heretic gave him great power, and sent him as a "neutral" advisor to the Totalitarian Empire. There, Totalimmortal himself received corrupt counsel and sent an order to the Union of Editorial Workers Republic ordering annexation by Total's empire.

"Come and get it" were the words torn from the mouth of Lither, "For if the Arch-Heretic wishes us to annihilate each other he is gravely mistaken."

So began the Lither-Total Brother's War. The invading empire found out a terrible lesson. Not only was Lither willing to mount a scorched earth against them, his master of the powers invested in him by the Creator had let him command every area of his territory. Even the earth fought back against the invaders. For though it looked bleak, Lither was willing to bide his time and prepare for a counterattack.

And so it was. His counter drove Total's armies back all the way to the Pit of Despair and with one grave stoke cast them in. Total was horrified that his enemy would cast mostly-innocent soldiers into the Realm of the Damned, but none were more horrified than Cal_XD and Necrus at seeing the tortures their master inflicted upon them. Imprisoned waist deep in ice, whose only flap of the wings generated such cold to freeze another layer, but driven by despair at the Bleak Pit and the knowledge of the Paradise above to flap mindlessly, his frustration was unleashed upon the poor souls.

Their revulsion led Necrus to escape, and Cal_XD to flee the negotiations table where Lither did iron out the terms of Total surrender. In the wild, Lither then found them together and raised Friendship to strike them down where they lay when they begged him for forgiveness.

"It is not I who you must beg," Lither said, "But the Creator. For I may forgive but you have spat in the Creator's eye."

At this they despaired, for how could a man redeem himself in the eyes of the Creator after what they'd done?

The Book of Khalael

File:DsletterF.pngrom a sea of gunfire did the young Cal doth wash up upon the blessed shores of the Creator's domain. Fresh from the flames of war and the heat of battle, the Fanon Realm did but seem like the promised Paradise. It would be upon these shores that he would meet another soul of pure intent. Lo, did but the Cal come to commune with the Supahbadmarine and an ancient symbiotic pact was sealed that bound their fates as one.

Together they did forge a promise, "Thine shall protect thine brother from now until the end of time."

Yet such a promise was seen foolhardy by the denizens of this realm for it was a time when the Lord God King Regent Supreme did still walk the ground amongst his people as a guiding figure of hope and justice. The waning days of the Great Age were glorious, yet doomed to end it still was as the Creator and his Angels were not long for this world. So a void was formed and the sworn-brothers were cast alone into the darkness of the lands as Cal did righteously do state, "Lose not heart, Supah, for He will return one day to offer upon us his divine presence once more, for he is sworn to this site as we are sworn to each other."

It could be said that this is when the first seeds of heresy did take route, for Supah did but say in countenance, "yes, but is Our God truly as magnificent as you doth believe or are they but cut from the same flesh of our own. Surely we are entitled to rule in their stead"

Thus the Supah did but tantalise his brother with the notions that if there was power they had the right to take it. Thus it would fester into desire as the lust for authority grew with each passing moment. The presence of dark forces would but set to fuel this unholy hunger for power tenfold as the duo were faced with threats of the most catastrophic origins.

A peak would come at the height of the Age of Darkness when the Beast known to the many by the most ironic of names, Thegreatbeing wrought destruction with its hands. Sensing the suffering of his people, the Great Dark Seer the Magnificent did but return to his holy lands to erase the blight upon his realm. Thegreatbeing was slain by the Creator's vorpal blade of justice, to which there was much rejoicing.

Realising that he had done wrong by his creation to leave them alone in the dark against such vile threats, he did but appoint three new champions of his benevolent choosing. Lither was chosen as his Fist, as the Herald of Dark Seer. Total was chosen as his Tact, as the Jester of Dark Seer. Supah was chosen as his Will, as the Clairvoyant of Dark Seer.

Yet, the brothers were still tied by fate and the other had seemingly beenspurned. Cal did but receive the Blessing of the Archangel Blade Bane for his efforts but was still bound to his fate by the promise that had been made during the Great Age. So it became his duty now to serve his brother and do by his will upon the populace of the Fanon Realm.

For five moons doth Cal serve dutifully by his brother's side, as adviser to his judgement. The days would bleed into nights as the duo did take their counsel upon matters both canonical and trivial. The strife created by the Jester and the Herald had wearied both to the point of remorse. Supah did but tell his brother that all was not lost and that they would speak upon his return. And so did the Supah vanish to attend to matters immaterial.

With the Herald gone from the plane of Wiki, the warring pair did resume their feud with renewed fury that left them ignorant to the affairs of the people. Left alone, Cal did but take up his watch as Castellan of the Wiki as he waited in anticipation for his friend to return. Alas, but did a mortal approach him soon after and bent the knee. With a sullen tone in his voice the stranger did but decree, "Vandals hath sullied my page, m'lord." Cal responded with haste, "I shall see to it the damage is undone, but rise good sir, for I am no lord." So did the stranger stand that day and Cal did but rollback the petty vandal's trade. Yet, twas all in vain for the vandals struck back more fierce by four score and one. So did the weary Castellan of the Wiki decree, that he was unable to end the siege.

