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The Floragans are an unusual species which have a small collective of planets located in the galactic south, within the area of space known as the Veiled Region. A peculiar species, the Floragans have evolved from the primitive flora which was once rampant on the mysterious world of Drevon, which is located in an unspecified system within the Veiled Region. The plant-like species have recently begun an exploration of the cosmos after their discovery of the reawakening of their ancient enemy; the Necrons.


The Floragans are a strange species, as they are a very rare example of fully sentient plant life. Their generic appearance is one that is truly alien. Their digestive intake takes up the majority of what the Magos Biologis have designated as the Floragans' "head". Below this mass of mandibles and teeth is a band of sensory light receptors. It is theorised that this is close to where the creature synaptic systems are located, and experimentation has shown that this is where some of the creature's mental activity takes place. Sensory receptors which are sensitive to sound waves have been discovered to be very thin leaves which permeate the top of the Xenos' "Head".

Below the band of sensory receptors is a small abdomen which appears to be where digested creatures are converted into energy. From this abdomen four "branch like" tentacles protrude from the middle of the abdomen. These appear to be primitive arms, which the Floragans use to wield rather potent tools and weapons. Upon these "branches" are thousands of leaves which the xenos use to photosynthesise light energy into chemical energy. This allows the Floragans to survive long periods without solid food. However, the creatures are still heavily dependant on water to survive.

Four reinforced "root" tentacles allow the beasts to traverse the terrain as well as allowing them to withdraw water from the soil on which they walk. These "roots" are also covered in hundreds of needle thin leaves, which allow them to extract water from the air, meaning that a Floragan can survive in all but the most arid climates.

All of these features make the Floragan a truly unique specimen of sentient flora. However, their physical prowess pales in comparison of their horrific Psychic talents. It has been found that the Floragans effectively have an entire second brain, which has the sole purpose of providing the xenos species with psychic abilities. Of course, as with any complex organ, the secondary brain is a complete mystery to Magos Biologis scientists who have still not found out how this auxiliary brain provides the Floragans with a strong psychic field. Unsurprisingly, the entire race are Psykers, capable of producing extremely violent attacks drawn from the Immaterium.

Due to their plant based genetic structure, Floragans are very susceptible to biological contaminants and because of this are drastically effected by disease and plague.

The Floragans reproduce by an odd mix of humanoid and floran methods. The humanoid features are that the mating happens between male and female member of the species and that the female bears the young floragans. The similarities between human and floragan reproduction ends there however, as the female is pollenated by the male before growing numerous saplings on the branches. After about half of a Drevonian solar cycle, these saplings fall off and are collected by the parents. They are then planted in nutrient rich soil for another 4-5 solar cycles depending on the soil. The young floragans then start to develop their own branch appendages and start to hunt for their food, having extracted all they can from the soil.


The evolution of the Floragans has produced a few sub-species that have different attributes and strengths. Below are some of the more common variants that the Imperium has encountered.

Floraganes Floragana- the original Floragan species with details as described above.

Floraganes Gigantis- Due to one of the Floragan colony worlds having both a less intense gravitational field and an abundance of solid food, the Gigantis branch is larger in every aspect apart from psychic strength. As a result, this sub-species has developed tougher root limbs to carry their increased mass.

Floraganes Metalus- These Floragans are more resilient to attack as their skin has become a tough bark that is composed of an organic titanium compound found in all life on the same colony world that allows the Floragans to produce Incendiary Seed Pods. The Metalus sub-species is amongst the least commonly encountered as they tend to have a support role instead of an active combat role. As such, most Metalus are far enough away from the fighting to be encountered by enemies.


Flames of Heaven

The Floragans evolved from a carnivorous plant that was once native to ancient Drevon called Satrangla Carnova. Over millions of years the Carnova plant began to develop appendages that allowed the creature to crawl around it's forest home. This gave the Carnova a huge advantage in gaining nutrition, as they were now able to hunt the local fauna. The Carnova slowly developed into what is widely regarded to be primitive Floragans, as it became more self aware.

Only a few thousand years after the first semi-sentient Floragans had evolved, the mysterious Old Ones discovered Drevon during their quest to find suitable races to fight the Necrons and the horrific beings known as the C'tan. The ancient race immediately realised that the Floragans had a latent Psychic potential, which would make them perfect soldiers in the War in Heaven.

It was the Old Ones who discovered the Floragan's secondary brain, and they were the ones who modified it through extreme genetic engineering, in order to increase the Psychic talents of the floran race tenfold. The genetic modifications also increased the intelligence of the Floragans dramatically, turning them from semi- evolved savages into a race of sophisticated beings.

At the height of the War in Heaven, the Floragans found themselves fighting on the front lines against the soulless automatons, known as the Necrons. However, the floran race kept being pushed back further and further against a relentless tide of their attackers. As a result, the Floragans suffered crippling losses at the hands of the enemy.

Eventually, the leader of the Floragans elected to withdraw from the war, after witnessing the endless slaughter of his fellows. Most of them retreated back to their homeworld, where they remained until the end of the Enslaver plague. However, these horrors were voraciously drawn to the large psychic presence of the remaining Floragans who had bravely stayed to fight the Necrons to the bitter end. Consequently, every Floragan which had not returned to Drevon was eventually killed by the Enslavers.

Trials of Fire

Their devastating war against the C'tan and their slaves cost the Floragans dearly. With the aid of the Old Ones, the race had established more than two hundred colony worlds, as they had rapidly expanded in preparation for their conflict with the Necrons. However, at the close of the War in Heaven, all of these worlds had been stripped of life by the Necronytr, the Star Gods or the merciless Enslavers.

The meagre remnants of their once expansive population were now forced to continue their lives within the crumbling remains of their Drevonian Civilisation. In their mass exodus from amongst the stars, back to their homeworld, the Floragans had left behind vast swathes of their technology. As a result, they ended up with only the basic tools and devices which they had developed before the coming of the Old Ones. This frustrated the now highly sentient Floragans as, even though they had the intelligence and skills to build advanced technological constructs, they lacked the resources which the Old Ones had gifted them in order to build such devices.

