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"Sins are cleansed with the blood of sinners."
—Captain Richard of the 3rd Company

The Crimson Dragoons are a Space Marine Chapter of the 25th Founding descending from the Imperial Fists. Their capabilities with all forms of ranged weaponry can only be matched by their faith in the God-Emperor. Shielded by faith and armed with zeal, they strike down anyone who would dare oppose the Holiness of the one true ruler of Mankind. 



The origins of the Chapter start at 995.M40, when the Storm Draugar invaded the Mordant Zone, bringing forth an astonishing force to be reckoned with. The Imperium responded by mustering several thousand Guardsmen, three Adepta Sororitas Orders and two Knight Houses who were later joined by two hundred Black Templars. The fighting was brutal and casualties were piling up on both sides, but the Storm Draugar were drawing new recruits from the savage tribes of a Death World called Augustine. The Black Templars spearheaded the assault and landed on the planet. There they found out that the Storm Draugar were trying to reawaken the Machine Spirit of a massive ordnance battery called "Hortensius", a relic of the Great Crusade. The righteous crusaders made a beeline for the weapon and seized it from traitor hands. As the Techmarines were working on Hortensius, which was overgrown and covered in moss, their Battle-Brothers held their ground as Chaos Space Marines lounged at them with berserk rage. Many Templars lost their lives in that battle, but their sacrifices were not vain, as the Hortensius was brought back online and it unleashed a single powerful shot which decimated the Storm Draugar fleet, forcing them to withdraw. Alas, the mighty gun battery broke down for good, its final shot acting as its final cry. From the two hundred Templars, less than a hundred survived. Those who remained built a monastery to honor their fallen brethren and to remember the battle won. Thinking that a Crusade of that magnitude might happen again in the region, the remaining Black Templars founded the Crimson Dragoons. Swiftly afterwords, millions of pilgrims from San Leor and other bordering planets  

flooded to Augustine. Shrines were raised, chapels were built and those who fought in the Mordant Crusade were venerated as saints. Not long afterwards, a third of the planet was converted into a Shrine World, devoting its lands and people entirely to faithful worship and placing it under the protection of the Ecclesiarchy. Accompanying the Crimson Dragoons was the Order of the Shrine Maidens, whose sole purpose was the safekeeping of Augustine. But even with the combined might of these stalwart warriors, the planet still suffers intensively from assaults by the hands of Xenos, Heretics and Daemons. If it wasn't for the Crimson Dragoons, the holy soil of Augustine would have been blasphemed and the name of the God-Emperor tarnished. It is the faithful and vigilant watch of the Chapter that ensures that such fate never comes to pass, as they crush every adversary beneath the iron treads of their boot-heels. 

"Whoever spares the evil injures the good."
—Captain Edward of the 2nd Company


Augustine is a planet that lies in the Ultima Segmentum, within the Mordant Zone. This means that it is in close proximity to San Leor, Pavonis, Kar Duniash and even the Arch Arsonist of Charadon. 

The planet itself was originally a Death World, with a single large ocean surrounded by expansive grasslands and dark murky forests. The fertile fields of the planet proved excellent for the first settlers to begin their new lives. Simple settlements created large farms to feed the large income of pilgrims arriving each day. The first settlements became larger and more sophisticated, becoming cities that harbor many chapels, shrines, basilicas and monuments devoted to the Emperor and his many saints springing around every corner. Over the day, chanting and praise devoted to the Emperor can heard, echoing across the city streets and within the chambers of every church. Such acts of faith had earned the planet much favor from the Ecclesiarchy, which helped convert a large proportion of the planet into a Shrine World. Currently, nearly two thirds of Augustine is blessed soil which was sanctified by the Ecclesiarchy. 

However, there are still many dark corners of the planet which remain largely untouched. Deep woodlands and thick foliage conceal an image of what the planet was originally like before Mankind arrived. It is said that the forests of Augustine are among the deadliest in the Sector. The very trees ooze an unwelcoming aura, seeding dread into the most valiant of hearts. If one were to take a closer look, they would see sinister shadows twisting and turning in the distance. Indeed, there were many who dared to venture into the darkest realms of Augustine who never returned. But this did not discourage the pilgrims and citizens from trying to tame these wild lands and they began to build villages in Augustinian forests. There, they found menagerie of deadly beasts, poised to kill anything they see as worthy prey. Among such monsters are the Lanius (five meter tall mammals that resemble bears with elongated claws and fangs), Occisor (a pack creature that looks like a cross between a wolf, a boar and a lion with a powerful jaw, pitch black fur and a nasty temperament), Cupitor (an avian creatures that has a wingspan of ten meters, the head and claws of a reptile and the eyes of a hawk) and the Venator (this creature possesses a massive jaw, a thick hide and tree-like bark covering its skin to act as camouflage). The Humans of Augustine do not waver and will seek out these savage territories to claim them for the God-Emperor and spread His holy light to the darkest reaches of this planet. 

"Justice and vengeance go hand in hand."
—Gregory Pein, Master of Sanctity


The Crimson Dragoons are a twenty-fifth Founding Chapter, just like the Star Scorpions and the Fire Angels. The reason for their creation was to defend the entire Mordant Zone from threats of an interplanetary magnitude. The first of the Crimson Dragoons were recruits of the Black Templars (another descendant of the Imperial Fists) and that is possibly the reason why the Crimson Dragoons Chapter holds such high reverence and worship of the God-Emperor.

"Righteous anger never fades."
—Captain Humphrey of the 8th Company.

Combat Doctrine

The Crimson Dragoons usually scout the battlefield before combat in order to examine the lay of the land. By doing so, they can choose the best positions to set up firing squads (preferably on higher ground). When the preparations are complete, the Crimson Dragoons will position their gunners in a way to maximize their chances of victory. While Tactical and Devastator Marines throw down volleys of bolter fire, the Bikers and Land Speeders will burst out from formation and pursue the enemy into fast-paced melee. Once the charging units reach the enemy in close combat, the fighting that ensues is usually brief yet bloody, with the attacking units appearing like a blur to enemy forces before swift death befalls them. After that, the Tactical Marines, followed by Devastator Marines, Centurions and Thunderfire Cannons, will make a slow but purposeful advance forwards, unleashing their deadly payload while on the move, blasting away all opposition. 

File:Crimson Dragoon Terminator.jpg

Crimson Dragoon Terminator

These tactics made the use of Assault Marines and other close combat units obsolete, with the exception of Bikers (who are usually accompanied by Attack Bikes and/or Land Speeders). However, the Chapter also has a fair amount of Dreadnoughts (although they have no Ironclad patterns) and Terminators, which are usually kept in orbit, awaiting to Deep Strike where they are needed most. The combination of ranged firepower and well placed close combat units create an orchestra of destruction which brings forth the doom of all foes. 

In addition, the Chapter utilizes a very few vehicles, so even Rhinos and Razorbacks are rarely seen in the ranks of the Crimson Dragoons. To this reason, the Chapter compensates armor for firepower and adds additional squads with heavy weapons and crews of Thunderfire Cannons. 

"The only mercy you may show your enemy is a swift death."
—Chapter Master Micheal (deceased)

The Pilgrimage

All Neophytes that are chosen by the Crimson Dragoons are placed under the custody of the Master of the Recruits. He will then lead the recruits through the deadliest of forests that appear on Augustinian soil. In this journey the Neophytes will fight monsters of all kinds that stalk the shadows of their planet, defend the settlers who inhabit these areas and train to become true Space Marines along the way. This is referred to as a "Bloodied Pilgrimage" by the Crimson Dragoons. While on the Pilgrimage, the Neophytes must learn quickly about the ways of the Chapter, or else they will die along the way. By surviving in a lethal wilderness, the recruits are exposed to many dangers and each encounter helps them get one step closer to joining the Chapter. The Crimson Dragoons insist on not counting the Neophytes as part of the Chapter until they finish their Pilgrimage and become fully fledged Space Marines. When that happens, they are chosen by one of the 10 Companies and are officially welcomed into the Chapter, thus earning the title "Crimson Dragoon". This deviation from the Codex Astrates had been accepted, due to the fact that the Neophytes are not allowed to leave the sights of the Master of the Recruits, which means that they never leave the planet until they become Space Marines. It is to this reason that the Crimson Dragoons do not have any Scout Marines, Scout Bikers or Land Speeder Storms. 