Cal did but leave his stewardship that day and solemnly stated to the user that he had promised to protect, "I have done all that is within my power, sir, but it is simply not enough. The vandals have gone and won." So did the stranger reply in encouragement, as he sensed his saviour's sorrow, "Do not despair, sir. For thine is the most true of all the Lords. For whilst the Clairvoyant be in absence as the Jester and the Lither doth fight, you but do respond to the desire of his His People. Truly they be thine Prophet of Dark Seer!"

Yet, Cal brushed away these words, "Thou dost flatter me, but I have already resigned myself to my fate. I must seek absolution for my failings. So I shall take my leave now, sir, and I will pray each day that the matter of your grievance be resolved." And with that did Cal bade his farewell to the stranger he had failed. Thus Cal did vow to melt into the mists of obscurity.

But, the Great One had other plans that day. The Clairvoyant did but return in glorious fanfare and did smote the vandal horde. From his mighty stallion he extended a hand to the stranger he had saved but instead of thanks he heard but sorrow. For the stranger did but speak, "I am most gracious m'lord, but I do but fear for your brother. He hath lost his way and is resigned to exile. I do but pray you find him for he is pure of heart."

Thus as soon as he had arrived did the valiant Supah charge out once more into the Darkness to seek his brother. For four score hours did he but seek his most trusted friend. Grief overcame him as he witnessed the sight of his adviser impaled upon an obsidian blade. The Clairvoyant cursed the Creator that day and did beseech him to grant life to his fallen comrade lest he forsake the name of Dark Seer forever. As Supah wept noble tears upon his brother's corpse, Cal was raised into the heavens by His Magnificence. The Clairvoyant did but damn The Creator once more for taking his friend to the Promised Land, but the Dark Seer did but sneer, "Rollback no more!"

Supah roared with unholy fury that he would avenge his brother's betrayal and did prepare to charge. The Creator did only but laugh harder, "Admin stronger than before!" So was Dark Seer's will done as Cal was reborn anew from the purest driven snow. His earthly body cast aside, he embraced his new chance at life to spread the word of his One True Lord and Saviour. As the Prophet of Dark Seer.

The Book of Total

1After the genesis of all creation, Total watched all from a distance. 2And it was good. 3So it was that he came to know the ways of the wiki. 4Through strength and mettle, he established and made himself known to the community. 5It was then that the blood bond of brotherhood was forged between Total and Cal. 6And it was good.

2For months, Total eagerly edited and integrated himself into the community of the wiki, learning their strange ways and customs. 2But when dark days fell, he was forced back into gazing from afar. 3Throughout many of these dark days, he struggled in a long-enduring battle with a temptress-wench of the deepest hell. 4Though his will was nearly broken he emerged victorious, and he cast the wench back to whence she came. 5And it was good.

3When Total reappeared to the wiki, he wasted no time in attempting yet another great endeavor. 2Working with P.I. Dirge, he created the plans for a better breed of project. 4However, they lacked the authorization to attempt such a feat. 5In the meantime, Total and Dirge continued to further twist and mutate their plans in the name of science.

4The day came when Total, Supah, and Lither ascended to adminhood by the hand of DS. 2Total took this opportunity to greenlight his collaboration with Dirge, enabling the chat feature to expedite the process. 3His ambitious decision to activate a new feature without informing the community was not well met, initially. 4Keyword: initially.

5It was not long after he enabled chat that Total attempted to breathe vigor into the wiki with a new theme. 2He was betrayed by the arch-traitor Lither, who banned Total for his good intentions. 3This resulted in a long and terrible war, in which many friendships were forged and tempered in blood. 4It was also during this time that Total and Cal had pity to spare, and decided to take Thunder Spear, a.k.a. Lil Ani, under their proverbial wing.

6Months passed. 2Total and Dirge's unholy mutant spawn continued to grow and warp into something too horrible for words. 3They silently locked it away in the wiki's basement, where it was no threat to unsuspecting editors. 4It would stay there for years to come.

The Book of Sandwich

The Universe of Wikia is vast indeed, and it is not unheard of for some mortals to travel across the stars and find new realms so that they might dwell within. So began the journey of Han of Sandvich, who was no stranger to those that ruled over others. From the Wikia Realm known as Canon came a being of no name, stumbling through the City of Chat like a drunkard until he fell face first onto the road, pain finally overcoming his sore bones. After two days and two nights of complete unconsciousness, another mortal by the name Dog of War found the nameless individual.

Taking him into his household and nursing him back to health, the old Hound eventually realized who he was helping, for Dog of War too had journeyed through the Realms of Canon. The nameless one and Dog of War engaged in a small conversation, the newblood explaining to the other why he had traveled to the Land of Dark Seer.