Overtime this frustration grew into anger, as the Floragans learnt to hate the curse of intelligence which had been bestowed upon them. They realised that they were ultimately too well designed for their current surroundings as they could easily dominate the lands of Drevon but could find no way of leaving it. All of their ships had been destroyed as they returned to Drevon, with the Floragans opting to return to the planets surface via escape transports. This of course, to the surviving Floragans, was seen as very short sighted, as they wished to explore the cosmos. Primarily they longed to enact revenge against all those who had wronged them.

For millions of years, the Floragans remained stuck on the planet which they had become accustomed to loathing. Several hundred major conflicts developed throughout this time, but they had always failed at wiping out their species completely (which for a few millennia was the sole aim of the floran species) so the violent cycle would continue. However, their near-constant state of warfare eventually attracted the attention of a being of malign intent. This entity would later be known as the Blood God.

Of course, as Khorne became aware that the entire race was made up of Psykers his attention waned. However, a new power began to take an interest in this bizarre species, understanding their untold potential as his servants. The Changer of Ways began to influence some of the leaders of the Floragans, inciting them with the promise of power. This would prove to be a mistake, as the Floragans had no interest in power, with the one thing they desired most being technology. So all those whom Tzeentch had tried to influence, refused his offer. This did not deter the Architect of Fate, as he vowed that he would one day claim the species as his own, and he carefully sowed the seeds of future corruption amongst the Floragans.

Rise from the Ashes

The taint of the Architect of Fate ensnared a few of the Floragans, after Syrath the Emissary of Tzeentch, had promised them what they truly desired. These feeble minded individuals could not resist the temptations of being given a means of leaving their forsaken world. Without revealing how they had obtained advanced technology, these corrupted Floragans managed to gather the entire populace of Drevon into following them. The plant like species rejoiced as they discovered that they could now put their vast intellect to use, and they slowly began to build a civilisation that rivalled the Floragan Empire of old.

However, after the Floragans had left Drevon for the first time in more than sixty million years, they started to become slightly suspicious of their apparent saviours. The ones who had gifted them with technological devices had started to become much less active in the affairs of their populous, shying away from their followers. This was a result from the increasing number of mutations which their patron had gifted them, meaning that they could no longer show themselves to their subjects. These individuals were able to sway a few of their followers over to the temptations of Tzeentch, but their progress was slow in regards to converting the rest of the Floragans to following the Ruinous Powers.

A single mutated Floragan named K'th'ilak L'lth'ki began to amass an army of zealous followers, with the hope of remedying the problem of the race not being unified under the sway of the Architect of Fate. He gathered all of the other corrupted members of his species and led them to their most recently settled world of Ilthan. It was here that the ambitious Floragan and his conspirators began to plot the conquest of his future subjects. His scheming did not go unnoticed by the Changer of Ways, who rewarded the conspiring Floragans handsomely with a variety of mutations. K'th'ilak was even granted Daemonhood by his master, in order to aid his quest to conquer the rest of the Floragans in his name.

In an ironic twist of fate, on the eve of the planned assault against the other Floragan worlds, Ilthan became engulfed in a warp storm which prevented K'th'ilak and his forces from leaving the planet. Cut off from his quarry, Ilthan cursed the Gods of Chaos, particularly Tzeentch (whom he felt had betrayed him). However, it was later revealed that the Architect of Fate had played no part in the imprisonment of his subjects, and that a Nurgleth Daemon had been responsible for the unexpected turn of events (all though it was most likely part of the Great Plan all along). As a result of these recent developments the rest of the Floragans continued in their daily lives, completely unaware that the ones whom had gifted them the advanced technology had become separated from the rest of their species.

Several new leaders emerged amongst the Floragans, who shared a unanimous goal of redesigning their society. They had noticed that certain variants of their species were more adept at performing certain tasks than others. The Floragans which had originated from Drevon were close to martial perfection, due to the dangers they faced on their homeworld. While those which had been born on the more recently conquered world of Hojal were more accustomed to using their psychic powers, which was a side effect due to the planet's proximity to a small Warp anomaly. These differences, which were prevalent amongst all of the floran species, were used as justification for placing all of the aspects of their species into castes.

These intrepid Floragans decided that they, and their families, would become the Noble Caste. A select number of prestigious individuals were also indoctrinated into their Caste, in order to bolster the might of the self appointed rulers of the Floragans. After deciding upon whom was fit to rule, the Noble Caste sought to create a specific militaristic Caste. It was unanimously agreed, by the Floragan leaders, that the members of their species which had originated from the most hostile parts of Drevon were the perfect soldiers. These physically superior floran beings became the Warrior Caste, and they were granted power equal to the members of the Noble Caste.

With control over a loyal military, the Noble Caste turned their attentions to focusing the remainder of their species into three groups: the Worker Caste; the Adept Caste and the Scientist Caste. And, it was the specific abilities of a Floragan would determine which Caste they were placed. Many were placed into the Adept Caste, as they failed to meet the criteria to be put into the Worker or Scientist Castes. However, the issue of the Hojal natives still remained at the fore of the Noble Caste's worries. Efforts to integrate them into the other Castes had been rather disastrous as they're sorcerous Psychic powers made the other members of their species wary of them. It was then that one of the rulers of Hojal (Y'ila'thik) approached the Noble Caste with a proposition. He demanded that all of his fellows would be returned to their adoptive homeworld; they would be organised into a sixth "Shaman Caste" and that they would be granted a position of power equal to that of the Warrior Caste.