"Fear not the darkness, fear the predator hiding in it."
—Phillip Garth, Master of the Recruits

The Nine Sanctuaries

Unlike most Space Marine Chapters that have only one Fortress-Monastery, the Crimson Dragoons have nine. Each of these are called "Sanctuaries" and each serves as a headquarters and base of operations for a single Company. Meaning, the first of the Sanctuaries serves as the Fortress-Monastery of the 1st Company, the second Sanctuary serves as the Fortress-Monastery of the 2nd Company and so forth. The 10th Company does not have a Sanctuary and is instead scattered across the territories that surround Augustine. Each of the Nine Sanctuaries is comparable to a mighty fortress, with not only rockrete walls and mighty gun batteries defending it, but also icons of great heroes and entire chambers devoted to worship and praise decorating its interior.

Sanctuary of Crusades

This Sanctuary was the monastery which the Black Templars who survived the Mordant Crusade raised and it serves as the home of the Chapter Master. Its name is a constant reminder of the sacrifices made during that great war.

Sanctuary of Heroes

Within the halls of this Sanctuary stand statues of many heroes and leaders who fought for either the Crimson Dragoons Chapter or their founders, the Imperial Fists. There is even a massive statue of Rogal Dorn himself.

Sanctuary of Purity

Surging throughout the structure of this Sanctuary are water systems that go through impressive fountain mechanisms. It is even believed that the holy water made in this Sanctuary has cleansing and healing properties. 

Sanctuary of Storms

Once every year, the grounds that surround the Sanctuary serve as racing grounds for both young and seasoned Bikers. All of them attempt to impress the rest with not only stunning speed but with daredevil stunts as well.

Sanctuary of Dusk

Built on Augustine's first moon, Chastity, this Sanctuary contains a large military production facility and the low gravity conditions make it an ideal place to construct and harbor the astral-naval and areal forces of the Chapter. 

Sanctuary of Groves

Surrounded form all sides by forest, the Sanctuary is a place where slaying monsters is a sport and the planet is their hunting ground. Creeps and vines grow over the Sanctuary's walls, giving it a level of natural camouflage.

Sanctuary of Steel

Unlike the other Sanctuaries, this one is entirely dedicated to the Omnissiah, the Machine God. To this reason the large majority of vehicles the Chapter possesses are stationed within the bulkhead walls of this Sanctuary.

Sanctuary of Rites

This Sanctuary also serves as a Schola Progenium, where orphans are taken under the wing of the Crimson Dragoons. It is from here that the majority of all Battle Sisters of the Shrine Maiden Order reside and train in.

Sanctuary of Dawn

Stationed on the second moon of Augustine, Continence, this Sanctuary is also the youngest. Large platforms on top of the Sanctuary serve as an aerie for Thunderhawk Dropships as well as Stormtalon and Stormraven Gunships.

"No mercy! No pity! No grief! Just kill!"
—Captain Thomas of the 6th Company

The Crusaders

The first nine Companies are each sanctioned to their own Sanctuaries. In addition, all Neophytes are part of "the Bloodied Pilgrimage" which means that the 10th Company (unlike in most Space Marine Chapters) is not a Scout Company, but a Battle Company. Additionally, the 10th Company is nicknamed "The Crusading Company" and all the Crimson Dragoons that are part of it are referred to as "Crusading Dragoons". The reason for this is simply because unlike the other Companies which are stationed at their own Sanctuaries, the Crusading Company is spread across the interstellar territories that surround Augustine, protecting sacred areas and defeating the enemies of Mankind in whatever form they appear. To them, battle is endless and winning one war will only lead them to another.  

Crimson Dragoon Bikers fighting Orks.

Because the 10th Company is rarely gathered in one place at a time they are known to field an ambiguous number of Marines, perhaps a bit more than a regular Company is permitted to. Meaning, that if the entire Crusading Company were to be rallied together, it would number somewhat more than a hundred Marines. These claims however had not been proven by any Inquisitor as of yet, thus the Chapter has a degree of free reign, allowing them to muster a slightly larger number of Astrates to battle. This deviation from the Codex Astrates had widely went ignored due to the Chapter's close ties with the Ecclesiarchy. 

"His Holiness asks of us only two things; to obey and to destroy."
—Captain Johnson of the 1st Company

Adeptus Ministorum

The planet Augustine serves as a beacon to spread the Emperor's holy light to the murkiest of places stained by Heretical and Daemonic influence. Because most colonists that first came to Augustine after the Mordant Crusade were from San Leor (the planet from whence the Sisters of Battle originated from), the planet is highly influenced by the Adpetus Ministorum (a.k.a. the Ecclesiarchy). To this reason, Augustine is a Shrine World "in progress" as some may refer to it. Due to the donations granted by those who are thankful to the martyrs of the Crusade, the progress of converting the natural soil of the planet to a sanctified metropolis bristling with monasteries and city spires is going at a phenomenal rate. Within a thousand years, only a third of the planet remains what it once used to be, the deathly wilderness is being overpowered by the devotion and prudence of the Emperor's faithful followers. 

Order of the Shrine Maiden Battle Sister

Ecclesiarchal chapels and shrines devoted to many Saints that had served the Imperium decorate the planet, thus showing tribute to the Adeptus Ministorum. Even the Crimson Dragoons Chapter had been influenced by the Holy Priesthood. It is not uncommon for the Space Marines to fight side by side with Battle Sisters from the Order of the Shrine Maiden. The Sisters of Battle from Augustine fill in as a PDF force in a way, except they respond directly to the Ecclesiarchy. Members of the Adeptus Sororitas had even ventured beyond their planet to accompany the Crimson Dragoons on their holy crusades to exterminate all heresy and mutation. 

"Pain purifies the body, prayer purifies the mind. A pure soul resides within a pure body and a pure mind. So rejoice in your punishment and rejoin in worship, for salvation is reserved for the faithful. "
—Angelica, Shrine Maidens Cannoness

Suffer not a Witch to live

The Crimson Dragoons despise all form of Psykers, even those sanctified by the Imperium. This is something they hold in common with their successors, the Black Templars. In fact, such is the hatred of the Dragoons that they do not even have a Librarium. This means that the Chapter does not have any Librarians, Codiciers, Lexicaniums or Epistolaries. Instead, the Crimson Dragoons simply utilize non-combat Psykers such as Astropaths and Navigators to fulfill this vacant role. These Psykers are constantly supervised (and chained if necessary) by a small group of Space Marines which are referred to as "the Watchers". These wardens are handpicked by the Chapter Master himself to complete their duty. The Watchers are chosen because each of them bears nothing more than disgust towards Psykers of any kind and they do not hesitate to render punishment to any that start acting irrationally or dangerously. All nine Sanctuaries have a single tower at one of their points, referred to "Spires of Screams". The reason for this name is because howls of pain and tortured screams can be heard on a daily bases inside the Spires. The walls of these chambers are made soundproof so that they would not disturb the Marines who reside within the Sanctuaries. The Spires of Screams are places where all non-combat Psykers are held up, restrained against their will, subjugated to painful tasks whenever the Chapter needs them. It is also here that the Watchers reside, keeping the Psykers in check.  

Crimson Dragoon Exemplars purging Daemons of Nurgle on Patricius.

When off duty, the Crimson Dragoon Space Marines will scour the cities of Augustine for any Psykers, starting Witch Hunts with the support of not only the Ecclesiarchy officials, but also the normal citizens. The Witch Hunts are a nightmare for anyone bearing psychic powers, for those who are found will find themselves facing unimaginable suffering before being handed to the Black Ships. When the Black Ships take their toll, the Psykers that remain would be either killed of dragged to the Spires of Screams, kicking and screaming, never to see the light of day again. Once inside a Spire, the Psykers will meet "the Overwatch", a form of squad leader for the Watchers and it will be him who'll break their will and shatter any hope of freedom they might have. It is also the duty of the Watchers to see if there are any Psykers within their own ranks, and any Crimson Dragoon who is found to have latent psychic powers would be stripped of his rank and placed within the top of a Spire, placed under the direct custody of an Overwatch.