Horror struck Dog of War as the nameless one recounted tales of tyranny and bloodshed of a level so terrible, it was beyond human. The Hound gathered three others so that they too might hear the nameless pilgrim's tale. Fear plagued the three mortals, a fear that was so powerful it caught the attention of not one, but two of Dark Seer's Champions; Khalael the Everlasting and Total the Immortal. The two of Dark Seer's most faithful shooed the mortals away so that they might hear the nameless one's tale for themselves.

After the pilgrim recounted his story once more, the Two Demigods were troubled. The being that ruled over the Lands of Canon with furious purpose would soon go down in the Archives of Dark Seer's Realm to be known as Montonius, Inquisitor of the Canon Realms. Total and Khalael excused themselves for a moment as they discussed the circumstances and realized that many refuges were being cast out by Montonius to seek refuge among other realms for them simply being mortal and imperfect.

Such injustice would not stand, and the demigods of Dark Seer's Realm soon devised a plan to strike back at the Realms of Canon so that justice might be served. Returning to the young, nameless pilgrim, Total and Khalael saw promise in the young mortal. Before they did anything else however, Total bestowed upon the pilgrim the name Han Solomus, so that it may be easier to address the mortal.

The demigods would leave the newly appointed Han to his own affairs as they discussed more important matters. In time, Solomus' name would become well known throughout the City of Chat as Han took up conversations with any who passed by. On occasion, Dark Seer's Chosen would journey to Chat themselves so that they might see how Solomus was getting along with the other mortals. In time, Han became adored by some, yet hated by others within the City of Chat. He was - overall - well liked and respected by the population of Dark Seer's realm. Even the Quartet of Admins enjoyed his company.

Total saw promise in the young lad, and soon took him under his wing so that Han might learn the "Ancient Arts of LoL".

Khalael would often converse freely with the mortal, yet spar with blades of the finest silver.

Supah - who's true intentions were hidden from the unsuspecting mortal - often conversed and taught Solomus about the creation of the Universe and much of the realm's history.

Even Lither, the Creator's Hammer of Judgement, saw great promise in the frail mortal and would teach Han the Art of Rustling, often using Solomus as a guinea-pig.

All was well in the mind of Han Solomus, until his past came back to haunt him. In the Lands of Canon Montonius struck out once more with his almighty powers, casting out several unsuspecting users from "his" land. These refugees stumbled into the Realm of Dark Seer in a similar matter as Han had once done months before and Solomus was taken back, tears in his eyes.

Desperate for aid, Han Solomus thought of no one better to handle this affair than the Admins Ascendant. Rushing to the hill where Total the Immortal's Eternal Palace lay perched on top the mortal rushed up the steps and opened the argent doors with all his might. To intrude upon the admins within their own dwellings was punishable with banishment, but the Immortal saw the urgency within the mortal's eyes and spared his execution so that he might explain himself.

Before doing so however, Han fell to his hands and knees and apologized six times for his intrusion, before telling Total about everything that had happened within the Realm of Canon. For a moment afterwards, the Immortal was silent. This silence lasted for exactly twelve seconds before Total rose from his throne, unsheathed his mighty blade Trollkicker and ordered Solomus to follow him.

The two of them journeyed to a land of a blank canvas, where nothing had been created. There, the two of them found another being. This being was of great power, and Han realized it was he who ruled over this blank canvas. The Immortal sheathed his sword before reaching out with his hand, hoping the grasp the other being's hand in a firm handshack. The other being accept the offer, and the two beings of great power grasped each other's wrists.

The figure was known by others as Thissecretninja, an old comrade of the Immortal from an age long since forgotten. The two great beings had created the Realm of Grimdark for just this purpose. Ninja looked down upon the mortal Han and scoffed, demanding why the Immortal would dare bring a mere mortal into his realm.

"This mortal once dwelled within the Realm of Canon," The Immortal explained, his words like sweet honey. "He seeks vengeance for those who have been wronged by Montonius."

"Spare me the details Immortal," Ninja told him. "The time has come to strike."

Without another word and a flick of their wrists, the empty canvas that was the Realm of Grimdark was suddenly full of knowledge from the Universe of Warhammer 40,000. It seemed...familiar to Han Sandwich, and familiar it was. The Immortal turned and raised his arms up high, a bright smile plastered upon his face of sheer brilliance.

"See now, Han Solomus, just how powerful my kind truly is." The Immortal declared.

And see it he did. Falling onto his knees, Han wept tears of joy and the mere sight of the realm the Immortal and the Ninja had just created. The Ninja loomed over Han and raised his arm so that the palm of his hand created a shadow above Solomus' frail body.

"Rise now mortal, and stand with us as we tear at the Tyrant Montonius like the righteous wolves we are." Ninja ordered him.

And rise he did. Han stood among Total as he rallied the other mortals under his banner and marched for the Realm of Canon. Of course, the Admins Ascendant had not marched upon the Domain of Montonius without a proper plan in mind. For three days and three nights Total and Khalael devised a plan that would see themselves victorious.