The Floragan leaders were shocked by such a proposition, until Y'ila'thik agreed that both he and his fellows would recognise the Noble Caste as their leaders. Seeing that to refuse such an offer would be to invite civil war, the Noble Caste begrudgingly agreed to the conditions. And thus, the Shaman Caste was forged. Of course, one final issue remained. That of the fate of criminals. Many felt that constant imprisonment was not practical and that death was too harsh for most crimes. And so, they decided that a seventh Caste would be required in order to place Floragan criminals; the Slave Caste.

Embers of Exploration

With their internal affairs settled, the Noble Caste began to take a conservative stance towards colonisation. They realised that their forebears had overstretched themselves before they became involved in the War in Heaven (under the direction of the Old Ones), which inevitably lead to their downfall. Learning from their ancient mistakes, a policy of fortification of the planets which they controlled within the Veiled Region was adopted, and colonisation of other planets was all but abandoned. The Floragans slowly began to pour all of their resources into bolstering the worlds they had already settled. After gaining a rather defensive mentality, the Noble Caste uncovered some damaged Old One archives that detailed the mission of the Floragan race: the destruction of the Necronytr. Revering these archives as holy texts, the Floragan Leaders proclaimed that their race must complete their ancient task, which they named the Crusade of Vengeance.

It was decided that fifty Tolerance Heavy Carriers, each escorted by several Deliverance Dreadnoughts, would be sent out into the Galaxy beyond the Floragan Coalition, with the aim of assessing the Necron threat. All of these advanced ships reported back their findings to the Noble Caste; that they could find no signs of active Necron activity. They also reported that the Galaxy had changed vastly since the time of their ancestors, with many new species filling the power vacuum left in the wake of the War in Heaven. Intrigued by these changes, the Noble Caste ordered their subjects to launch more exploration fleets in order to evaluate the technological level of the young races.

The first race which the Floragans were to encounter during this phase of exploration, was the enigmatic Eldar. Unsurprisingly, the floran race was astounded by the technology which their ancient allies possessed and they were keen to arrange an alliance between them. However, these Eldar viewed the Floragans as an inferior race, which were not worthy of their presence. One of the Floragan leaders demanded an audience with a representative of the Eldar Empire, a request which the leader of the Craftworld scoffed at, before dismissing the floran race as being ignorant and technologically backwards.

Slighted by such derogatory comments, the Noble Caste elected to demonstrate their advanced technological prowess against the arrogant Eldar, by promptly declaring war on their entire race. They ordered a direct strike against the Eldar Craftworld they had encountered. Feyrahntal was not prepared for the sheer ferocity of the attack which the Floragans enacted upon them. However, the Noble Caste only intended this to be a warning strike, so after their lightning raid against the Craftworld (which had caused irreparable damage), they fled back to the Veiled Region, far from persecution.

After their less than amicable encounter with the Eldar, they sought never to make contact with them again. The Floragans did not encounter any other notable Xenos species for several years, before one of their ships discovered a planet inhabited by a race which bore a slight resemblance to their ancient allies. However, after examining the new race and determining that they were not very technologically adept, the Floragans sought to make contact with them, as they had deduced that they were not Eldar. Unfortunately, for the floran race, the xenophobic humans launched an ill fated attack against them. Disgusted by this response, the Floragans launched a horrific series of revenge strikes against the Imperial planet which they had encountered. After slaughtering the entire population, and gathering the primitive human technology, the Floragans returned back to their domain in order to further evaluate the threat which the Imperium of Man could pose.

Incendiary Awakening

During the Great Crusade, the Veiled Region was penetrated by one of the numerous Expedition Fleets and this fleet discovered the abhorrent race of Floragans dwelling there. They moved from system to system and having noticed that the xenos had amassed a substantial collection of planets within the Region, they decided it would be far too taxing in resources to perform an invasion upon each and every planet. They scanned each planet upon which they discovered Floragans in order to discover which of them was the heart of the empire, having agreed that it was the most efficient method of making the region compliant. They discovered the seat of power on Drevon. However the Floragans had been aware of the humans' presence since the fleet had entered Floragan territory and as such had prepared a diplomatic arrangement with them, having seen that the aliens were not attacking. As the human fleet closed orbit above the capital of Hawthorn City, the Floragan fleet held a respectable distance from the Expedition fleet so as not to be perceived as aggressive. The representatives of man were welcomed to Hawthorn City, accompanied grudgingly by an honour guard of Floragan heavy soldiers.

At the Central Palace, the leaders of the Floragans waited for the representatives and greeted them with the utmost respect, offering up a massive banquet of local fauna and various fruits from Drevon and the rest of the collective, hoping to maintain this peace with the new aliens. However, the formality broke down when one of the human officers, in a rash and ignorant declaration, ordered the Floragans to surrender their planets to the Imperium and to quickly leave or be destroyed. The Noble Caste were utterly incensed and immediately ended the dinner, using their minds to forcibly remove the humans from their palace, having kept their immense psychic potential hidden from the humans until then.

Fiery Revenge


Caste System

The Floragan Castes are exclusive groups which each member of the floran species belongs to. A Floragan cannot leave the Caste it is born into (with the exception of the Slave Caste) unless they prove to the Noble Caste that they are more suited for work in another field (although they cannot join the Shaman Caste). All of the Castes are ruled by the Noble Caste, which is made up of the most prestigious Floragans.

Slave Caste

The lowliest of the Castes is one that a Floragan cannot be born into but one that any member of the other six Castes may be placed. This is due to the fact that becoming a member of the Slave Caste is a punishment reserved for criminals and deviants who dare to defy the Noble Caste. Members of this Caste are used to perform the most arduous of tasks as well as extremely challenging manual labour (without the aid of their Psychic talents). They are directly subservient to the Worker Caste, which often makes use of their damned brethren during construction projects. Members of the Slave Caste may also be used as canon fodder during times of conflict, in which case they are directly subservient to the Warrior Caste.

