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"We are fifty or one hundred years behind the other Septs within the Greater Empire. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or they will crush us."
—Aun'O Kai'ba, roughly ten years prior to the Tash'var Incursion of Gai'kal

Aun'O Gai'kal Hwa'ran Kai'ba Ta'shovah'eldi Acaya'aun'or'es (Pronunciation i/ø.nœ.xaɪː.ˈi.bæ/) was a Tau Ethereal and Ethereal Supreme of the Gai'kal Sept Aun'retha (lit. Ethereal Council) until her alleged suicide in 897.M41 following the successful Fire Caste incursion of the Supreme Ethereal Palace and during the peak of the Four Castes Revolution.

Amongst the many of the candidate ethereals selected to succeed the position of the recently deceased (and penultimate ethereal of the Hwa'ran dynasty) Aun'O Jun'tsi during late 849.M41, Aun'el Kai'ba demonstrated a practically unmatched skill in ritualistic honour blade combat during the trail by fire preceding her ascension, besting all of her opponents both in agility and mental determination within single rounds. Appointed Aun'O, she subsequently managed to consolidate power through suppressing all ethereal criticisms and expanding the functions of her role to grant herself authoritative and totalitarian powers beyond all historical measure, all the while eliminating any opposition. By mid 850.M41, Aun'O Kai'ba became the unchallenged leader of the Gai'kal Sept.

Kai'ba was condemned as one of the most politically oppressive, fiscally irresponsible and socially damaging Supreme Ethereals of the Great Isolation. Her reforms severely attacked the educative diversity, industrial capabilities and economic freedom of the Gai'kal interplanetary economy, brutally attacking the already abysmal rights and freedoms of the greatly numerous Earth caste and greatly foreshortening the powers of the Air and Water caste. The greatest of her achievements may have indeed been her triggering of the revolution itself, as her vast reforms and funding of military developments granted policing powers to the very caste that would ultimately spearhead the revolution and her demise.


"It's been well documented that the Kroot hovels steal and hoard grain away from Earth Caste farmers. We should consider this act not as unwarranted cruelty, more 'mowing the lawn'."
—Aun'O Kaiba justifying systematic bulldozing of Kroot slums in the eastern hemisphere of the planet Gai'kal
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