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"Only Truth can save mankind. And soon Truth will be ours for the taking."

Azunar (Original name Azun'Kar) the Prophet and Herald of Ruin, is the Chaos Lord of the Host of the Truthbringer, and the founder of the Dark Priesthood. A fanatical devotee of Chaos, Azunar has spent the last ten thousand years delving into the secrets of the Warp, leaving nought but madness and devastation in his wake.


Cursed Beginnings

Azunar was born upon Colchis to an exiled clergyman of the Covenant. He was given the name Azun'kar, "He who is sought", in an almost prophetical twist of fate, for he was born a psyker, harrowed by the creatures of the Warp. The constant fight for his mind left him with a damaged, traumatized psyche. Clinging to faith as a raft in these psychological floods, he became a fanatical zealot of whichever religion was in vogue, a believer in the sinful nature of life, and a proponent of cleansing humanity through severe abasement and fanatical faith.

The Godsworn

Azun'Kar's life of fanaticism and self-hatred would continue until the rise of Lorgar. The Primarch's creed of the One True God and the creation of the Godsworm faction drove Azun'Kar into a violent religious frenzy, swiftly joining the armies of the Old Faith in the War for Colchis.

For years he would slaughter the followers of the Primarch with extreme prejudice, showing no mercy to their cause. However, as time went by, Azun'Kar would see that the Godsworm were winning, and that their leader, Lorgar, stood at an unnatural stature, striding forth like a golden demigod. Eventually, Azun'Kar would come to the conclusion that Lorgar was indeed justified in his war, for how would the forces of true divinity lose to heathens? Azun'Kar turned his guns against his former allies, murdering his own parents in cold blood, before going on to earn many victories for the Godsworn. Whilst not the most tactically minded, Azun'Kar made up for this through sheer morale, pressing his fellows on and on in the name of the Urizen. Through these deeds as a mortal youth, Azun'Kar was inducted into the Word Bearers Legion upon the Emperor's arrival.

Early Days

"Forward! Crush them in the Emperor's Name! Burn their heathen shrines and false idols!"
—Azun'Karar during the Purging of Arank

Azun'Kar and his fellow Godsworn would be inducted into a new Chapter composed entirely of Colchis-Born. They were called the Chapter of Ruin's Aeon, named after an ancient, apocalyptic Colchisian prophecy of a great Era of annihilation, the End Times. The Chapters link to a ancient, doom-laden prophecy was not random: They were recruited from the more fanatical and pious of the faith, and were more violent in their interpretations of the Emperor's divine will. They would rebuild worlds as their Brothers did, but they would take less time doing so, ever eager to continue the crusade.

Azun'Kar, at first a lowly Battle-Brother, would rise through the ranks exponentially. At the Purging of the Arank System in the Segmentum Obscurus, Azun'Kar took command when the sergeant commanding his Squad fell in battle, and lead the Word Bearers to victory through a series of well-timed ambush maneuvers against the Xenos. For his oratory skills and ability to sway hearts and minds, Azun'Kar was promoted to Chaplain, though he still served as the commander of a Word Bearer squad. Azun'Kar's sermons, weighing more on the impurities of mortal life and the need to abase oneself before the Emperor, began to become popular among the battle-brothers of the Chapter, driving them to further acts of violent piety. At the Salvation of Mhudol, Azun'Kar lead the main charge of Word Bearer forces, and was promoted to Captain for his bravery. All the while, however, Azun'Kar was still haunted by his psychic mind, barely managing to hide his cursed abilities.

Following the death of the Captain of the 2nd Company at the hands of an Ork Warboss, Azun'Kar claimed that tile for himself, becoming both a High Chaplain and Captain. In command of both the spiritual and military affairs of the Second Company, Azun'Kar would continue his crusade unceasingly. That is until the burning of Monarchia.

