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"A thousand dead men promised me they were the best around. Are you sure you wish to disappoint their memories?"
—The Bastard Avaric

Malcolm Tivael Avaric, or as he was known to the rest of his family, Avaric the Unworthy was one of many male tributes to the Adeptus Astartes from the noble house of Avaric. Descended from Chemos, the House of Avaric was well known for producing worthy stock to be turned into Space Marines. This, and their obscene wealth, allowed them to be quietly relocated to another planet and wash off the stain of the Third Legion's betrayal.


"All I ever got from the Emperor was shame and derision. Through Chaos, I have the power to be the Prince I should have been."

Malcolm was a sickly child at birth, suffering from a wasting illness that made his body weak. The rest of the House mocked their young scion, but sent him anyway for the trials to become an Astartes like all their male descendants. Predictably, Malcolm failed these tests, earning him a spot as House Avaric's dirty secret.

Avaric the Unworthy, filled with spite and unfulfilled need to prove himself, abandoned the family. Heeding the whispers of voices in his fevered dreams, Malcolm trained his mind and body with renewed vigor, perhaps channeling some hitherto unknown Psyker potential. Whatever the reasons, fate would eventually guide Avaric to cross paths with an Imperial Knight who he slew. With a vicious will of iron and warp-spawned aid from the Dark Prince, Avaric shattered the machine-spirit's willpower long enough to subjugate it.

Twisted, mutated, haunted by Daemons and hungry for souls, the Hellknight Verbero stalks the many battlefields of Chaos, piloted by Avaric the Unworthy, a title the Champion embraces to the exclusion of all others, as a testament to his personal accomplishment against all odds. The Bastard Avaric takes a special pleasure in hunting down especially proud Knights from noble houses and subjecting them to most ignoble deaths.


"When they inevitably lose the duel, I often feed them to the Knight. It is gratifying to feel their bodies crushed between my teeth, and to feel my girl eat their weak souls."

Malcolm Avaric is arrogant, cocky and utterly insane. Years of constant drive to be the best have led to some dangerous habits and experiments, that have seen his body become bleached and deathly thin. Avaric firmly believes he is the greatest Knight Pilot to live, a delusion at least partially implanted by the Daemonettes who follow him to feast in his wake. As such, Avaric takes a sadistic and terrifying pleasure in breaking Imperial Knights whenever he gets the chance. As a particularly gruesome finale, he often allows his Hellknight to tear the enemy from the cockpit and devour them whole.

Unlike typical Slaaneshi, Avaric is dirty, obviously unhealthy and unattractive. His mind is addled and often unfocused in social situations, and he tends to come across as the psychopath he is when he talks for too long. This hides the fearsome drive and raw willpower and talent that attracted Slaanesh's eye, and Avaric is a terrifying combatant both in and out of the cockpit.

Despite his failings, Avaric is very strongly principled, and is an honorable fighter through and through. Never has he resorted to anything as base as cheating in fights, at least not before his opponent. Avaric believes in testing himself, and always adheres to the rules of an honorable duel.

Avaric has no interest in mortal men or women romantically. In a sick and truly twisted way, he has fallen madly in love with the proto-Greater Daemon possessing his Knight suit. If asked about this, he will claim to be married to Verbero. The extent of and nature of their undoubtedly exceedingly vile relationship is unknown and likely incomprehensible to sane mortals.


"They always say the same thing, and they always have the same look of surprise on their face when the blow falls."


Verbero, meaning 'Lash' in High Gothic, is a twisted, mutated and possessed Hellknight of Slaanesh. Originally a Knight Paladin, Verbero's armor is twisted, Daemonically infused metal. Like many other Hellknights, Verbero specializes in speed, agility and destroying enemy mecha.

Verbero is armed with a powerful Multi-Melta as a ranged weapon, ideal for reducing enemy Knights to slag if they try to retreat from the duel. The left arm is a mass of mutated, razor-sharp metal tendrils, not unlike those of a Maulerfiend. These are adept and dexterous, perfect to tearing off armor and attacking more vulnerable components.

Verbero is possessed by a small clique of Daemonettes, who have slowly mutated into a single, Greater Daemonic creature, fused into the machine. Verbero has a Daemon's hunger for souls, and will often tear enemy pilots from their Knights when they lose, devouring them whole.