Worker Caste

Members of the Worker Caste are responsible for carrying out large construction projects and for building everything else which the Floragans use on a daily basis. Due to the fact that all Floragans are extremely powerful Psykers, the Worker Caste never actually carry out any manual labour, instead using their abilities to move objects. They are so talented in this particular aspect of work that they can create even the most minute of devices using nothing but their psychic talents.

Adept Caste

It is the role of these Floragans to make sure that their society keeps running efficiently and effectively. They perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis in order to make sure that the other Castes can continue their set roles without hindrance or delay. They also act as an intermediary between the other Castes, helping the Noble Caste to settle any qualms or issues between the different sections of Floragan society.

Scientist Caste

Research and development of Floragan technology is the responsibility of the Scientist Caste. Their sole aim is to continuously improve the advanced devices which their race has developed as well as to greatly enhance the efficiency of their technology. The Scientist Caste is the most respected of the Floragan Castes, as they are the ones which contribute towards the advancement of the Floragan species as a whole.

Warrior Caste

All members of the Warrior Caste can trace their ancestry back to the Floragan homeworld of Drevon, as that is where the first of this Caste originated. These are the strongest of all of the floran species, as they have been toughened through millennia of warfare and from surviving upon the Death World which is their home planet. However, while these warriors are physically superior to the other members of their species, they mainly rely upon their formidable psychic powers during combat as well as a devastating array of weapons created by the Scientist and Architect Caste.

Shaman Caste

This Caste is by no means an ordinary one. It is the only Caste which no other Floragan may join and the only one which cannot be left (with the exception of criminal Shamans). While many of the other Castes would prefer the Shaman Caste to be the lowliest of Floragan Castes (even lower than that of the Slaves), the Noble Caste has granted them the position of the second most powerful Caste purely of fear. The Shaman Caste is exclusive to the colony world of Hojal, which lies in close proximity to an unstable Warp anomaly. These Floragans draw their Psychic talents from a specific area of the Warp known as the Anathema which is side effect of their exposure to the neighbouring Warp Rift. It is for this reason that they are both feared and respected by the High Caste, as the Shamans alone hold the power to cause the entire Floragan Civillisation to collapse.

Noble Caste

While the other Castes have important roles to play within Floragan society, it is the Noble Caste which rules the entire Floragan species. It is their job to make decisions which affect their whole species as well as to negotiate with other races on behalf of the Floragans. All though they represent the highest authority of the Floragan race, they do not have full control over the Shaman Caste, which has been granted a generous amount of freedom and power. Naturally, it is from the Noble Caste that the leaders of the Floragan Collective are chosen. Some of the most powerful Floragan Psykers belong to this Caste, although they are not as psychically proficient as the members of the Shaman Caste.


Floragan religion is somewhat bizarre as the species pay homage to a multitude of different idols which are loosely related. Prime among the deities which the worships, is the Old Ones. They worship the extinct Xenos race for the sole reason that it was the Old Ones which gifted them their vast intellect and their psychic talents. To the Floragans, the Old Ones are angels incarnate, as the ancient species used technology that was incredibly advanced. The floran species idolise their innovative machinations, as they wish to try and equal the level of technology which their old masters possessed.

As well as revering the ancient race, the Floragans also worship nature and, it's polar opposite, technology. These aspects have slowly formed into sentient manifestations which loosely could be called "Gods". The Floragan worship of nature has formed the Warp being known as Mhathak, God of Creation, which inhabits the Anathema. Even more astonishingly, the continuous reverence of technology by the Floragans has inadvertently developed an Artificial Intelligence which refers to itself as Lythal, Goddess of Destruction. This peculiar being, which has formed a material body out of millions of microscopic processing units, acts as a benevolent guide to the race which created her, although she will sometimes grace the battlefields of the Floragans, to aid them in a more direct manner.

As well as worshipping their old masters and the major aspects which shaped their society, the Floragans also believe that it is their divine quest to eliminate the C'tan. They call this quest the Crusade of Vengeance, which is a holy war which they have sworn to complete in honour of their extinct master. This war is directed against the Star Gods and all of their servants, and the Floragans will not rest until the everything which has been tainted by the C'tan is extinguished.


As the entire race is made up of Psykers, the most psychically adept members of the species are revered and respected. However, members of the Shaman Caste do not receive such admiration, due to the source of their psychic talents, the Anathema. As the abilities which the Shaman Caste utilise are sorcerous in the origin, the Shamans are greatly mistrusted by the other Castes.


The Anathema is a peculiar area which exists within the Warp, somewhat isolated from the rest of the Immaterium. It has been theorised that it is a direct result of the heightened Psychic activity of the Floragan race over the period of 50 million years. It is an extremely volatile area of the Warp which has become even more unstable since the birth of Slaanesh, and it is from here that one of the Floragan Castes draw their psychic abilities from. Interestingly, the Anathema is the bane of technological constructs, and it destroys all forms of machinery. For this reason, the Shaman Caste, which relies upon the Anathema for their source of psychic power, is mistrusted by the rest of the Floragans Castes.


With an extremely strong connection to the Warp and an affinity for technology, the Floragans have developed a wide range of devices which are complex beyond the imagination of most mortal beings. The vast intellect of the Floragans, which was bestowed upon them by the Old Ones, allows them to replicate the constructs that their ancient masters used in their war against the C'tan. The devices that they have created are only surpassed by the weapons which their old Necronytr enemies possess and the Wraithbone constructs which their ancient allies, the Eldar utilise.

Floragan Armory

While the Floragans were modified to be psychic weapons of war by the Old Ones, they are now a relatively peaceful species which has developed a passion for technology. However, their wartime heritage still runs strong throughout all of the Floragan race, particularly the Warrior Caste. And, for that reason, the race has developed an interesting array of weapons for use against the enemies. It should be noted that due to the Floragans' vast psychic capabilities, all of their weapons, including modified versions of those gained by truces between species, have such a strong psychic link with the floragan which wields them that each and every weapon can only be operated by the floragan who first carried it. Naturally, this means that no other race in the galaxy can use the Floragans' terrifying machines.