Black Revelation

At the rebuking of the Emperor and the destruction of the Perfect City, the entire Word Bearers legion entered a state of melancholy and despair. However, while Azun'Kar's brethren were moaning and despairing, Azunar was thinking. The Emperor's rebuke seemed to jar his mind, make him even more vulnerable to the psychic predators of the Warp. At this time his visions worsened, and voices spoke out to him, promising power, glory and eternal life in return for servitude. Azun'Kar resisted these visions for a time, but in a dark night on the Battle Barge of his Chapter, he received a revelation by turning his searching mind to the one thing he had always kept buried: his powers.

In the depths of the Warp, his soul made contact with something vast and terrible, and he realized the truth. The Old Gods of Colchis were real! They had always been! And his powers had never been something to be ashamed of: they were evidence of his innate connection to the Divine. The disciple of the Word wept in exaltation, for years and years of stigma had been invalidated in but a single night. And thus, Azun'Kar took up a new name, Azun'Nar, 'He who is found', for he at last had been.

Even as the Primarch's Pilgrimage was only beginning, Azunar was searching for Brothers who knew the Truth, becoming aware that those like Kor Phaeron and Erebus had known the true nature of things for quite some time. And all this time, Azunar dabbled in his powers in secret, hoping to turn his divine gifts into a truly worthy force.

Evangelist of Oblivion

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The Horus Heresy

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Aeon of Ruin

—Azunar's ravings upon reading the Codex Inferna

After ten thousand years, the Host's war against Causality is reaching it's final phase. With the destruction of Cadia, the rising of the Great Rift, and Azunar's traumatic revelation upon reading the Codex Inferna, the Galaxy seems more poised than ever to spiral into madness. At the 14th Conference of the Dark Priesthood, the Apostle declared that the creation of the Cicatrix Maledictum marked the official beginning of the End Times, and as such, the Priesthood would need to double their efforts in all operations. Old cellular cults would need to be reinforced, and new ones established. The printing and distribution of the Ruinous Testament and Book of Lorgar would need to be put into overdrive, and espionage against the Inquisition and Adeptus Terra redoubled. Enlightenment was now in the hands of all humanity, and all they needed to do was gaze skyward.

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Appearence and Physiology

Azunar is always seen wearing tattered, black robes over dark, long-dried blood red armor, the robes torn and tattered by the many spikes on the armor, less wearing the robes and more having them impaled along his back. His armor is covered in both Colchisian and Daemonic runes, and his helm eyes, rather than green, burn a bright, fiery orange/red.

His helmet is covered in the assorted decor of a Chosen Champion, with four esoteric, curving horns protruding from it's scalp. The Armor is structured to give off a vastly daemonic feel, to look as if the wearer is possessed by a daemon. The armor appears to have many bonelike ridges and spikes, as well as non euclidean designs in the armor's shape.

It is unknown if Azunar still looks human beneath that armor, or if he, as he claims, has become a true image of Chaos...

Azunar's soul is so utterly infused with the energies of the Warp that it radiates pure Chaos outward from itself, as if it were a shard of pure insanity rather than a human spirit. Liquid aetheria, the very stuff of insanity, leaks from his armor like water from a reservoir, infecting and corrupting everything around him.

Personality and Traits

Writer of the Ruinous Testament and the father of Empyrealism, Azunar is the eternal enemy of all things euclidean. He is absolutely convinced that the Material Universe is a sinful lie, an illusion, and must be cast aside in order to achieve the Final Truth - a new, entirely indescribably form of existence. To achieve this end, he launches twisted holy wars to convert Mankind to the worship of Chaos and to undermine reality and actuality themselves.

Azunar is famous for being extremely ruthless on the battlefield. Clad in daemonic armor and wielding his Dark Crozius, Azunar is capable of reaping great and terrible destruction in a brief amount of time. Wielding dark and esoteric powers drawn from the Warp, Azunar is an avatar of Chaos' capacity for total cosmic disassembly, for his ultimate goal is nothing less than the annihilation of the Materium itself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Font of Chaos: Azunar himself is a locus of Warp power, the energies of Chaos wafting off of him as if his own body were a Warp rift. This aura of corruption and daemonic power thins the veil wherever he may tread
  • Centre of Zeal: Azunar's presence on the battlefield invigorates his allies and servants, driving them to ever more debased and vile acts.
  • Chaos Abyss: Azunar can open rifts to the Warp with ease, easily summoning Daemonic cohorts to his side.


