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Cicholos is a Penal Hive World located in the Sephadollion Sector of the Ultima Segmentum. Cicholos is an inhospitable world with the entire population composed of inmates that reside within gargantuan prison fortresses that dot the equatorial regions of the planet and those assigned to guard them.

Climate and Geography

Cicholos is a cold, barren world. The planet lies far from its native star and as a result the planet has never had the means to sustain life. The planet has high gravity however it has near to no atmosphere, leading to 35% of the planet being taken up by a sea of liquid helium.


The planet was colonised during the Great Crusade and, after having a few research stations constructed was left alone. After the Horus Heresy the research stations were over time flooded with criminals to be used as test subjects, and eventually structures were built to house them. over the millennia the research stations have almost slipped off records as the planet became more and more filled with inmates that the research became a third wheel to inmate storage and prison administration.


The population of Cicholos are confined to the great prison hives that keep inmates until their sentence is served or they are purchased as slave labour by one of the Estomorian Noble Houses.

Culture and Military

Cicholos itself lacks much culture of its own and is largely subject to Estomorian Law. Each prison hive has its own individual inmate culture, and mirror guard culture

Estomorian Guard regiments make up the majority of the planet's military with a few overseeing Arbitrators. The military has 0 presence outside the prison hives, existing only to govern the riot-addled jails.

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