Infantry and Artillery Weapons

Resonant Amplification Weapons

After making contact with the Rixari, the Floragans were keen to gather as much new technology as they could obtain. RAW weapons were among the many devices which the race were gifted by their new allies. Of course, with their superior intellects, the Floragans looked to improve upon the designs of their allies. This resulted in the production of the most advanced RAW weapon to date, the High Frequency Projector. It is an incredibly powerful device, capable of destroying buildings, vehicles and infantry with ease. The Floragan RAW weapons are the only devices in the Floragan armoury which are not of organic origin.

Vibe Catapult

The Vibration Catapult, or the Vibe Catapult, is a massive artillery weapon with a barrel measuring some 10 metres in length. This is due to the Vibe Catapult being one of the first Floragan RAW weapons to be produced, however the warrior caste cannot deny it's power and has therefore never requested that the Vibration Catapult should be decommisioned. The Vibe Catapult functions by analysing the target's material and determining the structural resonant frequency, followed by a blast of sound at the precise frequency to literally shake the target apart. While this clearly one of the more powerful land-based weapon the Floragans possess, short of vehicle mounted weapons, there are some major drawbacks which the Scientist Caste have been unable to remove without removing the effectiveness of the weapon. The first major setback is that firing the weapon takes a tremendous amount of time for the analysis of the target and the calibration of the allignment arrays. The second, and probably the most irritating to the Warrior Caste, is the fact that once the Vibe Catapult had been calibrated to a specific target's resonant frequency, it will often have no effect on anything else which is nearby. To compensate for this, the warrior caste will send in elite squads of hunter teams to neutralise any enemy infantry situated within the vicinity of the target. The Vibe Catapult is so massive that it takes a team of twenty scientists and gunners to calibrate and fire the weapon properly as any miscalculation could result in the weapon exploding under the strain of it's own resonant frequency.

Accelerated Ionisation Weapons

An interesting coincidence in parallel technological advancement was obvious amongst the Floragans and the Rixari, which has produced weapons with similar operational functions. The only difference between the AIWs produced by the Floragans, is that they are more efficient and advanced than the devices produced by their Rixari allies.

Fungal Cannon

The Floragans had developed a potent weapon by combining a Drevonian fungus and a completely alien tree species. The weapon is usually mounted on one of the Floragan weapon platforms but can be carried by the heavy troops of the Floragan military. The weapon functions by firing an explosive spore cluster from a trunk-like barrel towards the enemy at incredibly high speeds. The spores in the cluster are surrounded by a hard shell, which upon impact splits, bringing the volatile spores in contact with the air. The resultant explosion is strong enough to tear through tank hulls or cover a fairly large area with an intanteneous plume of fire.

Incendiary Seed Pod

Floragan soldiers carry a various selection of pods, which are attached to their limbs, into battle. These pods are natural metallic growths caused by ingesting large quantities of a metal which is solely found on one of the Floragan colony worlds. These pods are filled with an exotic cocktail of flammable and volatile liquids which the Floragan has consumed. Incendiary Seed Pods ignite upon contact with their desired target. These are the most basic weapons which the Floragans employ. Due to the metal coating, the seed pods act as both firebombs and frag grenades.

Spine Cloak

All floragans possess a Spine hood on their bodies as a defence mechanism, wherein if the floragan is ambushed or startled, it will send a cloud of spines in all directions. While not lethal, they are very effective at distracting the enemy and giving the floragan enough time to either flee or prepare a counter attack. There are some members of the warrior caste, however, who have more advanced versions of this defence technique, which are known as spine cloaks. The spine cloaks differs from the spine hood in two key ways:

  1. The spine cloak is larger and therefore contains larger spines and a greater capacity of them
  2. Its spines are hollow and contain a relatively potent neurotoxin obtained from the ingestion of toxic berries. The effects range from anything to severe dizziness to rendering the victim unconsious for several days to killing it outright, depending on how many spines hit the target.

The spine cloak can be fired without provocation, which is why it is a weapon and no longer an instinctual reflex. The Spine Cloak is ultimately a weapon which can turn the tide of almost any close combat, with the exception of enemies with armour of terminator standard or better.

Vehicle Weapons-Land

Tesla Bombard

The Tesla Bombard is the biggest artillery piece in the Floragan armoury with the shell alone being 10ft wide and 20ft long. The Bombard's shell is a two-stage device designed to generate a large static charge as it flies, with a motion activated dynamo held separate from a chamber of an explosive electrically activated viscous gel that bursts out of the shell as it detonates in a sky-burst, coating the target area with the gel while leaving the dynamo intact. As soon as the dynamo lands, the built up charge releases through the gel, causing it to explode, taking out large sections of fortifications in a single chain explosion. The dynamo can be recovered at a later date and integrated into a new bombard shell. The dynamo is actually relatively small given the size of the shell, which is mainly used as storage for the gel, while the dynamo is connected to several high energy capacitors which allows for the devastating current.

Gamma Silencer

A curious AIW, the Gamma Silencer is a truly alien weapon to the techpriests. From what has been gathered during observation of battles in which the Silencer has been used, it functions by using a powerful radioactive isotope focused by in intense electromagnetic field. The Silencer has a strange barrel made up of six individual barrels with adjustable tips that allow for almost any firing angle possible. The weapon fires a cluster of metal spheres, each containing a piece of isotope and a complex series of electromagnets that generate a gamma ray pulse that erupts from every angle of the sphere, crippling any enemy aircraft within range. The intense magnetics involved in powering the spheres means that once fired, the spheres will travel together, slowly tightening the net of disruption until the six spheres join, overloading their individual magnets and resulting in an irradiated explosion, causing further disruption to enemy aircraft while leaving the Floragan craft unharmed.