  • Armor of Darkest Faith: Forged in the Forge of Souls for this Apostle, it's metal cooled with the blood of a hundred sacrifices, the armor is heavily corrupted by the powers of the Warp. Covered in daemonic runes and symbols that glow with malignant power, it is more like the armor of a Daemon than an Astartes.
  • Judgement: The name given to his Dark Crozius, Judgement is an ancient weapon of great power. The one who wields it has his words suffused in the power of the Immaterium, making his rhetoric ever more convincing. In the hands of a skilled orator such as Azunar, this power is used to great potential, entire worlds swayed to his creed. It has an alternate form as a Hellblade, crackling with the powers of the Warp.



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Vritra the Howler

Azunar, as a powerful war leader has naturally heard of the infamous Noise Marines the Screaming Rapture. Vritra for his part is more than happy to work for the Word Bearers, and aids them in bringing the will of the dark gods to their victims. For their part, the Noise Marines provide Azunar with a truly horrifying fate to be suffered for those judged 'heretics.'


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" All that Lorgar has taught us is true. All that I speak is truth. I am the Word of Lorgar given flesh to inhabit, air to breath and blood to flow through it's veins. We all are."
"Upon the rock of Man's untapped potential, we shall build our church."
—-Azunar, upon declaring the foundation of The Dark Priesthood
" I've waited 10,000 years for victory, and I can wait a thousand times more."
—-Azunar regarding the stubbornness of the Imperium
"Ruin is God. Ruin is the Truth. And we are all Ruin. Embrace it, my children, throw off the shackles of sanity and life, and join the Empyrean as what you were always meant to be: Ruin."
—Azunar's voice, broadcasted throughout a Hive city during a Cults uprising


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"I must say the man is a bit of a joykill. Here I am talking about having a good time robbing some farmers or capturing a whole town's population for use as slaves and he starts chastising me about not being a worthy enough follower of the dark gods. He even assigned me tomes to read!"
—Dolfdir of the Crusaders Once Crossed
"This Azunar's got almost as many titles as I do."
St. Athaliah the Flame The Emperor's Bride, Our Lady of Necromunda, Mother of the Faithful, Our Lady of the Flame, Mystical Rose, etc. etc.
"Anybody ever tell you, you rave just like a Redemptionist Preacher?"
St. Athaliah the Flame
"My associates and I have never hesitated to work with those who follow the full Pantheon. The best pleasures come only to those who give them their full attention."
Vritra the Howler
"You make no sense..."
Echo, trying really hard not to think too deeply about it
"Even by the standards of organic beings, your ambitions are ridiculous. Are you so naive as to believe the offspring of your own erratic meanderings will deign to reward you for your misguided service? Like all life, the horizons of your vision are so very small. "
"I may take you more seriously if you started to think for yourself. The Chaos Gods are nothing more than pathetic echos of what they once were. Khorn used to be a God of War, not just pointless slaughter. Nurgle used to be Nature itself and now he has lost everything but decay. You're just like the Imperium, just worshiping different corpses."
Erikhas the Winter Smith
"First of all, how the hell did you establish a vox link? Secondly, I think the Necrons would argue against you."
—A slightly confused Inquisitor Justin Dall
"You speak to us of truth and think us fools? You may claim that your twisted beliefs are truth, but I do not need to be 'enlightened' to see that you and your legion remain the same as during the Great Crusade, foolish and weak! You claim to be servants of gods and of your inevitable victory, but you hide behind thralls and slaves. Any time you spawn of Lorgar seek to fight with honor and see what true faith is, let us know. We will be ready."
—Prophet Mormegil of the Exalted Paladins in response to Azunar's message.