Each Company has a squad of ten Watchers, including one Overwatch as a leader. Usually, they will stay within the walls of their Spires, but when needs must, they will armor up and bring their weaponry into the fray, fighting alongside their fellow Crimson Dragoons. In the eyes of the Chapter, all witchcraft and sorcery is mutation, weeds that grow in the verdant garden of the Emperor, and they must be rooted out. 

"All Psykers are filth. They are a deviation from the Emperor's plan for humanity. They deserve nothing but our hatred."
—Aubrey, Overwatch of the Sanctuary of Crusades

Religious Beliefs 

The Crimson Dragoons Chapter is closely related to the Black Templars, who are famous for their devotion to the God-Emperor. Additionally, the Chapter had been known to work closely with the Ecclesiarchy. Both of these factors contributed to turning the Crimson Dragoons into faithful worshipers of the Imperial Cult. Praise of the God-Emperor is a necessity for this Chapter, for it strengthens their resolve and steels their will. It is because of this that they capable of unleashing a fury of blind hatred towards all enemies of Mankind. 

When not in combat, they preach about the Imperial Creed to the citizens of the Imperium and help create churches and monasteries devoted the Emperor of Mankind. They have even been seen following Missionaries, Preachers and Confessors on their holy missions. It is because of this that the Inquisition was unable to do anything about the Crimson Dragoons deviating from the Codex Astrates. In their eyes, only the Emperor may tell them how to live and how to fight. 

"The Galaxy is riddled with impurity and taint. It is our duty as His Holy Crusaders to purge it. And we shall do so with blood, fire and steel."
—Captain Joseph of the 10th Company

Secrets of the Sanctuaries 

It is known that the Crimson Dragoons preform all of their rituals within the Sanctuaries (the 10th Company will visit any of the Nine Sanctuaries if they need to but usually do so in the Sanctuary of Crusades), but what exactly is happening inside is a mystery to all. Not even Inquisitors have been permitted to enter, which had incurred plenty of suspicion. The higher ranking Crimson Dragoons claim that this is so that the influences of the outside do not enter in their blessed sanctum. They believe that taint could come from any corner, and they would thus prefer to seal themselves away during delicate times. There have been varying speculations of what exactly is going on within the Sanctuaries, but there is no solid evidence so far. Any who would dwell on the subject for too long would be apprehended by the Crimson Dragoons and dragged to their Sanctuaries, never to be seen or heard from again.

"A knight in shinning armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested."
—Captain Daniel of the 4th Company

Honoring the Dead

When a Crimson Dragoon dies, his body is carried to the Sanctuary to which he was assigned (or the Sanctuary of Crusades in the case of the 10th Crusading Company). A Chaplain (or the Reclusiarch in the case of higher ranking members) then preforms sacred embalming rituals after an Apothecary extracts the gene-seed. The body (multiple bodies when more Marines die at the same time) is then carried on a stretcher while several members of that Company who were closest to the deceased follow it. While walking through the halls of the Sanctuary, the Crimson Dragoons who accompany the dead join together in silent prayer while the Chaplain (or Reclusiarch) sings a liturgy to honor those who died in battle. When the dead are carried outside the Sanctuary walls, the bodies are placed together and set ablaze. Those who knew the dead well gather around in a circle and sing the litany of lament. After this ritual is finished, the Crimson Dragoons light a single candle to honor each of their own that had deceased. The candles can be relighted by those who still remember the fallen and wish to pay further respect to them. So far, the candles of the first two Chapter Masters, Zachariah and Micheal, still shine brightly within the sanctified altar of the Sanctuary of Crusades. 

"Death is a servant of those with righteous cause. But death is also inevitable. We must learn to accept it to truly wield it, or forever be haunted by it. "
—Chapter Master Zachariah (deceased)

Battle Chant

This litany was composed by Chapter Master Zachariah and it has been used by the Chapter ever since. It is chanted prior of battle or in every day activities to motivate the Crimson Dragoons. 

Emperor of Justice, Thou who saved us when in deepest bondage cast, hear Thy Imperial children’s voices, be our help as in the past. With Thy mighty hand sustain us, still our rugged pathway trace, Emperor, our hope, protect and cherish Imperial Creed and Human race.

Bind in closest links our kindred, teach the faith that will not fail, may the loathed fiend of discord, never in our ranks prevail. Let the golden fruits of union our young tree of dominion grace, Emperor, our Master, guide and prosper, Imperial Creed and Human race.

Emperor, avert from us Thy vengeance, thunder of Thy dreaded ire, bless each Imperial town and hamlet, chapel, basilica, shrine and spire. When our Chapter goes forth to battle, Death or victory to embrace, Emperor of Mankind, be our leader, strengthen then the Human race.

On our sepulcher of ages, breaks the resurrection morn, from the slough of direst treachery, the Imperium anew is born. Through ten thousand years of durance we have knelt before Thy face, all our kin, O Emperor, deliver, Thus entreats the Human race!

"Sing praise to the Emperor, or forever stay silenced."
—George Berks, Master of Equerries

Colors and Heraldry 

The colors of the Crimson Dragoons' armor are white, red and golden. The white embodies purity of soul and the red represents the blood of corrupt that were slain. Gold itself is a metal noted for its longevity, meaning it will endure and remain stainless throughout the ages, just like the faith and resolve of the Crimson Dragoons. 

The symbol that is used by the Crimson Dragoons is a crimson shield with a white cross dividing it in quarters and each quarter has a "C" on it (which is short for "Calcare Cum Consecrata Causa", the motto of the Chapter). There are variations of this symbol, for example:

File:Crimson Dragoon badge.png

-A sword below the shield is added to represent the 10th Crusading Company.

-A fleur de lis is added to the shield to represent the Reclusiam.

-A crown on top of the shield is added to represent the Chapter Master and his Honor Guard (formally known as "the Shieldbearers").

-The shield has a golden lion engraved on it to represent the Overwatch.

-The symbol for Neophytes on their Pilgrimage does not have initials of the Chapter's motto and the shield is shown bare. 

"To kill without a higher purpose is slaughter, but to slaughter for a higher purpose is justice. "
—Captain Henry of the 9th Company

Armory and Vehicles

The Crimson Dragoons donate many of their resources to the construction of shrines and monasteries devoted to the God-Emperor, leaving insufficient resources to maintain a decent amount of armored support. This leaves the Chapter with a somewhat scarce number of vehicles to field, making their armory small and highly limited. The list of all the vehicles utilized by the Crimson Dragoons goes like this:

-11 Rhinos

-8 Razorbacks

-4 Predators

-3 Vindicators

-4 Whirlwinds

-3 Stalkers

-3 Hunters

-3 Land Raiders (including a Crusader and Redeemer)

It is also worth of mention that the Chapter has a large number of Land Speeders (including the custom versions), Bikes, Attack Bikes and Thunderfire Cannons. These serve as either mobile weapon platforms, fast moving support units or both.The Crimson Dragoons use Land Speeders, Bikes and Thunderfire Cannons more frequently than they do standard vehicles. New ones are made to replace the ones that were damaged or destroyed in battle, which makes it hard to keep track of the exact number. 

"All artillery units, teach this filth that Hell comes from the skies! Let the missiles fly on the wings of angels!"
—Benjamin Reave, Master of the Forge

Fleet and Air Support

In contrast to what was stated above, the Crimson Dragoons see that the construction and maintenance of a great fleet is a necessity. After all, it is these massive spaceships that bring their Crusaders to unholy lands and rain down fire from the skies. The twin moons of the planet Augustine, Chastity and Continence, are tasked with harboring the low-gravity docks and naval factories that produce spaceships and aircraft that will serve the Crimson Dragoons. A list of all flying units that currently serve the Chapter is seen below:

-3 Battle Barges ("Stellar Steed", "Emperor's Gauntlet", "World Ark")

-5 Strike Cruisers

-7 Rapid Strike Cruisers

-23 Thunderhawk Gunships

-18 Thunderhawk Transports

-12 Stormraven Gunships

-10 Stormtalon Gunships

-20 Land Speeder Tempests

Because the Crimson Dragoons have a great naval force, they are capable of unleashing volleys of Drop Pods directly into the fray. This allows them to deploy their troops wherever they are needed and set up a strategically sound firing line. This way they can cut off the escape of their enemies, encircle them or even give support where it is needed most. When they descend from the skies within their Drop Pods, they truly live up to the title "Angels of Death". 

