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Chapter Summary

The Epsilon Tempest are a successor chapter of the Ultramarine's, founded during the Ultrama founding with the introduction of the Primaris space marines. The chapter itself was created with the reawakening of the Primaris filling its ranks. Sharing the Gene-stock of the Ultramarine's they are heavy strong opinion of the Codex Astares, however still understand the importance and necessity to brake these rules when needed.

Upon there awakening the chapter had been put together during the Indomitus Crusade following their brothers and Gene-farther though the Wrap, fighting back against hordes of Heretic Astartes and many other Heretical forces though the great rift Cicatrix Maledictum which opened splitting the Imperium with the fall of Cadia. Upon the conclusion of the crusade the Epsilon Tempest used their full strength fleet to use as a homewold.

Specialising in the use of ranged units alongside their heavy armour in battle, allowing for distance from their enemies if so possible, deciding to use this speciality as a advantage for siege warfare.

With the fleet currently stationed on the outskirts of Ultramar along the Scourge stars, recruiting from the nearby Sub-sector Feral and Agri-worlds. With such close proximity to the Great rift the Tempest end up mostly combating the forces of chaos, holding back the hoards primarily against the forces of the Death guard.

Fortress Monastery Resolution

Being that of a fleet based chapter, the Battle Barge Resolution had been retrofitted turned into the Chapters Fortress Monastery, this choice was not made lightly, upon the conclusion of the indomitus crusade with the opening stages of the Plague wars within the realm of Ultramar

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