Verbero has a unique and strange relationship with its pilot, being on at least some level, romantically involved with the deranged Slaaneshi. As a sign of their bond, Verbero has crafted crude biomechanical injector ports into the nodes of Avaric's spine, allowing them a true sharing of the senses as the Hellknight caresses their enemies with razor tendrils and grinds their bones to dust in her merciless teeth.


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Lucifero the Unmarked

Perhaps fate has a cruel twist of sick humor when it comes to timing. Lucifero made his return from the Eye of Terror the same year Avaric was born. It would not be until later that the Corruptor of Knights would take notice of Avaric's insanity however. Once Avaric joined the Lucifero's ranks, it became clear that his descent was complete, becoming a de facto Officer in the Hell Knight ranks. Avaric never actually joined House Devine, but has always answered their call to arms. After a duel to establish dominance in House Devine, their relationship has mellowed considerably, though Avaric still refuses to bend knee to Lucifero, even after his ascension to Daemon Prince.

Mikael, the Laughing Swordsman

An ancient ancestor, a successful aspirant of the Emperor's Children in ancient times, and a fellow follower of Slaanesh, Avaric and Mikael quickly became friends on the battlefield, under the mutual employ of Lucifero the Unmarked. Avaric sees Mikael as a perfect justification for all his crimes, and gladly joins the Rapture both on the battlefield and the debauchery afterward. Mikael, for his part, is protective of his descendant. Their one point of contention is that Avaric does not want Mikael to be consumed by Lucius, and seeks to avert that fate somehow.


Baron Magnar von Colt

Both knights, both Freeblades, and both obsessed with being the best, the good Baron and the Knightkiller have clashed many times on the battlefield, finding a worthy opponent in each other. The Baron does not see their relationship as being antagonistic at all, and for his part, Avaric has a certain respect for the old man, who views him without judgement, and takes pleasure in the simple things in life. Like old friends, the Baron and the Bastard will salute each other across the field of battle, trading pleasantries, words, and eventually, blows.

Sir Jacob of Raline

Meeting for the first time on the battlefield of Raisa, Sir Jacob is Avaric's new obsession. Intrigued by the one weak point in Lucifero's armor, the rivalry against Sir Jacob, Avaric believes it is his destiny to slay Jacob and claim Raisa for himself, proving once and for all that no knight, Loyalist or Traitor can ever upstage the glory of the Bastard Avaric.


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"Fuck the titles. Fuck the honors and fuck the glory. Fuck even the gods watching us, because it's not about them. This is about you and me, Knight to Knight, blade to blade. Enjoy it before you die. "
—Avaric the Unworthy
"You were made to be a noble Paladin, but I see you for the ferocious, beautiful beast you yearn to be. Walk with me, and I will let you indulge. "
—Avaric seduces Verbero's machine spirit.
"Call it whatever you need to. Call it sick, call it delusion. I love her, and she does me. We walk, kill and feed together. I can feel the caress of her claws and the hunger in her hunter's soul. My bride and I are one, Lucifero, and where we walk, Chaos spreads. "
—Avaric, describing his 'marriage' to Lucifero the Unmarked


"So what you're telling me is all this is because Mummy and Daddy didn't love you. That's kind of... pitiful. You want to be taken seriously as a Chaos Knight I'd really advise you not to tell your origin story."
—An earnest Roi Dakaur
"A part of me wants to believe he can be saved. Whenever I face him, I don't sense hatred or rage, or at least not as much as other Chaos fiends. I sense...regret...almost mourning..."
Sir Jacob on Avaric
"Ah, Ha! The Unworthy has some fight in him! You are talented, far too talented to be a mere brigand in a stolen suit, no. You are well trained, perhaps even descended from a Knight House. Listen boy, while you may fight in our ranks and give yourself to Slaanesh, you'd do well to practice discipline. We will get along much better if you do. If you try that trick again (Rips off Verbero's face plate) I'm going to tear your bride to pieces."
—Lucifero to Avaric after the latter lost a duel with the Master of House Devine


  • Avaric the Unworthy and Verbero are avatars for their author, Kephn, who plays them in Freeblade.
  • Avaric's theme is I Am Unstoppable