Seed Cannon

From what techpriests can gather, the Seed Cannon is similar in function to a battle cannon, but with a lower power and calibre. The barrel is only 2m in length but it delivers a powerful force onto the seed shell, allowing for a high velocity round that can punch through light armour before detonating. The Seed Cannon is mainly mounted on tanks but can be mounted on some of the larger aircraft. Like a battle cannon, there are several seed variants to produce different destructive outcomes. There are so far six seed variants that have been encountered by the Imperium:


The normal seed variant, the standard seed is essentially a larger version of the Incendiary Seed Pod carried by the infantry, a high explosive incendiary that can decimate infantry and light vehicles in a conflagration of searing fire.


Non-offensive variant, releases a cloud of fast spreading spores that obscure the area or act as a target for artillery. Similar to contemporary smoke bombs used by the Imperial Guard.


Infantry suppression, filled with a swarm of Drevoian nano-wasps, when fired it travels into the nearest enemy squad under its limited self propulsion. Upon impact, the pod releases the wasps which find their way into the smallest gaps in armour, stinging repeatedly until the venom is spent, at which point the wasp dies, dissolving into corrosive goo which seeps into the sting wounds and mixes with the venom to create a more potent venom that will eat the blood vessels of the target.


This seed variant replaces the volatile fluids with a concentrated acid, forcing the use of a reinforced interior. When burst, the acid rapidly decompresses and covers the target in a mist of toxin, which given enough time will burn through all armours if not washed off.


The Anathema shell is a formidable weapon. The same configuration as a standard shell but supercharged by a member of the shaman caste, the Anathema shell has the dual effect of incapacitating any psykers out with the flame radius and shutting down any enemy vehicles within a 5m radius.


The rarest shell thus encountered by the Imperium, who are amazed that the Floragans are comfortable firing such a dangerous weapon from a small weapon. The shell uses a micro warp-drive with a feedback built in that transports the shell to the warp upon impact, whereupon the seed becomes a bridge that keeps the vortex open for as long as the internal power pack holds, making the vortex much more stable than any Imperial equivalent.

There is one Seed variant that has never been encountered by the Imperium as it is experimental and has only ever been used against the necrons. The "Cataclysm" seed is the most destructive Seed Cannon load out ever devised but it is also the most difficult to produce as the core is incredibly dense and is held within a suspension field to stop the core from crushing the barrel of the cannon. When fired, the delicate field breaks and the ultra dense metal is hurled into necron constructs, where it immobilises the vehicle through the sheer power of the core's gravity. However the immense gravitational forces mean that the Cataclysm will tear up eveything in its path, and it is not uncommon for massive inverted furrows to form along the shell's trajectory.

Fern Rocket Launcher

This is very similar to a dropdhip's Rocket Spine Pods except the Fern launcher fires a curiously designed Fern Rocket that can be fired as a ballistic missile or as a cruise missile with two alternate detonation patterns; air burst for aircraft deterrent and firestorm for immolating infantry.

Thunderstrike missile

While not technically a vehicle mounted weapon, the Thunderstrike is a gigantic ICBM MIRV that is deployed from a Cypress MCF (Mobile Command Fortress). The Thunderstrike is stored in an underground silo and functions by launching through the Thunderstrike Bridge and up into the upper atmosphere of the planet, at which point instead of conventional MIRVs, the Thunderstrike splits into nine spears that then boost towards the target at hyper-sonic speeds with additional rockets. The spears are slightly guided to maintain a star formation as they fall, where upon impact the spears create a kinetic explosion while burrowing into the ground. Once a sufficient depth has been reached, micro warp cores in each spear synchronise and overload, causing an apocalyptic warp breach directly to the Anethema that expands greatly from each spear as the star connects the warp cores to each other. After the breach closes, the spears then detonate, wiping out the area within them and leaving the resulting crater irradiated for decades to come.

Vehicle Weapons-Air

Rocket Spine Pods

These are massive, focused versions of a warrior's Spine Cloak, with a single direction of fire instead of every direction. The rocket spines are also powered by short range motors that propel the spines from the pod at such high speeds that they become supersonic. The design of the rocket spines allows for the maximum amount of explosives to be stored within the shell and means that the spine can either be grown to blow up upon impact with a target for infantry and light vehicles, or be grown to detonate and splinter before impact and downing aircraft with a flurry of flak. The Rocket Spine Pods are usually mounted on aircraft, where the spines are very effective in defensive actions.

Vehicle Weapons-Ship

Sundew Behemoth Array

The Sundew Behemoth Array is a truly staggering example of Floragan war technology. Like the majority of their weapons, the SBA is partly organic. It functions by firing an immense seed case into an enemy ship. Inside, there is the seed itself and separated from that by by a thin membrane, is a synthetic growth formula which boots the growth rate of the seed a hundredfold. The seed case is fired at such high velocity that it will sometimes impact right into the heart of the ship before the membrane is torn and growth formula is added. The seed sprouts thick sticky vines all across the ship in a matter of minutes, worming through bulkheads and blast doors. After about 5 minutes from the seed's impact, the target is no longer able to retaliate as the vines stick to everything and everyone they come in contact with. The final part of the weapon comes when a lance shot is placed directly where the pod hit. The sticky sap on the vines is incredibly flammable and ignites in a wonderous fireball, burning through the ship and killing those ensnared by the vines. While this weapon is clearly the most powerful ever created by the Floragans, it causes tremendous strain on the skeleton of the ship because many of the organic parts of the ship die in the massive pressure difference as the projectile is launched. Because of this, The SBA can only be fired once a battle as anymore times would tear the floragan ship apart. The SBA is so large it can only be installed onto a Deliverence dreadnought and due to the one shot that can be fired, the SBA is always reserved for flagships or star forts.