"We shall rain down fire from the Heavens! We shall bring forth the judgment! We are Divine Punishment!"
—Captain William of the 5th Company

Chapter Organization

At the head of the Chapter is the Chapter Master himself with his Honor Guard (referred to as "The Shieldbearers"). The Apothecarion, Reclusiam, Logisticiam, Armory and Fleet Command are just like those of other Chapters, but that is where the similarities end. The Chapter completely lacks in Psykers, so it does not have a Libarirum, but instead it has "the Pilgrimage". All Neophytes who are recruited by the Chapter enter the Pilgrimage and do not count towards the Full Chapter Strength until they become fully fledged Space Marines. When that happens they may be chosen by one of the 10 Companies. The first 9 Companies are referred to as "Fraternities". The Fraternity of Crusades is the 1st Company, the Fraternity of Heroes is the 2nd Company, the Fraternity of Purity is the 3rd Company and so forth until the Fraternity of Dawn, which is the 9th Company. Each Fraternity is controlled by its Captain, who will determine the exact organization within it. So whereas Space Marines who follow the Codex Astrates have Battle Companies and Reserve Companies, the Crimson Dragoon Fraternities are all considered Battle Companies. If a Captain of a Company prefers heavy weapons then his Fraternity will have more Devastator Marines and Thunderfire Cannons. In contrast if a Captain leans towards fast moving assault, then his Fraternity will have a larger number of Bikers and Land Speeders.  

Venerable-Brother Raphael killing Eldar.

The only Company within the Crimson Dragoons Chapter that is not a Fraternity is the 10th Company, whose members are referred to as "The Crusaders". It is true that all of them are lead by a single Captain, but his troops are usually scattered across Imperial held space or within enemy territories, meaning that the Company rarely comes together. When a fresh recruit who had just recently become a Space Marine does not fit into any of the Fraternities (or if simply there isn't enough room for him) then he is placed with the Crusaders. It is to this reason that the 10th Company had become so influential and powerful, which in turn improved the strength of the entire Chapter.

"The path to victory is drenched by the blood of our enemies and paved by their corpses. "
—Captain Charles of the 7th Company

Unique Units

The Crimson Dragoons are a Space Marine Chapter that deviates from the Codex Astrates in several ways. They even have their own set of units that do not appear in any other Chapter. The units are as follows:


Some Neophytes who finish their pilgrimage, becoming Space Marines and joining a Company, may adapt stealth tactics, these Crimson Dragoons are called "Hussars". This unit is similar to many ways to the Scout Marines of ordinary Chapters except for the fact that these are not fresh recruits, but hardened veterans who have learned the ways of a hunter. They scout the terrain ahead before a battle and position themselves in strategically important locations to maximize their chance of success. They utilize ambush and hit-and-run maneuvers to outmaneuver their opponents, which had won more battles than any heroic charge. The Hussars usually appear wearing the fur, bones and skins of creatures they had slain while on their Pilgrimage through the dark forests of Augustine. They also utilize camouflage and jamming technology that allows them to infiltrate enemy territory unnoticed. They lurk in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike and they will pursue their enemies like a predator would its prey. To get over difficult terrain with great speed and efficiency, the Hussars will often ride upon a Land Speeder. 

Hussar Bikers

Similar to the Scout Bikers, which are rarely seen or used, the Hussar Bikers are a lighter variation of the Bikers (which are a preferred unit of the Crimson Dragoons). They are made for speedy reconnaissance, making their way through dangerous territory to obtain vital information which would be necessary for their brethren, They also lay down Land Mines along the way, to disrupt enemy movements. The Hussar Bikers have even been known to lure their enemies into Mine Fields, which made many would-be pursuers cautious of unfamiliar lands. 

Fireguard Veterans

The Crimson Dragoons prefer ranged firepower over all else, the only close combat unit available to the Chapter are Bikers and Dreadnoughts. This means that they do not have Assault Marines or their elite variation, Vanguard Veterans. However, because the Crimson Dragoons utilize a lot of Bikers, they also have a version that mirrors the Vanguards of the Space Marines that follow the Codex Astrates. The Fireguard Veterans are hardened fighters who had proven their worth time and time again. They are part of the 1st Company (a.k.a. the Fraternity of Crusades) and they fight side by side with the Sternguard Veterans (who are not different from those of other Chapters). When these Bikers ride to battle, they may bring forth a vast array of melee weapons, from Chainswords to Power Weapons and even Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers. Their Veteran Bikes are equipped with a pair of Plasma Pistols which allow them to gun down their enemies right before the Figuards charge directly into their ranks, crushing all that gets beneath them under their armored hides. 


In addition to Sternguard and Fireguard Veterans, the Crimson Dragoons also have a third type of Veteran. These are the Exemplars, and they embody the spirit of the Chapter itself. They are found in every Company, not just the 1st one, similar to the Company Veterans of the Dark Angels. The Exemplars are given Artificier Armor, Flamers, Melta Guns and Incendiary Grenades that erupt with white hot flames. The Exemplars represent everything the Crimson Dragoons stand for, they are zealous without compare, their faith in the God-Emperor has left them fanatical and their purpose is to burn all of His enemies to cinder, ash and molten slag. They sing prayers to the Emperor and the many heroes of the Imperium before battle, strengthening their resolve and improving the morale of their Battle Brothers. Only the most devoted within the Chapter may aspire to become Exemplars. 

Land Speeder Inferno

This Chapter uses a large number of Land Speeders in their army to support their Biker units while on the charge or to assist the firing lines when they are besieged. The Crimson Dragoons are well used to the sound of anti-grav engines howling over their heads as these Speeders fly across the battlefield. To this reason, the Crimson Dragoons have created their own version of Land Speeder, the Inferno variant. The Land Speeder Inferno is equipped with a Flamestorm Cannon and a Heavy Bolter that can be replaced with a Heavy Flamer. The use of this version was noted when dealing with the Orks from the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon. The roaring fires that were unleashed did not only destroy massive hordes of greenskins, but they also incinerated their spores, which exterminated them for good. The Land Speeder Inferno is still used extensively by the Crimson Dragoons.

Land Speeder Rapture

Similar in design to the Land Speeder Inferno, this variation of the Land Speeder had also been invented by the Crimson Dragoons for their own purposes. In contrast to its "sibling" the Land Speeder Rapture is not made for annihilating swarms of infantry or beasts, but to take down heavily armored targets. Vehicles and heavily armored troops (such as Chaos Space Marines and Ork Mega Nobz) are all targets of the Land Speeder Rapture. Armed with a Magna-Melta and a Heavy Bolter that can be replaced with a Multi-Melta, this Land Speeder can turn any armor to a burning husk before using its speed to catch up to new ones. Paired with the Land Speeder Inferno, these two vehicles make a lethal combination that can take down any foe with swift and brutal assaults.

Shieldbearers (Honor Guards)

The personal bodyguards that serve the Crimson Dragoons Chapter Master. The Shieldbearers are the most loyal and faithful of all the Marines that become part of the Chapter and that is why they are handpicked by the Chapter Master himself to work as his most trusted servants. They come equipped with Artificier Armor, Storm Shields and Guardian Spears which reference the ones used by the Adeptus Custodes. The Shieldbearers are the elite of the elite and few had ever faced them in battle and lived to tell the tale. They act as not only the personal guards of the Chapter Master, but also his advisers, sharing their wisdom with him, allowing him to make better decisions in the heat of battle, or even assisting him in maintaining order within the Chapter when not in battle.