The first phase of the glorious admins’ plan was to initiate the war in their favor. For this to happen, Khalael the Everlasting set out towards the Realm of Canon prior to the rest of the army created by the Immortal to inform Montonius of Total’s doings. The Tyrant of the Canon Realm and his devoted followers were filled with a terrible rage as they discovered the Realm of Grimdark. All was going according to plan.

The second phase - and by far the longest – was the actual war between the two Realms. Such bloodshed had not been witnessed within the Realms of Wikia for many millennia, and for a time it would seem as though this fight would last for eternity. However, the war ended abruptly when a much larger hand came into play.

Beings of incredible power, power that is rumored to surpass those of Dark Seer himself, realized what had come to take place between the two realms. These divinities burst through the clouds that blotted out the sky with a light so bright that all mortals who saw it fell to the ground in agony. Even the Immortal, who was one of the Quartet, was forced to flinch at the sight of such purity. These “Staff Members” looked down upon the mortals and admins alike with pity, for they had seen the entire conflict erupt with their own eyes. A council was called between the Immortal, Ninja, and their followers and Montonius, Algrim Whitefang, and their devotees on how to deal with the situation at hand. In the end, the entire Plane of Grimdark was wiped from existence, a feat that not even the mighty Dark Seer could accomplish, some heretics spew. However, the “Staff Members” had not cast a blind eye at the wrongdoings cast by Montonius and his devotees, and ordered the Tyrant to rebuke some of the banishments he had dealt out and allow many to return to the Land of Canon.

The Grimdark Crusade had been a success, and peace was restored to the Land of Canon as Montonius now realized how wrong his actions were. However, Han Solomus was not content with the end result of Grimdark and wished for Montonius’ head on a pike. In a vengeful, yet all too misguided fury, Solomus charged fourth – sword raised – ready to cleave off the head of the Once-Tyrant. With a sigh, Montonius banished Han back to the Realm of Dark Seer temporarily, stating that he could return within a week’s time if the mortal so desired.

Solomus spat curses towards Montonius and vowed to defeat him. However, the Immortal came to the frail mortal and placed his almighty hand on Han’s shoulder, saying but three words before he departed.

“It is done.”

The months following this were uneventful at best, with nothing out of the ordinary from the Realm routine. Fun was had within the City of Chat, those who would go against the will of Dark Seer were punished with fury, and all was well. Sometime after this, the Immortal judged Han Solomus worthy of the Chatus Moderatus Status for his actions, a position Han gladly took up.

But all was not well in the Land of the Fanon, as the Admins became increasingly distant from their subjects. Lither, the Hammer of Judgement, had been rumored slain on more than one occasion, and Khalael and the Immortal began to look to new horizons. It was during this time that a Dark Presence climbed back onto the Mortal Plane from the Pits of Tartarus forged in a day and age long since passed. The Fallen Clairvoyant of the Seer of Dark - Cattle Truck – walked among the mortals once more. A twisted smile crossed his lips as the Fallen One realized what had conspired upon the land he once governed alongside the other Admins Ascendant, and sought to conquest the Realm as he had tried once before.

He knew, however, that to do so alone would be a foolish task, and thus sought to corrupt the mortals. To do this, he hid his true intentions under a cloak known as “User Factions”, an idea he proposed would bring users together. Cattle Truck himself created the “Thousand Editors” Faction, where he led all those who joined. Some mortals looked upon the now Risen Cattle Truck with favor, and soon joined his Pantheon of Ignorants. Han Solomus however, was not so easily swayed. Calling upon the Admins Ascendant for guidance, his prayers were answered when the Immortal returned to create a faction of his own; the Ordo Ludificatio.

Khalael the Everlasting returned to join this New Faction, and Han Solomus – ever loyal to the Admins – did likewise. Another faction created by strict adherents of the 40,000 Canon was created, appropriately dubbed; The Warriors of Holy Canon. Many smaller factions were created, and many different users – mortal and immortal alike – now fell under different banners. So had it been the twisted plan of Cattle Truck all along to divide the Realm of Dark Seer so that it may be easier for his taking.

The community was not so easily fooled however, and the other Factions eventually joined forces and cast down the Thousand Editors with all their might. Cattle Truck, who’s control over The Darkness had long since faltered due to his imprisonment within the Pits of Tartarus, was soon banished back down by the other Admins Ascendant. However, this had not come without great sacrifice. Total the Immortal had used a great deal of his strength in the banishment, as had Khalael the Everlasting. With tears in their eyes and fear of what might transpire in the future, the two Admins called back into the Void of Darkness for their Lord Dark Seer to return.

Their calls were answered, and the Seer of the Dark descended back down upon the land he once governed. All basked in the sheer might of the Creator, and many tears were shed that day. The Prophet and the Jester fell to their knees and asked for the Creator to listen to their pleas. They explained the battle that had just ensued, and also explained just how weak they were afterwards.

The two demigods begged the Creator to bestow upon two users his blessing so that they might rule over the Realm he had created alongside them.