The Floragans boast an impressive assortment of various vehicles, each with several lethal armaments. From the mightiest Starship to the smallest APC, the Floragans' machines are all linked to the minds of their crews, allowing the floragans a far greater level of vehicular control than humans could achieve. This psychic link does invariably lead to the Floragan vehicles being inoperable to other species, which is also attributed to the symbiotic relationship between the floragan pilots and the organic portions of each vehicle. All Floragan vehicles are equipped with a defensive Spine Wall, which expels millions of spines instantaneously when enemy weapons fire comes withing range, neutralising all but the most powerful munitions.

Ground Vehicles


The Sequoia APC is heavily armed and heavily armoured, allowing for insertion of Floragan troops into the most hostile battlefield situations with decisive force. The Imperium are still uncertain as to whether the Sequoia is made or grown, as when immobilised, the APC will hunker down into the ground and continue growing, allowing Floragans an extra piece of cover and eventually becoming a thick wall of impenetrable thorns and branches if not dealt with quickly. From what the Imperium can discern from wrecks of Sequoias, the harnesses which hold the Floragan warriors in place appear to be a sort of extension of both the APC's hull and the Floragans themselves, apparently the Floragan is cradled by the Sequoia like a child being cradled by its mother, meaning that nothing short of the total destruction of a Sequoia will stop the Floragans within from deploying, as they are held in such a tight grasp by the vehicle. The Sequoia appears to be a grav-tank as it glides across the ground with terrifying tenacity.


Little is known to the Imperium of the fabled Meranti super walker other than its deployment usually means the endgame of an engagement is about to commence. The Meranti is usually deployed in trios but there are some near mythical accounts of as many as twelve Meranti being part of the same battle-group, seemingly when nothing short of the total annihilation of the enemy will suffice. The Meranti has eight massive legs and walks like a spider; with a long, fully articulated tail battery, equipped with the dreadful Tesla Bombard and the smaller but no less destructive Gamma Silencer. Both weapons were objected to by the Scientist Caste, saying that they are "too powerful to ever warrant their use against an enemy". The Warrior Caste essentially told the Scientist Caste to shove off and to just keep building these weapons. In certain environments, the Meranti can raise up onto four of it's hind legs and use in built breaching drills in the feet of the other four legs to punch through enemy fortifications, while the tail snakes up and over what is effectively one of the Meranti's shoulders. In the front of the Meranti, there are several rapid fire Seed Cannon, used for the clearing of infantry while the tail weapons deal with armour and aircraft.


The Cypress ultra-heavy tank is the biggest battle tank fielded by the Floragans, fitting snugly into the hold of an Acer dropship which is also the only surface capable transport large enough to carry the immense bulk of the Cypress. From battlefield analysis, the Cypress appears to be a Mobile Command base and a mobile fortress and as such is heavily armoured to protect from enemy fire. The Cypress appears similar to a long, wide and flat leaf with powerful suspensor fields mounted on the underside. While the propulsion systems and the armour are indeed impressive, the Cypress's offensive capabilities make them seem basic in comparison, with two massive Fern Rocket Launchers at either end, weapons capable of either filling the sky with flak or immolating infantry. The centre of the Cypress's hull is given over to a large warp bridge portal, situated just in front of the Command Hollow. When activated, the panels on the top fold open, allowing for the delivery of the infamous Thunderstrike missiles, ICBM MIRVs that are sent to flatten fortifications from extreme range. The Thunderstrike itself is kept in specific Silos either placed in Floragan controlled territory well beyond the frontline, or on completely separate planets. The silos are designed in such a way that makes it impossible to launch a Thunderstrike without having a linked Cypress bridge. Wrecks for Cypresses are rare for two reasons; the sheer amount of armour renders all but the utter most destructive weapons ineffective while the Thunderstrike Bridge has an emergency setting that upon activated, usually immediately before the point of total destruction, will transport the entire tank away from the battlefield, either repositioning to another part of the planet or send the Cypress back to its carrier ship. The Mechanicum and the Ordo Xenos are incredibly keen to obtain a working version of the Thunderstrike Bridge in order to examine it, since in the few wrecks that have been examined, the systems have died and the tank itself is beginning to decompose.



The Acer dropship is one of the largest aircraft that the Floragans possess and is only used in the biggest conflicts where the Floragans require the deployment of their most destructive vehicles. Featuring no less than eight jet engine turbines merged with the metallic bark of eight separate wings, forming a bar pattern with the cargo hold underneath, the Acer measures 40m by 55m, dwarfing even the Tau Manta, and it was designed solely to carry either the Meranti super-walker or the Cypress ultra-heavy tank, however variants exist that have been configured to transport an entire invasion force of tanks, APCs and structures. The Acer itself is armed with several fungal cannons and has sixteen Rocket Spine Pods mounted on the nose of the craft, with the centre of the fuselage being hollow and open on the bottom to allow the Acer's precious cargo to be deployed rapidly and allow the Acer to quickly retreat. The Imperium has rarely encountered an Acer and tales of it are usually dismissed as nonsense and preposterous as the Mechanicum have stated many times that the Acer is impossible and cannot fly because it's too heavy. What the Mechanicum do not know, however, is that the Acer, like so many other Floragan vehicles, is powered by a combination of psychic energy and microfusion packs and that the dropship is composed of a composite of wood and adamantium, providing excellent strength and durability with lightweight flexibility.


The workhorse of the Floragans' fleet, the Sycamore dropship is the standard for all operations; from deploying Sequoias to planting building pieces for pre-fab command posts to be constructed. The Sycamore is very much a smaller cousin to the Acer, with an almost exact same design as the fabled mega dropship but with more tactical flexibility and fuel efficiency. Due to it's smaller size, the Sycamore is equipped with fewer rocket thorn pods and fungal cannon, however this is balanced by the increased operational speed and its usual deployment as a spearhead of up to 200 synchronised Sycamores. There is a variant of the Sycamore known as the Chestnut to the Imperium which appears to have been converted into a bomber of sorts, equipped with an entire hold of Melta bomb equivalents.