"The Emperor protects! The Space Marines destroy!"
—Reclusiarch Anthony

Chapter Relics

Aquila's Feathers

This Relic is a cloak woven from the feathers of the largest and most dangerous avian creatures from Augustine. Only a bare few Crimson Dragoon have had the honor of wearing this feathery cloak into battle. It is believed that by representing the Aquila in this manner makes the Emperor proud and it grants the bearer some form of divine protection. It is true that those who have held this relic survived many conflicts, even when facing the most dangerous of situations, so there is no reason to doubt that the cloak of Aquila's Feathers protects its bearer.

Blazing Pike

A rather new weapon which was constructed by Benjamin Reave, the current Master of the Forge. A heavily modified Multi-Melta which can burn through solid ceramite and Daemon hide like a sword through air. It has the tenancy to overheat, but Benjamin has added a fail safe mechanism which would make the weapon discharge holy water onto its own barrel. This releases a lot of steam, shrouding the user in a thin yet murky haze.

Crimson Icon

This Banner is colored with the brightest of white and the bloodiest of red and then decorated with golden symbols that represent both the Chapter and the Imperium, such as the Aquila, winged skulls and High Gothic writings. The Crimson Icon is used to lead the Crusades against the filth of the Galaxy and it has inspired the Crimson Dragoons to win battles where defeat was inevitable. It is custom to smear the banner crimson with the blood of their fallen enemies and then wash it clean with holy water once the Marines return to Augustine. 

Eagle Shriek 

The Techmarines of the Crimson Dragoons Chapter have created a custom Heavy Flamer which is reserved for those whose rage is like an inferno. Forged in the blazing furnace of the Sanctuary of Steel, the Eagle Shriek resembles a regular Flamer, except its barrel resembles the head of an eagle and a pair of metal wings are spread in a way to shield the bearer's face while he is using it. When it spits its payload of fiery death, the weapon releases what resembles the scream of a massive bird of prey, signalling the doom of Daemons and Heretics alike.

Flaming Cross

When a prisoner is taken by the Crimson Dragoons he is not interrogated, instead a far worse fate befalls him. Before battle, the prisoner is nailed to an iron cross and then given to a senior Astrates to hold the cross as a banner. The prisoner is then covered with ceremonial oils and set on fire. His tortured screams echo across the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of the prisoner's former comrades. As the morale of the enemy weakens, the resolve of the Crimson Dragoons grows stronger, for they bare withness to the fate of all those who would oppose the Imperium, a violent, painful, fiery death. 

Lance of Temperance 

This weapon was once used by Chapter Master Zachariah, the first Master of the Crimson Dragoons Chapter and a former Captain of the Black Templars Castellan. When he died this Lance was taken into the Reliquary of the Chapter for safekeeping by the order of the second Chapter Master, Micheal. The Lance was rarely used by Micheal, for he did not believe he quite had the right to use it, so he only held it during duels of honor. When Micheal vanished, Nigel became Chapter Master and he was not quite sure what he would do with the Lance, for he preferred to use his sword instead. So Nigel did what he thought was the best idea and allowed any member of the Chapter who is zealous and devoted enough to use it. So, from that day on, the bearer of the Lance would go through a ritual of sorts and sent out into battle in a similar way the Black Templars do with their Emperor's Champions.


This long blade is powerful enough to slice through plasteel and ceramite and yet is light and easy to wield. The secrets to its creation are long forgotten, for the Artificiers who forged it are long dead. When brought to battle, the Vigilante moves as if it has a mind of its own, humming silently when an enemy approaches, gathering sufficient power to strike them down. This mechanism had intrigued the Techmarines of the Chapter and some of them even believe that the Vigilante has a Machine Spirit of its own, guiding it towards its next opposition. 

Winged Standard

This standard has a large golden icon of the Aquila and hanging on its wings are a pair of banners. On each of those smaller banners are paintings of the previous two Chapter Masters during their greatest moments. On the left is Zachariah, triumphantly standing on the corpse of a Daemon. On the right is Micheal, holding the severed head of a large Ork Nob while his body is covered with many wounds. To see their two greatest leaders at their grandest times at once, even on tapestry, is very inspiring to any Crimson Dragoon who bears pride of his heraldry. 

"I am a weapon of war. I am a tool of destruction. I am not Human, I am an object to be used. My purpose is to kill. My destiny is to destroy. I am Death given form."
—Cornelius Wick, Chapter Champion

Allies and Enemies

The Crimson Dragoons have been around for over a thousand years (if the beginning of the 42nd Millennium is taken as "the present day"). In that time they met many different people of the Galaxy, some would assist them, others would try to destroy them.

Black Templars

Considering that the Crimson Dragoons are Descendants of the Black Templars Chapter, they are closely related to them. They are also be allies with other bearers of Dorn's geneseed, most notably the Imperial Fists and Crimson Fists but also the Emperor's Warbringers, Executioners, Fire Lords, Iron Knights, Sons of Dorn, Subjugators and White Templars. The Crimson Dragoons are always honored to be fighting side by side with their gene-brethren. 

File:Crimson Dragoon 1.jpg

Crimson Dragoon Marine without ceremonial robes

Imperium of Man

There were many times when the Crimson Dragoons were called for aid by a Planetary Governor, or found themselves defending a cathedral devoted to the Imperial Creed alongside Sisters of Battle or some other Space Marine Chapter. All in all, the Crimson Dragoons do not turn away help and are willing to aid the faithful worshipers of the Emperor. But the thing is, when making such alliances (with the exception of the Imperial Fists and their Descendants), the Crimson Dragoons prefer to stay at a distance, keeping a gap between themselves and their allies. This had made many cautious when around them, but the Chapter started no incidents on their behalf. Perhaps they are simply used to working in sync with their own units, leaving little room for allies in their battle plans.

Craftworld Eldar

The Chapter does not tolerate Xenos, like any other decent Space Marine. However, they had fought against Eldar as often as they sided with them, mainly due to the fact that these Xenos prove themselves to be equally helpful and harmful. The Crimson Dragoons refuse to negotiate with any alien and would gladly shoot them down if given the chance, but they would not turn down a helping hand when facing the darkest of odds. 

Tau Mercenaries

The Crimson Dragoons have had little contact with the Tau Empire so far, however they did meet several flotillas of the Tau Mercenary Fleet. While cruising through space, these aliens made attempts to trade and communicate with the local Human populace. They had little success, due to the fact that the Crimson Dragoons made sure that the faith and zeal of the Imperial citizens in their area remained unshakable. So in turn, the Tau tried to employ their Fire Caste warriors as mercenaries. By doing so, they worked for the Imperum, trying to earn their trust and a decent payment. These Tau and the Crimson Dragoons have made a contract with each other, saying that the Tau must not side with any of the Imperium's enemies. If they did so, then the Crimson Dragoons would descend upon their flotilla and exterminate it, only to continue with a crusade to destroy the entire Fleet. This deal was accepted, and was signed by Chapter Master Nigel Durant and Shas'O Dal'yth Kais'Tol, and it is still in order. So far, the combined forces of the Crimson Dragoons and the Tau Mercenaries have created gunlines which would deliver the very flames of Hell to all that stand in front of them.

Forces of Chaos

Lurking in the shadows of many Imperial worlds lies taint and heresy, cults devoted to the Ruinous Powers pleading for blessing. The Crimson Dragoons see it as their sacred duty to purge such filth with holy flames of righteous fury. But it is not just mere Heretics and Renegade Militia they had faced, for the dreaded powers of the Warp tend to spew forth legions of Chaos Daemons. It is true that Nigel Durant earned his title as Chapter Master because he vanquished a Daemon Prince. And yet, the most hated of the followers of Chaos would be the treasonous Chaos Space Marines. Most notably, the Dark Vipers warband which specializes in sabotage and infiltration is steadily making its way towards Augustine, the homeworld of the Chapter.

Dark Eldar

Many worlds of the Imperium had suffered raids from the piratical and insidious Dark Eldar. Many Kabals had even tried to attack Augustine, but few managed to get pass the mighty fleet and those that did would be crushed by the Crimson Dragoons, the Order of the Shrine Maiden and mobs of angered citizens who wish to protect their homes. And yet, there is one Kabal that survived such an onslaught, the Nightmare Shroud. The number of prisoners this Kabal managed to bring back to Commorragh from Augustine is shockingly high. They even managed to enter the walls of the Sanctuary of Dawn and violated its halls. The very thought of it makes any Crimson Dragoon grind his teeth in anger and then spit out curses that no decent man should hear. 