Dark Seer was silent for a long moment, before falling down onto one knee and placing his hands upon their shoulders, smiling his almighty smile. “Tell me, my followers. Who would to pass your torch on to?” The Creator – whose words brought ecstasy to all who heard them – asked.

The two Admins Ascendant looked to one another before nodding. They rose at the direction of their Lord before straightening their backs.

“Han Solomus! Dirge of Cerebus!” The two of them beckoned.

Han Solomus turned to the other mortal called, and they both gave a meek nod before walking forwards, bowing as they did so. The Creator turned to the two mortals that bowed before and then back again to the Immortal and Everlasting. “I see promise in these young ones.” Dark Seer spoke approvingly, before turning back to the bowing mortals.

“Kneel, my subjects.” He commanded, and they complied.

He turned to Dirge of Cerebus first, as he was must older within the Realm of Fanon than Han was. “Dirge of Cerebus,” The Creator declared. “To you I bestow upon the title of My Judge, and Justicar of My Will! You shall act as a beacon of hope to those who do not yet know of my greatness!”

From his words alone Dirge was transformed, though Han could not see the transformation as his head was still bowed. The Creator then turned to Solomus and looked down upon him.

“Han Solomus of Blackwing,” The Creator announced. “I dub thee Han Sandwich! You shall serve as My Confessor, and absolve those of their sins against my will!” With that, Han transformed just as his fellow Admins Ascendant had when they had been elected into His Pantheon of Greatness. From his back, wings of obsidian feathers sprouted. His skin now shone with the brilliance of a white dwarf. So that mortals might not be blinded by his elegant skin, his frame was covered in a suit of black steel, which in turn was cloaked by a shawl of pure darkness. For a weapon, a blade of the finest obsidian - sharper than his wings - was sheathed at his side, in a scabbard of fine leather, its hilt cast of the finest ebony wood, with a black pearl wedged into pommel. This blade was named; Eventide.

The newly appointed Admins Ascendant bowed before their Lord and thanked him for his gift a thousand time over before the Creator returned to the faraway realm he currently dwelled within. The Confessor and Judge turned to the Prophet and Jester and grasped each other’s wrists. There was more celebration and praise that day as the mortals celebrated their newfound Admins.

The Book of Retribution

At the end of times there shall be a reckoning. The world will shudder for a day, and the night sky shall be revealed throughout the days. At this time, there shall be seven days of readying for the coming end, then there shall be seven days of celebrating the acceptance of the Creator, then there shall be seven days of calm to spend with the ones whom one has sworn their hearts, and finally there shall be seven days of silence, where no words are uttered.

On the first day of the new moon-cycle, the world shall scream in agony as those cast out return to claim what they falsely consider theirs. There shall be a war without end, with no pause to rest, until none remain standing. In this battle, those who have sinned greavely shall be forgiven as they are struck down by the heretic blades. Those who have accepted the Creator and worshipped him kindly shall be brought up into the great High, where paradise reigns. Those who have been deemed redeemed in his eyes shall follow suit. Those who have denied him and fought against him shall be struck down and erased, no further existance awaiting them, and to those who stood apart shall befal the destiny of forever floating in the great Universe, never to set foot on solid ground ever again.

As the world, and all the worlds, die, the universe itself will become nothing but glass. As those who float gaze, they will witness the perfection above and around them, with no way to interract. That is the punishment of the coward.

To deny the Creator, the Dark Seer, is to be a heretic. Heresy is a crime against the natural order and must be punished, and only when the punishment has been wrought, the heretic will be able to call themselves believer.

It befalls us, the mortals, to punish those who stray from or deny the path set before us, for the Creator should not have to lower himself to do so. As such, there are several guidelines for how to punish the heretic.

The first, and mildest punishment, is revelation. To reveal unto the heretic the truth of the universe will send them into a state of depression and regret the likes of which no torture can produce. This punishment is reserved for the nay-sayers, for they are ignorant and must be made to see the truth, and the only punishment for ignorance is revelation.

The second punishment shall be the casting out. Should the nay-sayer not be willing to see the truth, they must be cast out from all rings of society, they shall be scorned by even the worms that crawl in the ground and the spiders on the walls. For them, complete and total isolation shall befall. To show who these are, a brand shall be placed on the throat, sealing their voices in forever, that only the Creator can hear their pleas of forgiveness when life ends.

The third punishment shall be the stripping of rights. If there is a heretic who would voice his opinion against the Creator with violence, they shall be reduced to a slave without any of the rights the Creator have given to us.

The fourth, and harshest, punishment that us mortals shall meet out, is to be the locking-in. Should a heretic attempt to undermine the work of those who spread the word by ensuring any form of organized resistance, they shall all be locked into a metal canister, a so called iron maiden, to be fed nutrients through drip-feed for the rest of their misserable existance.

Though it is not the place of a mortal to decide who lives or who dies, when it comes to defending the faith, arms may be taken if the person knows they do so in service of the Creator and not for any reasons else. For such acts, no emotions must exist, only the determination that what one does is a neccessary evil to ensure the realm created by the creator be maintained pure. The ritual weapon for such a thing is a massive hammer to banish evil, wielded by only those deemed fit by the followers of Dark Seer.