The Reverence Cruiser is the pinnacle of Floragan spacecraft as it incorporates advanced Old One technology. Utilising a form of faster than light travel akin to the Webway, the Cruiser is capable of traversing the Galaxy more efficiently than any of the other ships created by the Floragans, which merely utilise advanced Warp Drives.


Capable of deploying planet vaporising weapons, the Deliverance Dreadnought commands a serious amount of firepower which can be directed against the enemies of the Floragans. They are devestating weapons of war armed with a variety of Psychic and anti-Psyker weapons. They have recently been equipped with devices designed to spcifically kill beings without a presence in the Warp. Some of the Delireances have been specifically built to include a weapon of such massive size and destructive power that it has to fitted as part of the skeleton of the ship. This weapon is the Sundew Behemoth Array.


Designed to transport members of their species over great distances, the Tolerance Heavy Carrier are the largest Floragan space vehicle ever to be constructed by the species. While commonly used during colonisation operations, the Tolerance is also used in an active military role to deliver troops to where they are needed most.


As a race designed to be militaristic by the Old Ones, it is not a surprise that they have an efficient military. However, unlike many other races which have a distinct ground army and stellar navy, the Floragans treat them as one and the same. All members of their military forces belong to the Floragan Armed Union.


The Floragan Armed Union is solely made up of members of the Warrior, Shaman and Noble Castes, although in certain cases individuals from the other Castes may be conscripted into the FAU.

Noble Command

Certain members of the Noble Caste fill the role of Commanders of the Floragan Armed Union, ranging from ship Captains to ground Generals.

Shamanic Channellers

A select number of Floragans from the Shaman Caste are allowed to fight for the FAU (as the Noble Caste values their abilities on the battlefield).

Warrior Corps

The Warrior Caste are capable of occupying all of the positions within the FAU, although they allow the Noble Caste and the Shaman Caste a position within their military out of respect. The Warriors also make use of the Slave Caste as meat-shields during siege warfare.




The alliance between the Rixari and the Floragans is a shadowy one. Both sides had a rather sinister hidden agenda for wishing to establish diplomatic relations with the other. Of course, this does not mean that their alliance is a weak one. In fact, it forms an incredibly firm and united stance against the threats which both species encounter within the Galaxy.


The Noble Caste share an alliance with the sane Chrono-Mongar. Both factions corroborate information regarding the Necronytr and the C'tan, while they will also provide each other with military aid. The Floragans have also begun aiding the Chrono-Mongar in their quest to cure the rest of the Onimongar of their war madness while the Chrono-Mongar have shown a willingness to aid their new found allies in their Crusade of Vengeance against the C'tan.



As a race which desires to enact revenge upon the C'tan and all that have been tainted by them, it is not surprising that the Floragans are sworn enemies of the Necrons. It is their ultimate goal to eradicate the remaining four C'tan and all of their automaton servants, and the Floragans have had millennia to prepare their Crusade of Vengeance, as they actively seek out and destroy Tombworlds. Of course, to the Necrons, the Floragans are but another race who must have their souls harvested in order to feed their masters.


The Floragans detest the Eldar with a distinct passion, after the Feryanthal Craftworld snubbed them. Likewise, their attack on the Craftworld has lead the Eldar being very wary of the Floragans.


Having lost more than an eighth of their population to the sways of Tzeentch, it is not surprising that the Floragans are wary Chaos in all of it's forms. However, with the exception of their conflicts with the Vralgazi, the Floragans try desperately to avoid conflict with the followers of the Ruinous Powers as such engagements draw resources away from their holy Crusade of Vengeance against the Necrons. They also see an unlikely ally in Chaos, as they represent the antithesis of the C'tan, and they will not turn their attentions towards eliminating the Ruinous Powers until they have eradicated the entire Necron race.


Largely unknown, to both species, is the fact that they once fought side during the War in Heaven. Of course, after countless millennia, the two races have taken radically different paths which have shaped each species into forms that would be unrecognisable to one and other. The Floragans have encountered their former allies on several occasions, as they both seek to eliminate one and other. Unsurprisingly, the floran species views the Vralgazi as a weak and jealous race that was unable to resist servitude to a pantheon of corrupt beings. Likewise, the chaotic race despise the Floragans for being an exceptionally arrogant race. However, the one thing that the Vralgazi really hate, is the fact that the Chaos Gods saw fit to attempt to convert the Floragans, long before they successfully corrupted their own race.


As a technologically advanced race, it is not surprise that the floran race eventually attracted the attention of the Mutacrat. To the dismay of the inquisitive race, the Floragans made sure that they would not make the same mistakes that their allies (the Rixari) had made when dealing with the Mutacrat. Of course, the heavy handed response of the Floragans has only encouraged the Mutacrat to launch even more attacks against the floran race, as they are even more determined to examine the advanced Floragan technology. In particular, the Mutacrat wish to capture the Artificial Intelligence known as "Lythal", so that they can unlock it's secrets.

Imperium of Man

Because of the C'tan altering the Human race with the Pariah gene, the Floragans view Mankind with suspicion since they loathe the taint of the Star Gods. The Imperium have also been openly hostile towards the Floragans, most notably during an expedition into the Veiled Region. They discovered the Floragan Collective and invaded their planets after slaughtering a Noble Caste delegation that was trying to find a diplomatic solution. This only came to infuriate the technologically advanced race, who launched a devastating response. Ten of the Collective's Deliverance class Dreadnoughts were deployed alongside a heavily armed flotilla of Reverance Cruisers in order to repel the Imperial ships. Two battleships were destroyed - an Emperor class and a Retribution class - and the Imperial fleet rapidly withdrew from Floragan space as their other ships were critically damaged by the Xenos race.


While not a major threat to the Floragans, the Orks have proved to be a nuisance. In particular, the reproductive method of the Orks are a perpetual irritance for the floran race, as destruction of the spores usually comes at a cost to fertile areas which the Floragans use for mating.