Because of their close proximity to the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon, the Crimson Dragoons had faced the Orks countless times over the centuries. Many Warlords tried to launch a WAAAGH! into Imperial lands, but they were all ultimately annihilated, largely due to the efforts of this Chapter. To this day, the Crimson Dragoons are hunting down and wiping out any Greenskin infestation they may encounter. But there is one threat they can not easily get rid of. The Killhogz Tribe which had splintered themselves from the Arch-Arsonist. They had survived for many years mostly because of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of their Mek Boys, and they remain a painful eyesore to this day. 


There have been no encounters with the Necrons until recently, when the Ta-Seth Dynasty started to rise in the Segmentum Pacificus within close proximity of the Sabbat Wolrds. The awakening was quite possibly due to the invasion of Hive Fleet Cerberus. The reason for why they had awakened is not an issue, the problem is how to stop them. The Ta-Seth Dynasty has no intention of communicating with anyone else and view all biological life as inferior, and had thus commenced "the Purging". Through this mission, they plan on exterminating all life, to create a Utopia made for Necrons alone. The Crimson Dragoons have been called many times to try and halt the Purging, but they could only stall it and buy time for the Imperial populace to evacuate. It seems as if these Necrons are heralds of the inevitable end of all things, which make even the Angels of Death quake with dread. 


The Crimson Dragoons have met the Tyranids only at the eve of the 41st Millennium and yet they had fought them many times. They have met splinter fleets of Hive Fleet Leviathan as well as remnants of Hive Fleet Ophidia and other Minor Hive Fleets that had entered the Ultima Segmentum. There were times when the Crimson Dragoons would emerge triumphant, being able to eradicate every alien organism they could find, and there were times when they could not hold back the tides of flesh and fangs and would ultimately sacrifice themselves in glorious last stands. As of now, a large part of the Crusading Company is reported to be fighting Hive Fleet Cerberus in Segmentum Pacificus.

"You wish to coexist? Fine! You may "coexist" with the worms once I've buried you beneath my boot!"
—Peter Hyde, Master of the Apothecarion to a group of Psykers

Notable Characters

Chapter Master Zachariah (deceased)

The first Chapter Master of the Crimson Dragoons Chapter. He was originally a Castellan of the Black Templars who fought in the Mordant Crusade and later founded the Chapter. After he was appointed as Chapter Master of the Crimson Dragoons, he tried his best to be a great leader and inspire his men. His leadership enabled him to bring forth victory in direst of circumstances and prevail when faced with adversities. To this day, he is praised as a Saint by the people of Augustine and the entirety of the Crimson Dragoons Chapter. He died several hundred years later of unknown causes and a candle still shines in his name within the altars of the Sanctuary of Crusades. 

Chapter Master Micheal (deceased)

He was first a loyal subordinate to Zachariah and he would have followed his Master through the darkest realms of the Warp if that was asked. When Zachariah died, Micheal was chosen to be the new Chapter Master. Firstly, Micheal decided to make all of the Crimson Dragoons wear ceremonial robes, colored red with white Gothic letters written over them. The Crimson Dragoons became hooded figures whose visage would stare down into the very souls of heretics and unbelievers. Secondly, he instated the Bloodied Pilgrimage, and brought forth other changes within the Chapter that deviated from the Codex Astrates. Thirdly, he started the Crusading Company and ordered them to begin their eternal crusade against the enemies of the Imperium. He died many centuries later, fighting against a Chaos Space Marine warband. When he fell, the Chapter went through turmoil trying to choose a new Master.

Chapter Master Nigel Durant

The current Chapter Master of the Crimson Dragoons. Nigel is considered odd compared to his predecessors, or any other Chapter Master. When not in battle, he enjoys the little things in life, visiting the normal people of the Imperium and fraternizing with his subordinates as if they were equals. By personality, many may consider him eccentric, but that is not the case on the battlefield. When war is waged, he turns into a stern figure, standing resolute and firm. This sudden change in character can leave many people puzzled, but none can deny that Nigel is a competent military commander and a skilled combatant. Wearing the Artificier Armor that was passed down from the two previous Chapter Masters, holding the Relic Sword "Blade of Castigation" and a Hand Flamer (a.k.a. the Scoldron), Nigel is a mighty warrior who lead his Chapter valiantly for over 200 years. 

Chapter Champion Cornelius Wick

Serving as the leader of Nigel's Honor Guard, the Shieldbearers, Cornelius had always been a close friend with Nigel. Before he banished a Daemon Prince and became Chapter Master, Nigel was a Captain of the Crusading Company, while Cornelius was his Company Champion. The two fought as brothers for many decades and learned to trust one another with their very lives. Where Nigel was the hammer, Cornelius was the anvil, meaning that the teamwork of these two became an unstoppable combination. The truth is, even after knowing Nigel for two centuries, not even Cornelius can predict him, nor can he explain his odd personality. But the two remain close through thick and thin, battling the enemies of the Emperor and protecting each other's back.

Gregory Pein, Master of Sanctity

Within the halls of the Sanctuary of Heroes stand many statues of legendary Crimson Dragoons, but at its center is a massive monument dedicated to Rogal Dorn himself, the Primarch-Progenitor of the Imperial Fists and all of their Descendants. The Master of Sanctity is usually the one who meditates peacefully under the visage of Dorn and walks through the Corridors of the Remembered. The current Master of Sanctity is Gregory Pein, a Chaplain who is all too familiar with taint and blasphemy. Under his leadership, the Crimson Dragoons are filled with righteous hatred towards Heretics, Daemons and Mutants who dare spoil the lands of the God-Emperor and cloud his light. Closely following him is Anthony, the Chapter's Reclusiarch. These two individuals are thought to be the most fervently fanatical servants of the God-Emperor in the entire Chapter.

Peter Hyde, Master of the Apothecarion

As the Chief Apothecary (a.k.a. the Master of the Apothecarion), Peter Hyde is assigned to tend to the injuries of higher-up members of the Chapter and recover their gene-seed if they die. In the meantime, Peter is trying to uncover the secrets about Psychic powers and mutation, as well as how to prevent them. To do so, he takes people with psychic potential from the streets of Augustine and preforms scientific studies on them. After the final stages of dissection, very little is left of the subjects but a bloody mess of guts and flesh. Peter has no sympathy for his subjects and he claims that his work is for the betterment of the Chapter and all Mankind.

George Berks, Master of Equerries

The current Master of Equerries, the head of the Chapter's Logisticiam, overseeing the Chapter Equerries and Servitors. It is his duty to inspire the Serfs to work hard and accomplish the small tasks which the Crimson Dragoons cannot accomplish due to their lack of numbers. It is common for him to recite words from the Lectitio Divinatus so that his subordinates feel motivated to work hard and tend to their duties. 

Phillip Garth, Master of Recruits

A former Hussar who became an expert at hunting down Xenos, Heretics and Mutants. It is common for the Crimson Dragoons Master of the Recruits to be a former Hussar, meaning that he would be used to living in the lethal forests of Augustine and he would be familiar with the lay of the land. Phillip did his duties excellently for the past 500 years, and the Neophytes who managed to fulfill the Bloodied Pilgrimage under his supervision became excellent Space Marines. It is believed that he is currently leading somewhere between 300 and 500 Neophytes. 

Benjamin Reave, Master of the Forge

Tending to the Armory of the Chapter is Benjamin. His work seems endless, considering the Chapter's preference to heavy weaponry and Thunderfire Cannons. He is also in charge of repairing the ships and vehicles the Crimson Dragoons possess. It is his personal opinion that the Chapter should have more armored units, such as Predators, Vindicators or even the blessed Land Raiders, yet he may only satisfy his mechanized zeal by building the Chapter's Land Speeder variations and outfitting them with heavier bulkheads.

Captain Johnson, Master of Virtues (1st Company)

As Captain of the 1st Company, the Fraternity of Crusades, it is Johnson's duty to lead the Chapter's veterans, including the Sternguard, the Fireguard, Terminators and Exemplars. It is his duty to embody all that the Chapter stands for and uphold the four virtues instated by Zachariah; Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude. 