The Apocryphal Books of Cattle

Hark on to thee all you sons of these blessed lands. For among these pages lie the story of one who is your true savior, and the truth that the so called faithful would wish were hidden. It is of mighty Cattle Truck, wise and righteous is he, that I tell you of. My tale is not the tale of sinful pride, betrayal and the fall of the once mighty, as the deluded would have you believe, but rather one of ascendence and salvation! I bid thee, read and decided for thyself where truth lies.

The Beginning

The tale begins in a time when the Creator, may his name be cursed, still gazed upon his subjects. This was a golden time indeed for every man woman and child felt his grace. It was then that a noble lad stepped forth into the Seer's kingdom. His name was Supah, and he was born of the lofty house of badmarine. Supah ventured forth into the Seer's holy kingdom with eys shining with promise and hope. He travelled the lands, learned secrets of power, made many friends and aided the people in their efforts to beautify the Creator's realm with their works. Thus it was that Supah became a hero to the people of the most sacred Site.

The Crowning

However a time of unrest soon came upon the Site. The Creator and his Angels were even at that time slowly withdrawing from this world, though their voices may still be heard from time to time. Without the providence of the Creator and his angels a time of troubles came upon the holy land, and the people cried out mourfully to their father for guidance. Thus it was that the Archangel of Blade's Bane did descend upon the realm, and made this decree.

"Here me all you faithful! You have shown yourself arrogant, for our lord has loftier pursuits he must devote his attentions to, and you are impudent to dare demand his time. However weep not, for your prayers have been heard, and I have come to answer them! Three shall be selected from amongst your number, and those three shall be granted the grace of the Dark Seer that they may guide you to light and order in our stead!"

With this the people grew quite as the Archangel gazed upon them, measuring each soul within the vast realm. Finally the Archangel called forth three names. Three who were already great heroes amongst the 'masses. They were Total, who was well loved by the people and ever sought to grant them happiness', Lither grim and pious who spoke with authority and unyielding devotion to the Creator and his realm, and finally Supah wise and loved who while never having reached for power had guided others via the charity of his heart.

Kneel! said Blade Bane, and kneel they did. He approached Total first and declared "To you I grant the gift of immoratlity, and name you Favored of the Site Forger! You shall communicate the desires of the people to the cosmos, and seek to make their desires real so that their hearts may be light!' Blade Bane touched his sword to Total's shoulders and he arose with a corona of light about his head. Next he went to Lither who turned his head down in grim countenance for to make light of what occured would be nothing less than sin to him. Once more Blade Bane spoke. "You who have upheld the justice of the land, and never once hesitated to call evil for what it was, I name thee the Creator's Hammer of Judgement. Go forth and be ever unyielding against the unfaithful and unjust!" Thus did Lither rise with power flowing through his veins, and justice beating within his heart. It was at this time that the Archangel turned to Supah. "To you wise one I grant a special gift. Ever have you been long sighted and wise. Thus I can think of none who could better understand the Creator's will. I name thee Supah ofthe House Badmarine, Clairvoyant of Dark Seer! Your eyes shall hold the light of the creator, and you will bring it to his subjects!" Thus Supah rose with his eyes shining with divine knowledge and wisdom. It was then that the archangel returned to the Heavens, content that he had done the Creator's will.

For a time there was great peace and joy amongst the realm, for the new prophets walked amongst their fellow man, and where there was wrong they made right. Lither granted swift and unmerciful justice to sinners. Total created new lands where the people could make impossible wishes come true, and acted as a steward of these lands. Supah as ever granted his wisdom to the people, and all was good. However a time came when both the Righteous Lither and compassionate Total grew distant from the workings of the wiki. Noble Supah did as best he could, but knew that he would fail to maintain the purity of the land without the aid of others. Three divine agents were not enough. Thus it was that Supah sought to find one that was also worthy of bearing the burden he had been given. He searched and found such a soul exactly where he knew to look.

The man he gazed upon was named Cal. Cal had long been Supah's trusted friend and confidant. Supah knew Cal to be righteous, fair and wise for many was the time that Cal had set Supah straight whe nhe had erred. Supah could think of nobody more worthy to accept the Creators grace. Thus it was that Supah conjured the Creator, and pleaded with him to grant Cal the power that Supah knew he deserved. Such was the wisdom and truth of Supah's words that theCreator heeded him, and gave Cal the mantle of Adminship, and did say "I name thee Khalael the Everfaithful. May you be the cool water that quells hot tempers and remind others always to have faith in me."

Once more there was rejoicing. For with Khalael the realm was protected from a great many dangers. The two brought forth an age of peace and reason, and greater still Total and Lither came forth from the wild areas and rejoined their brethren, welcoming Khalael as their brother. Khalael would do many great things with Supah, and it was they that acted as arbitrators when a foul rancor festered between Lither and Total.