Captain Edward, Master of the Watch (2nd Company)

Following the examples of Gregory and Anthony, Edward tries his best to spread the word of the Emperor and bring forth his holy light to the darkest of places in the Galaxy. He was seen raising churches and protecting shrines, as well as teaching the regular Imperial citizens that faith in Him is the only path to salvation.

Captain Richard, Master of the Arsenal (3rd Company)

Assisting with the maintenance of arsenal and munitions that is used by the Crimson Dragoons, Richard had earned plenty respect. This is mainly due to the Chapter's preference of heavy weaponry and ranged combat.

Captain Daniel, Master of Cavalry (4th Company)

The Fraternity of Storms always had a high number of Bikers, Attack Bikes and Hussar Bikers, this is why the Captain was always the most skilled rider and the most steadfast of warriors. Daniel is no exception to this tradition.

Captain William, Master of the Fleet (5th Company)

In charge of the Chapter's great fleet is William. He had traversed the Warp and faced its many horrors a thousand times over, which had granted him the experience and skill to be the one commanding the precious Battle Barges. 

Captain Thomas, Master of the Hunt (6th Company)

Once a former Hussar, Thomas had accumulated a large number of trophies in his personal quarters. Among these are the fur, heads, fangs, claws and even eyeballs of the most ferocious and deadliest creatures that stalk Augustine.

Captain Charles, Master of the Marches (7th Company)

When the walls of an enemy fortress seem to tough to break down, or if an alien invasion is laying siege over Imperial planets, then there is nobody in the Chapter who is better suited for the task than Charles and his keen mind.

Captain Humphrey, Master of the Rites (8th Company)

Considering that the Sanctuary of Rites also works as a Schola Progenium, all the orphans who are destined to become Sisters of Battle are under the custody of Humphrey, who cares for these children as he would his own.

Captain Henry, Master of the Skies (9th Company)

Most of the airborne vehicles of the Chapter (the Thunderhawk, the Stormraven, the Stormtalon and the Land Speeder Tempest) are stationed on the Sanctuary of Dawn, and are therefore under the watchful eye of Captain Henry.

Captain Joseph, Master of the Crusade (10th Company)

Leading the Crusading Company is Joseph. The exact number of Space Marines under his jurisdiction is unknown, but it most likely runs between 100 and 150, but due to the constant losses and new recruits being made the number can be lower or even higher than the norm (but such extremes are very rare). It is Joseph's duty to make sure that the area around Augustine and all the Imperial territories that neighbor it are safe from the many threats that would want to see Mankind destroyed. Also, when someone calls for aid, it is always the Crusaders that answer first. Joseph is a valiant soldier and an inspiring leader who aims for nothing more than to slaughter the enemies of Man and to bring glory to his Chapter. 

Aubrey, Overwatch of the Sanctuary of Crusades (1st Company)

As the Overwatch of the Fraternity of Crusades, it is his duty to monitor everything that happens within his Sanctuary. He must make sure that none of his Battle Brothers are tainted by Psychic powers and he must keep all Astropaths and Navigators are chained and secured within the Spire of Screams that stands at the south-eastern flank of the Sanctuary of Crusades. It is believed that within his personal quarters he holds a former Crimson Dragoon who was tainted by Chaos. Where most Chapters would execute one of their kin for falling to the Ruinous Powers, the Crimson Dragoons imprison them in the chambers of the Overwatch at the very top of the Spire of Screams. When the brass gates of the room are opened, one can clearly see a broken and bloodied former Astrates who has fallen from grace. The Overwatch (sometimes with the assistance of regular Watchers) has to torture such a heretic to the point where he simply breaks. This serves as both an example to others and as a way to look deeper into how Warp taint works. Aubrey is an Overwatch who had so far "purified" more Battle Brothers then he is willing to count. In times of need, he may be called for to lead the battle from the front lines with his squad of Watchers, to render judgement to Witches, Sorcerers, Daemons and Heretics of all kinds. 

Raphael (Venerable Dreadnought)

In his days of youth, Raphael was a Black Templar Sword-Brother who came with Zachariah to Augustine when they seized Hortensius from the Storm Draugar. He later had his armor repainted and his heraldry changed to that of the newborn Chapter. However, during one battle with the Ork hordes from Charadon, Raphael was gravely injured and interred into a Dreadnought. As the centuries passed, Raphael fought on for the Chapter, leading the Crimson Dragoons from the front lines or descending from the skies like a vengeful archangel inside a Drop Pod. After a thousand years of faithful service, Raphael is the only Venerable Dreadnought in the entire Chapter. When not in battle, he resides within the main altar of the Sanctuary of Crusades, while Captain Johnson looks after him and wakes him when needed. He has a calm temperament and a collected character, but in battle he turns into a bloodthirsty engine of war. When his rage is invoked, he becomes like an unstoppable killing machine, bent on destroying all in his path. There were even reports of him taking hits that should have by all rights killed him, and yet his will to fight had driven him to shrug of such attacks like nothing and return to battle. This had earned him the title "the Unkillable".

"Attacked from all sides, humanity is fighting to survive. It seems that there is no hope. But the Emperor on Terra has Angels to serve him. The Angels of Death. The Adeptus Astrates! And we shall know no fear!"
—Chapter Master Nigel Durant, the Duke of War

Millennium Timeline

996.M40: The Crimson Dragoons Chapter was founded by the Black Templars who survived the Mordant Crusade and raised the Sanctuary of Crusades. They decided to stay in the region, lest another crisis of that magnitude occurs in the Mordant Zone. The same Black Templars had then changed their heraldry to that of the newborn Crimson Dragoons Chapter, most notably Zachariah who became the first Chapter Master.

019.M41: The first notable battle of the Crimson Dragoons took place on the far eastern rim of the Galaxy against a rampant Ork WAAAGH! Due to the efforts of combined Imperial forces, and the sacrifice of Battle-Brother Raphael, the Greenskins were driven off. 

142.M41: Strange astral phenomenons, such as great "Blood Moons" and writhing crimson auroras, were sighted over the Agri World Munique, prompting a request for Imperial aid, which the Crimson Dragoons answered. They gathered the entire 5th Company and embarked on a journey to Munique. Upon arriving, they saw that the world was plunged into slaughter, as Vile Blood Chaos Space Marines and their bloodthirsty Men At Arms cut a gruesome path through the local PDF. The Crimson Dragoons dropped and unleashed a thundering roar of Bolter fire, stopping the berserk charge in its tracks, if only for a moment. The Crimson Dragoons set up firing lines to keep the misshapen followers of Khorne at bay. At the apex of the battle, the Vile Blood brought forth the Kytan Daemon Engine, a walking shrine to Khorne known as Absalon the Indefatigable. This butcher of brass dug its axe into the Crimson Dragoon's formation and sundered it to bits and peaces. But the Crimson Dragoons did not yield, they fought on with zeal in their eyes and not a shred of fear in their hearts. Once the final vessel left the planet, carrying the remainder of Munique's civilian population, the Crimson Dragoons let loose a mighty battle cry and charged at the Vile Blood with their Chainswords ready and their spirits ablaze. At the conclusion of the conflict, the entire 5th Company was lost, for they fought to the last and died fighting for a just cause. But after the 3rd Company came to Monique to try and retrieve any memento to remember their brothers with, they found that every single Crimson Dragoon corpse was present and accounted for, their gene-seed untouched. The Vile Blood were nowhere to be sighted, the only thing they left behind was a pyramid of skulls in which the fallen Crimson Dragoons were enshrined in.

284.M41: The first traces of the Serpent Fang Kabal started appearing in Imperial space, pillaging isolated outposts and enslaving large numbers of helpless citizens with little opposition. It was only coincidence that the Crimson Dragoons had met them while patrolling through their territory. The series of encounters that ensued marked the beginning of a bitter strife between the two factions. Even to this day, the Dark Eldar are slaughtering countless people within close proximity of Augustine, and only the Crimson Dragoons may stop them.