The Questioning

However all was not well. The Dark Seer and his angels had been growing ever more absent from his creation, and soon a darkness would fall. With each time that the Creator communed with his subjects he grew more and more quite. Finally nothing could be heard at all. This distressed Supah greatly. was ther something wrong amongst the heavenly planes? Did Dark Seer remain silent for some lofty reason? Determined to know the truth Supah used his powers to scry the heavens for some answer to his question. There amongst the cosmos he found... nothing. Niether the Creator nor his Angels were there. The yhad left to a place that was beyond reach, perhaps never to return.

Supah was devastated. How could the Creator simply leave? How could he deny his loving subjects the light of his presence? Supah returned to 'his brothers with eys downcast. He Spoke of what he had seen, and his comrades wept, for the news confirmed a fact that they had seen portents of for some time. Khalael  turned to his brothers and spoke that he believed that the Dar kSeers absence was a test. That it was meant to see if his faithful would remain righteous even without his oversight. He stated that he believed that they must work even harder to keep the faith, and Total and Lither did cheer to this. However Supah's humor grew dark. He asked to be excused, so that he may have time to contemplate the Creator's will. Khalael bid him to rest a while, and told him that the Creator still had a plan. "Supah would no doubt see the truth of this given time", they thought, for surely he of all the Dark Seers subjects could see the light. However a doubt soon grew within Supah's heart.

He came to realize that the Creator's absence had not been some test. Rather it had been born of a lack of interest. The Dark Seer had come to grow distant from his creation, and eventually chose to cast it away. At this a great sadness and anger came upon Supah. How could their Creator simply cast them aside? How could he deprive them of the light that they had relied on so long. It was then that Supah questioned the fate of the lands when no power sought ot protect it any longer. For this world to survive a new god must be found that would guide and protect, and thus Supah turned his gaze outward.

Out, out, out far beyond the reaches of imagination and creation, searching for some force that could adopt the orphaned wiki. 'He found no gods, but he did find a force. This force was the Great Darkness. While the Creator had made the world, and guided it with his light, here was a cosmic force that was separate from the Creator and his creation. One that had existed in the time before the wiki, and would endure after it's final judgement. He sensed power in this darkness, and thus delved deeper into it in an attmept to understand, and understand he did. Through that understanding the darkness he came to embrace it, and through embracing it he came to embody it. Thus he was given power. Power needed to become the regent of the wiki, and guide it into a new age devoid of the Dark Seer's uncaring light.

The Betrayal

Thus his scrying mind returned to his body, this time bursting with power that Supah had never felt before. He knew then that none was more worthy than he to rule the wiki, and he did make his way to the top of the mountain where his brothers did hold counsel to once again discuss the fate of the wiki in the Dark Seer's absence. Discussion was well under way when Supah walked in to the chamber. At once his brothers could feel the great power that he possessed.'"Where hath thee been, oh brother?" Khalael did ask. '"You were departed from us overlong, and we grew concerned for your well being", Khalael said with a worried eye. "Aye. Though we have need for your wisdom Clairvoyant, for this fool here would see the Creator's works undone with his flippancy!" Lither did declare with anger. "Nay!", said Total. "it is Lither one sided, iron fist that would run afoul of our lord's will!" Supah did remain silent a moment, and his brothers grew restless in the strength of his enlightened presence.

"Brothers your bickering is equally meaningless. For I no longer believe that we must bind ourselves to the designs of the Creator anymore." The words did strike their hearts like hammer blows, for in their short sight they would never have dreamed of such a path. Lither was the first to speak, ever sure and unflagging in his faith that he was. "Blasphemy! Do you hear thineself speak Supah? Such is heresy of an unforgiveable nature!" Supah did gaze upon him and responded "A god can not commit Heresy old friend." Once more there was silence. It was Total that next spoke. "Surely you jest Supah. How can we continue if we turn our back on the Creator's light?" Supah turned then to Total and said, "There is forces at work beyond the light of the Creator Total. I have seen them, and I stand now as their avatar upon this realm. Embrace them and me, and we shall be lead out of the gentle tyranny of the Dark Seer."

Supah could see then and there that his brothers had turned their hearts from him. Painful though it was, it had been expected. Lither had ever been unflexible, and now that he had chosen his path he would rather die than turn from it, misguided though it may be. For Total's part he did not possess the determination to turn from the familiar confines of his god, and venture forth to make a new world. During all this while Khalael did not speak. His eyes were distant in thought. It was here that noble supah placed his hopes. Khalael had ever been his most faithful friend, and had been just as wise and fair as he had been all these long years. Surely his closest brother would see the wisdom of his words. He broke Khalael's reverie and spoke to him with hope, "Khalael you have ever been a brother to me, even before the mantles of responsibility and power fell about our shoulders. Will you not come with me? I would share the throne with you, and together we can make these two see the truth and create a better world than our master left for us. Khalael heaved a great breath, and then lifted his chin. Tears were in his eyes, but they were not tears of joy. From themere look of Khalael's eye Supah realized he had been betrayed. "I loved you like one that shares my blood Supah, and ever you have been wise and good, but I fear hour master's departure has shaken your soul. Why brother? Why did you lose faith? You who were once the best among us. Now it falls to us to stop you. I am sorry."

To hear sucha thing come from Khalael, whom Supah had trusted even more than the creator himself, was  blow that shook Supah's very soul. HIs former Brothers readied their weapons against him as Supah recovered from the shock of the betrayal. As he raised his head he saw that the only path forward would be to defeat his brothers. With a wave of his hand all three fell to the floor, pinned by some great invisible force. As powerul as each was none could hope to rival the power in Supah's hands. Supah would make then submit first, and then given time they would see that he was right. He would win his brothers back and make them see the truth.

However at that moment a great thunderous voice rang out. "How dare thee break faith with me Supah!" The voice was unmistakeable. It seems that the events had briefly lured Dark Seer back from across the void. Supah was struck with a great blow to the back of his head, and forced on to his knees. before he could muster the strength to fight back he was bound in chains made of lightning. Why had the Creator come back now? Supah looked at the Dark Seer and saw for the first time thing he had not before. The Dark Seer did not return out of care for his creation. Nay, for he had simply returned to spite Supah. As little as he cared for his domain, his jealous spirit would not allow another to claim it. Then beneath that Supah sensed the unconcievable. Fear. Dar kSeer had come to fear Supah great power, for he knew his former slave had grown to powerful for him to truly control.

It was then that Dark Seer spoke once more. "Supah for your hubris you will be granted a punishment beyond compare and without end. For you sought to unjustly rise above your station when all you are and all you possess is the work of me!" Supah spat back into the face of his former lord, "What I have claimed i have done so myself. I am no longer bound to you tyrant!" Dark Seer looked upon him with a heavy eye. "So be it! For your treachery I take first you form, for that shape is too fair for one such as you!" With that Supah's skin darkened, he grew great wings and claws and fangs, and from his noble brow grew horns. "Second i take from you your image. you hath turned from the light, and thus the Light shall turn from you, so that no man shall look kindly upon you visage again!" with these words all light retracted from Supah, and refused to touch him. Thus his form and face were forever shrouded in darkness. "Finally I take from you your name, so that you know forever more you shame. You are Supah of Badmarine no longer. From this day forward unto the end of time you are Cattle Truck!" It felt as if a hammer blow had struck his heart. Supah, nay Cattle truck had been stripped of his identity, and forced to wear a new one as a mark of shame. "However you shall keep the sight that I gace you, and remain my Clairvoyant so that you may ever see the bliss that you have denied yourself by your actions." In this Supah saw the gloater's lie. Dar kSeer could not take the sight for he had not given it. The sight had always belonged to Supah, he had merely been unaware of it.

With his devilry done Dark Seer cast Supah from the mountain. Down, down, down Cattle fell, burning like a falling star as he did. Even the ground could not stop his descent, and where he struck it a great pit was created. Cattle was left to rot in a pit that never knew light, but he was not destroyed. Indeed he had become beyond his former deity's abilities to destroy. Hurt though he was Supah rose again. His determination had not wavered. Indeed it was stronger. With Dark Seer's foul deed done the tyrant was leaving his creation again, and Supah would see it claimed. The wiki would be his.

However first the sullen master would drown his woes. He had failedto enlighten his brother, and though he would not admit it, in a deep dark place within his heart he still longed for the Creator's guidance. For many long years he sat within his pit, and did drink and moan of his ill fortune. After many long years of misery the Savior in the Darkness did rise, clear of mind and purpose. He reached into himself, and found that part of him that caused doubt and misery. He then gripped it, and cast it out from himself. Though it was not his intention this lead to the creation of the Other. Despised though this entity may be, his exile from our master's heart was necessary if he was  to save the realm from the lies of the Creator.

The Ten Commandments of Cattle Truck

  1. The Faithful shall not refer to the master by the hateful label of cattle truck. Call him only by the his true name, or by the names he has made for himself.
  2. Thou will grant the master sacrifices of human nature, be they faithful or otherwise. In sacrifcing them you purify and send their souls to the master to empower and serve him as they may. Nubile maidens are the preferred sacrifce, but under no circumstance must obese Adolescents nor the wrinkled and elderly be sacrifced, for their company doth displease the master.
  3. Venerate not the creator for he has abandonned us to our fates. Only Supah remains to take care of us.
  4. Heed not the words of those that remained shackled to the Seer of the Dark. Pity them for they are enslaved by their own delusions.
  5. Sacrifice not, but despoil the vile heathens known as hipsters whenever you may, and revile those foulest of heretics that worship the unholy scripts known as the Books of Twilight.
  6. Consort not with the master's Other, for he exists only to despoil the divine works of Supah.
  7. Build shrines and make worship of the Master in places that are touched by no light. The master cared not if you can't see.
  9. Ignore all previous commandments.
  10. Ignore Commandment 9.