457-471.M41: A massive Warp Storm appeared within the Ultima Segmentum on the Dominion of Storms. The Crimson Dragoons, along with a coalition of several other Space Marine Chapters and a multitude of Imperial Guard regiments are sent out to cull it. This is the time when the Sons of Kruger made themselves known as they brought forth millions of traitor guardsmen to combat the hated Imperium. It took well over a decade to stop the tides of Heretics, Daemons and Renegade Guardsmen before the storm ran out of momentum and swallowed itself. The Crimson Dragoons took the worlds that suffered the onslaught under their wing and began constructing churches and monasteries to help the people get through psychological wounds through prayer. Chapter Master Zachariah was overseeing it all in person.

538.M41: Chapter Master Zachariah and three Companies of Crimson Dragoons went to investigate sightings of Chaos Space marines somewhere near the Mordant Zone. None of them ever returned and Zachariah was declared lost in action.

543.M41: The new Chapter Master was chosen and from then on the Crimson Dragoons were lead by Micheal. The Chapter went through many drastic changes under Michael's supervision. Over the centuries, little by little, the Crimson Dragoons deviated from the Codex Astrates and formed their own unique organization.  

675.M41: Hrud Migrations within close proximity of Augustine were sighted. The worlds upon which these sightings were reported have suffered terrible plagues and their populations had withered in health. The Crimson Dragoons managed to exterminate the invaders and restored the light of the Emperor to those worlds.

757.M41: Splinters of Hive Fleet Behemoth began to ravage and devour planets at the borders of Ultramar. The Crimson Dragoons spared seven Companies to deal with the Xenos, alas, only three returned triumphant. 

800.M41: Shortly after the San Leor Massacre, the Crimson Dragoons were ordered by members of the Ecclesiarchy to do a thorough purge of the local populations, hunting down any Heretic and follower of Chaos. They also took it upon themselves to triple their efforts in finding and eradicating Chaos Space Marines. 

813-834.M41: An Ork Tribe broke away from the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon and named itself "The Killhogz". These Orks looted from many Imperial worlds in the Mordant Zone, including those under the protection of the Crimson Dragoons. War was inevitable, but the conflict only drew more Orks. Chapter Master Micheal lost his life in a fierce battle, so the Chapter had to withdraw and regroup back to Augustine, to choose a new leader. 

840.M41: While facing a Daemonic incursion over Patricius, a planet near Augustine, a young Captain named Nigel Durant ended the war by vanquishing the Daemon Prince that was leading it. He was recognized for his valor in combat, so it was him that became the newest and current Chapter Master of the Crimson Dragoons.

876.M41: The Crimson Dragoons had attempted to intercept elements of Craftworld Biel-Tan and all out war broke out. The fighting was interrupted by a large Ork WAAAGH! and the two forces, being outnumbered, had reluctantly joined forces to defeat a greater enemy. After the Orks were scoured, the battle between the Space Marines and Eldar continued, until there was nothing left to fight over. The Eldar fled and the Crimson Dragoons claimed a Pyrrhic victory.

931-944.M41: The Everchosen launched a daring attack on Augustine, attacking with a force of a thousand Chaos Space Marines. The Everchosen methodically struck key areas on the planet, including all Nine Sanctuaries. The reason for this invasion are unknown to the Crimson Dragoons, but the plans of Heretics were never their concern to begin with. The Traitor Marines were trying to isolate and decimate all of the Crimson Dragoon Companies, one at a time. But the Crimson Dragoons, true to their heritage of Dorn, stood their ground and weathered the siege. Each of the Nine Sanctuaries had their own distinct advantages, which the Crimson Dragoons were very familiar with. For example, the Sanctuary of Groves was surrounded by untamed forests, which the Chapter used to break apart the besieging assailants with a series of lightning-fast skirmishes. The Sanctuary of Steel had many defense systems which were manned by Servitors and coordinated by Techpriests. As the siege was prolonged, Dark Apostle Uldan, the leader of the Everchosen, realized that he would loose more than he bargained for if he were to continue the siege. In 936.M41 Uldan ordered the Everchosen to withdraw from Augustine, but not before scorching the planet's earth, leaving much of it uninhabitable. But even with the Everchosen gone, the taint of Chaos remained in the system, and many neighboring planets suffered from Cultist and Daemonic activity for several years after. This event left Augustine severely damaged and it only showed signs of recovery after five long decades. 

972.M41: A flotilla of the Ar'Cyr'Ru Mercenary Fleet entered the Mordant Zone and came in contact with many Imperial planets. The Crimson Dragoons had intercepted the flotilla expecting a battle. Shockingly, the Tau offered their assistance for payment. After much debating Chapter Master Nigel Durant had met up with Shas'El Dal'yth Aloh'Lasa who was in charge of the flotilla. Because the Chapter was lacking in manpower due to the earlier invasion of Augustine, the two representatives signed a contract, one that bound the Tau to serving none other than the Imperium. The relationship between the Crimson Dragoons and Tau Mercenaries are shaky at best, but their combined prowess with ranged armaments had won many battles so far. 

989.M41: The Necron Dynasty of Ta-Seth had spontaneously arisen within the Segmentum Tempestus. Distress calls were sent, and the Crimson Dragoons answered. The conflicts between the valiant Space Marines and the relentless Necrons still rage on, but "the Systematic Purging" the Ta-Seth is committing seems to be nearly unstoppable and it seems that the Crimson Dragoons are only stalling the inevitable. 

992-999.M41: Chapter Master Nigel Durant ordered five Companies of the Crimson Dragoons, including the Crusaders, to enter the Segmentum Pacificus and fortify the Sabbat Worlds. Nigel himself eventually entered the area, leading the charge against all form of enemies that threaten the Segementum. When he returned to Augustine, he reported that he met a new Tyranid Hive Fleet, one which was granted the name "Hive Fleet Cerberus". 

A squad of Crimson Dragoons and Einherjars of Ymir fending off Hive Fleet Cerberus' invasion.

999.M41: The Crimson Dragoons answered a distress call from the Jungle World Manes just beyond the Sabbat Worlds. Two Companies aboard the Battle Barge "Stellar Steed" have arrived at this year, but they were too late. Where once there were rain forests and swampy bogs filled with life, there was a dry rock with a sterile atmosphere. The Crimson Dragoons had payed their last respects to the Einherjars of Ymir Regiment that was stationed to protect the planet and had then departed to report the grave news that Cerberus was advancing a lot faster than they first anticipated. The Time of Ending has come, but the Crimson Dragoons are ready.

"And remember this above all! The God-Emperor is watching, so make sure he is not ashamed!"
—Raphael before charging into a swarm of Tyranids


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"Come loyalists! Face the Storm!"
—Brother Dallak, Chaos Marine of the Storm Draugar
"Thine Scions of the Golden Son, ye hath fought with honor, may thine souls be brought to your father's table and your blood flow forever in a crimson river of the Skull King's realm. As we commit thine souls and thine bodies, we sing the praises of warriors past, and we consecrate this now sacred field with the Blood most Vile."
—Knight-Brother Abionius gives an impassioned eulogy following the Slaughter of Munique[src]


-Dragoons were regiments of medium cavalry units who were established in European armies during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The name is derived from a type of firearm (called a dragon) carried by Dragoons of the French army.

-Hussars were a type of light cavalry units used during the 18th and 19th centuries who originated from late medieval Hungary. A number of armored or ceremonial mounted units in modern times retain the designation of hussars.

-The name of the planet Augustine is based on Augustine of Hippo (a.k.a. Saint Augustine or Saint Austin) who was an early Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy. He was a bishop of Hippo-Regius (modern day Algeria), located in Numidia (Roman province of Africa). He is viewed as one of the most important Church-Fathers in Western Christianity.

-The name of the planet Patricius (where the Daemon Prince who was beaten by Nigel Durant arose) is named after the father of Augustine of Hippo, who was a Pagan who converted to Christianity on his deathbed.

-The names of Augustine's (the planet's) two moons, Chastity and Continence, are based on Saint Augustine's famous prayer: "Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet."

"Though I walk through the shadow of the Daemon I shall not fear, for I am what the Daemon fears."
—Crimson Dragoon liturgy